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If you want to spend more for your DeLorean parts,
then that's your business.
But if you want to spend less for the best,
then that's my business.

Highest quality and best price and best warranty.
Ask about getting 10% off our already lower prices.

CIS fuel system expert and electrical tech.
16 years of working with new DeLorean auto parts.
40 years working with automotive & performance Parts

Home of the 3 year to life warranty.
We not only sell parts we're owners and drivers.
We take pride in what we do. 

New air flow meter support brackets.
Stainless steel for no rust and modified so you
 can run the wiring harness under instead of over.
Will be ready shortly.
$18.95 Pr
We now carry Magnecor spark plug wire.
We can custom make for the DeLorean or use their ready made.
Either way they are the same c
7mm black $69.96 set of 7 Add to Basket

8mm blue 74.95 set of 7
Add to Basket

8.5mm red 106.95 set of 7
Add to Basket
DeLorean Basic Tune up

Basic tune up kit with 2 years warranty silicone
 wires and and all you see. Bosch plugs if
available or equal.
  Add to Basket
Taylor Vertex
Spark Plug wire 8mm red

Added to the list of other wires
is now the red See on the Engine Tune
 up page. Life warranty.
Add to Basket
Finally a De Lorean modern 
up to date clock.

delorean-clock.jpg (113150 bytes) delorean-clock-1.jpg (136143 bytes) delorean-clocks.jpg (59389 bytes)
#101581F $99.95 Add to Basket
 #101581C $99.95 Add to Basket
This clock reads, time, temp, and voltage 
see more electrical page.

Dallas DeLoreans
3rd brake light for the D.
See more on the brake page. 

3rd-brake-light-2.jpg (82013 bytes)

Another new set of custom
seat covers  we sew in Dallas.

seat-covers-alligator.jpg (108694 bytes)
#K116601AL  $499.95
Add to Basket
See more on Accessory page.

New leather
 shifter boot.
shifter-boot.jpg (71868 bytes)
See clutch and transmission.
$99.95 We stock black and
gray and can make almost
 any color you want.

New Engine cover latch. 
No holes to drill.

louver-bracket.jpg (52646 bytes)
  engine-cover-stay-installed.jpg (50880 bytes)

See engine page.
battery-jump-start-cable.jpg (93460 bytes)
See electrical or starter
Engine gasket kit. Twice as thick as original. 
engine-gasket-kit-upper.jpg (149083 bytes)
Where it leaks we stop it. Twice the thickness that comes in
old NOS gasket kits that are made out of thin paper.
Oil and coolant resistance.  All for $44.95 Add to Basket
New oil pan 102102, Timing cover 102197, valve covers 102256,102249
air flow meter 102489, and 2 bull horn 102284. 
Automatic transmission pan 103516 not included but we do have it.
The Best you can't buy anywhere and all brand new.


Window switches, Plug and play.
life warranty. Won't hit your arm.

window-switch-delorean.jpg (217219 bytes)
window-switch-back-side.jpg (111909 bytes)
Yes, they are smaller in body, but as you can see they 
plug right in on top and bottom with no modification.
20 amps 12volts.
1 switch $29.95  Add to Basket
2 switches $49.95  Add to Basket
4 switches $89.95  Add to Basket

New original Stabilus struts for the 
De Lorean.

Stabilus-catalog.jpg (75010 bytes)

The #1 strut maker in the world and the original
 to the DeLorean " Stabilus "  for 36 years.
$89.95 for a complete set of six.
Wait, Before you adjust the doors to fit another unknown
 brand of door struts.
New Original German struts made to our " Soft lift "
tm design.
No door adjusted needed, No banging at the top of the door.
New introductory offer price and a 3 year limited warranty.

Door struts Single $19.95
single 100592SL Add to Basket

Door struts pair$ $39.90
Pair 100592PR Add to Basket

Bonnet struts pair $29.90 Pair 105063PR Add to Basket
 That's 14.95 ea

Louver strut $29.90 Pair 108209PR Add to Basket

6 piece set for the car $89.95
100592SET Add to Basket

Club Discounts apply 5 or more sets at one time.
New DeLorean fuel tank pump system
our #1 selling system.

fuel-pump-export-kit.jpg (86409 bytes) fuel-pump-metal.jpg (124896 bytes) fuel-pump-plastic.jpg (64604 bytes)
#1 kit 107000kit with new lifetime warranty sender.
Not $420.00 like others.
Combo with pump and sender: $249.95
Add to Basket
Comes with everything you see in the image.

New hoses and life warranty on new sending unit 
 Sending unit not built in and not modified like others for something else to go
 wrong. Mine is stainless steel and life warranty. All with instructions.
Pump alone - no sender: $149.95 Add to Basket
See more on the fuel page.

Yes, we have a Delorean Repair and shops all over the US that can save you Thousands on repairs and not be over sold. Stage 1, Stage 2. 
 Get a second opinion or bring it to Dallas and save
 more than the difference you would spend elsewhere..
Were $80.00 per hour.

Highest quality, Better price & warranty on DeLorean Auto
 Parts and DeLorean Performance parts. 

CIS fuel system expert and electrical help.

