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Other Specialty Auto Parts

Complete Delorean fuel update kit.

delorean-fuel-update-kit..jpg (46057 bytes)  
 Kit contains all you need to convert  
from the old pick up hose that
  can collapse from heat and
Cut down on potential fuel pump noise. 
  Simple and easy to install. 
See more on Delorean Kit page.
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We have everything you need to 
do the  money saving tune up. 

delorean-major-tuneup-kit.jpg (50661 bytes)
$209.95  Add to Basket
For more tune up kits see the 
engine and performance page. 

Delorean custom 8mm spark plug  wires.

spark-plug-wire-8mm-conn.jpg (50987 bytes)
Custom made for the Delorean 8mm
spark plug wires. Less than 500 ohms/ft. 
Low resistance for more fire power. 
See more on the engine page.
$79.95  Add to basket

Delorean speedometer angle drive.
speedometer-angle-drive.jpg (35773 bytes)
 Tired of the speedometer not registering 
the correct miles or speed.
Get back on track with the new angle drive.
Not the same old one by the same old 
company. This new one works.
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fanfixdual2x2open.jpg (25405 bytes)
Don't over heat your DeLorean.
 We have all the products to stop it. 
Starting with 
The Fan Fix Dual 2x2

 See this and more on the Modification page.

New Delorean custom cut to length
vacuum hoses. 
No more vacuum leaks due to rotting hoses.
Vacuum-silicone-kit-black.jpg (41522 bytes)

Cut to length. Plug and play
Blue & black. For the engine compartment.
$49.95 Black Add to basket
100% warranty as long as you own the car.
See more on the Accessories page.

Up Date
: From this 
fueltankinside1.jpg (23651 bytes)
To this
fuel-tank-baff5.jpg (31704 bytes) fuel-baffle-kit-new-2.jpg (33243 bytes)
New fuel tank baffle assembly. No more 
collapsing hose and wondering what going
on inside the tank.  Includes the new all
 aluminum baffle, screen filter
  with aluminum barbed fitting, clamps, and
 special chemical resistance fuel connecting hose.
Comes with all instructions. Less than one hour to install.
 $59.95   Add to Basket  

See the Fuel system page

Great Deal
Delorean new water Pump Kit.

water-pump-wpulley.jpg (37632 bytes)

Brand new  w ater pump with pulley installed. $198.95
Back of pump hose kit w / SS
clamps $19.95
6 Intake manifold O Rings $12.00
2 Air horn gaskets $5.90
2 Air horn O Rings $4.00
Thermostat w/seal $18.95
  2 Y pipe O Ring seal $4.00
3 Water pump bolts
5 year warranty
Kit 1 Special $219.95
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Kit 2 $259.70 w/large side hoses.
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air-bleeder.jpg (44143 bytes)
Air Bleeder.
Don't over heat. Install the Air bleeder and protect the cooling system. $19.95

  o-ring-assort.jpg (54524 bytes)
Plug up those vacuum leaks
and take the guess work out of 
O rings. Most common kit. $23.95
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Your Injectors cleaned 
ultrasonic-cleaner.jpg (22995 bytes)    injectors-reman.jpg (44040 bytes)
  We can now clean your old injectors 
and if your still not happy, then you can
 get a credit back when you buy new ones.
Your injector's cleaned and  tested for pattern.
You won't believe the difference.
  $79.95 per set of 6.
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