 Fuel pump saver kit.
  delorean-fuel-pump-saver.jpg (129762 bytes)
Works with any 12 volt fuel pump
in the DeLorean. 
Losing pressure or making noise on a long
 trip  due to pump over heating, Then
 this should help fix the problem.
If you ever have to pull over and let 
the fuel pump cool down on a long trip
 then it is running on low voltage and
 this  kit help fixes the voltage problem. 
Comes with instructions and less that 1
 hour to install.
Oh, no more #7 fuse to burn up and melt
$49.95 Add to Basket

 1/2 price with new complete
 fuel tank kit.
New  Fuel sending unit. 
Life warranty.

delorean-fuel-sending-unit-.jpg (68678 bytes)
#110555NEW Stainless Steel 
fuel sending unit.
$99.95 Add to Basket

 Dallas DeLorean Performance parts & restoration part
and stage 1 or 2 performance.
Why buy rubber when you can have factory 
original bend
Lifetime warranty on Silicone hoses at almost the same price.
Water pump and all the cooling hoses.
See Engine Cooling page. More to come.
We have sold out of blue for now.

silicone-water-pump-driver.jpg (38161 bytes)

silicone-water-pump-passeng.jpg (37829 bytes)
Original bend
silicone-water-pump-black.jpg (23026 bytes)
Original bend
silicone-water-pump-blue.jpg (23421 bytes)

DeLorean Performance parts Suspension KYB
 shocks and lowering springs. 
Delorean-gas-adj-performanc.jpg (40135 bytes)
delorean-6297-1.jpg (103647 bytes) delorean-lowered.jpg (240449 bytes) delorean-lowering-springs.jpg (30836 bytes)
  As you can see the ride height is adjustable for the rear and if you will notice 
at the base of the shocks a little knob for your ride firmness adjustment.

      $259.95 for the KYB Gas adjustable rear performance shock set.
$85.95 Easy Rider for the front in kit for only. 4
Shocks only.  
Add to Basket  

 Lowering springs and KYB Gas adjustable performance rear.  
and Easy Rider front.100110KYBS  Save over $300.00 over others.
Add to Basket

You won't find a better ride or better springs:

Lowering springs only #GT100100 $289.95   Add to Basket

See more on suspension page:   Read more below:  

     Before and after on lowering with new performance suspension.
 Since our cars have 2/3 rd's of the weight in  the back and almost nothing in the front here
 is what I did. Won't bottom out like DeLorean Motors company ( DMCH )
 I put the a performance shock with lowering springs on  the rear which
 can be lowered more by adjusting the spring cup holder down more.
 Then I put the Easy Rider shocks with lowering springs on the front for a smooth
 but firm performance ride.
This combination works great for the least money and most comfortable ride.
DeLorean Performance parts.
DeLorean performance parts header Kit 
No burning the epoxy off the frame or 
burning up the alternator.

header-kit-1.jpg (53074 bytes)
      header-kit-2.jpg (50614 bytes)
 304 Stainless Steel Headers, Thick 7/16" stainless flange, 
Stainless connecting tubes and clamps. 
One piece gasket, 12 studs with stainless steel nuts and washers.
Chrome tips you can cut to length and tack on..
This kit shown is using the Magnaflow Turbo polished Stainless Steel
mufflers which are straight thru turbo mufflers.
 They pass thru the HP the headers and engine produce with out restriction. 
We can weld the header connection pipe to any muffler you want in this configuration. 
5 year limited warranty on headers.

Ready to install for all you see.
Add to basket $895.00
using a one piece OE type gasket and 12ea studs with SS nuts and washers.
Performance part
Headers only are $595.00 with 12 studs. 

New Delorean angle speedometer drives
DeLorean-angle-drive.jpg (51419 bytes) angle-drive-with-nut.jpg (27186 bytes)
Removable flex shaft just pull it out  and push another one in. 
Sealed, no greasing required to clog  up or over grease.
 Works first time every time.

#106130 Angle drive only - $49.95 Add to basket
#106130M Angle drive mounted with nut - $66.90 Add to basket
See body and frame for more about angle drive.
Delorean custom made battery 
ground connection.  We make them, not store bought.
You won't find this quality in any automotive store.

delorean-battery-g-3.jpg (55564 bytes)
delorean-battery-g-2.jpg (106616 bytes) delorean-battery-ground-wir.jpg (80121 bytes)
From this to this>>
  Sure enough just as I have thought for years the battery main ground was bad. 
Note what I say on the picture. I was getting a good continuity reading but not 
under load. 
Add to Basket $39.95 for 5 speed 106262S
Add to Basket $44.95 for Automatic 106262A
Another performance and restoration part.
New DeLorean front brake caliper. 
delorean-caliper-new.jpg (73566 bytes)
All new 4 piston Wilwood aluminum brake 
caliper for the front of the DeLorean.
$399.95 ea side loaded with new mounting 
plate and hose.
$799.90 for the front Pr
Add to Basket

 Yes, I need the old OE Girling calipers back for safe keeping. $100.00 core charge ea. No Sub's.

New hand sewn and 
steering wheel like original. 

delorean-steering-wheel.jpg (51860 bytes)

 Delorean hand covered and sewn
 like original steering wheel. 
$299.95  #106396
Add to Basket


Don 't be fooled by others and copy cats. 
The D120 to D140 are the DeLorean alternators I started making back in 2001.
delorean-alterrnator-packag.jpg (34016 bytes)
The #1 Alternator in the DeLorean World.  "New"  not rebuilt.
120 to 140 amps. Best backed, 24 / 7 and best serviced.  
Bolt on replacement, no core needed, no modification needed.
Use the D120 for town and traffic and D140 for higher load
 applications and highway. 
D120 Kit $149.95  
Add to basket

New Delorean Updated German made " Stabilus " 
Soft Lift " door struts.

delorean-door-struts.jpg (30390 bytes)
No more banging when you open the door and let it go.
$19.95 ea.   100592SL
Add to Basket
See above for more info on body page.
3 year warranty on all our water pumps.
None better and no kit more complete.
Kit 1 All new parts you need to do the complete change over.
Hardware , gaskets, seals. 
delorean-water-pump-kit-1.jpg (64120 bytes)
 New pump kit #1 $199.95
Add to basket  

 Rebuilt pump kit  $179.95  Add to basket

See the engine cooling page for more details.
Our #2 selling tank Kit 2
Complete Delorean fuel tank
pump update kit with new baffle
Life warranty on baffle.
  delorean-fuel-update-kit..jpg (28495 bytes) power-pump-performance.jpg (10367 bytes) delorean-fuel-pump-saver.jpg (129762 bytes) delorean-fuel-sending-unit-.jpg (68678 bytes)
New baffle and no more hassle
with the old hose system.

New and improved fuel filter screen,
Special T new power pump with a
 1 year pump warranty. 
No more long hose like the original to 
collapse under heat and pressure and
 shut off fuel.  With stock pump.
Not Chinese like others.
    Add to Basket
With new sending unit $79.95 
life warranty.
With new fuel pump save kit $24.95 
life warranty.

 Add the new Power pump to the kits
 and helps eliminates fuel pump noise 
and heat problems. 
 Simple and easy to install.
With new Power pump 
  Add to Basket
Our #3 complete Delorean
 fuel pump tank kit using the
 stock baffle.

fuel-pump-kit-stk-filt.jpg (29995 bytes) power-pump-performance.jpg (10367 bytes)
Fuel pump, stock filter screen,
new lines to pump, 
 ( Not a Old one like others supply) 
We also include new larger SS 
clamp for the boot and bottom boot.
+ a clip for the  return line. 
Using the new  improved ST 957 style
  fuel pump  with external check valve.
1 year pump warranty 
  Add to Basket

Our #1 selling pump system
fuel-pump-export-kit.jpg (86409 bytes)
New out, pump only $149.95.
Add to Basket

With new sender and filter $249.95 Add to Basket
life warranty on sender.

See more on fuel system page.

The old OE fuel tank syatem .
From this
fueltankinside1.jpg (23651 bytes)   to this >> fuel-tank-baff5.jpg (31704 bytes)
  With this kit >> fuel-baffle-kit-new-2.jpg (20981 bytes)  $59.95   Add to Basket  
Now to this>
fuel-pump-export-kit.jpg (86409 bytes)
$249.95  or see more above or on fuel system page.

New fuel tank baffle assembly. No more collapsing hose and wondering what
 going on inside the tank.  Includes the new all aluminum baffle, new updated 
screen filter  with aluminum barbed fitting, clamps, and  special chemical resistance
 fuel connecting hose.
Comes with all instructions. Less than one hour to install.
See the Fuel system page

Life warranty on our baffle kit. 
Front view. Delorean Cooling fans. 
radiator-fans-front-2.jpg (36254 bytes)
 New low profile fans. Only 11 amps total draw.
Quite, All metal and cover the complete radiator
Life warranty.
Add to Basket $189.95 
See more on the engine cooling page.

 Less current draw than the old ones.


Brand new Original Stabilus
 struts with soft lift.
        door-lift-pistons-2.jpg (24583 bytes)    Stabilus-catalog.jpg (77709 bytes)
$89.95 set of  6 struts set.
Add to Basket    
year limited warranty

New door struts are  
Stabilus "Soft Lift "
 in kit with other Stabilus struts.

New Delorean " Soft Lift " 
door struts.

delorean-door-struts.jpg (30390 bytes)
No more banging when you 
open the door and let it go.
3 year mechanical warranty. 

$19.95 ea.   Add to Basket

Or Just a pair of Soft Lift
39.90 in pairs
    Add to Basket
Bonnet  or 
 luggage compartment
 Add to Basket

 Engine Louver
struts only.
$14.95 ea.
Add to Basket
Soft Lift door 
struts in pairs
$39.90 pair
  Add to Basket

$19.95 ea.
Add to Basket
We have everything you need to 
do the  money saving tune up. 

delorean-major-tuneup-kit.jpg (50661 bytes)
$209.95  Add to Basket
Save over $50.00

See engine and performance for
better distribution and more parts.

Delorean custom cut to 
length vacuum hoses. 
Vacuum-silicone-kit-black.jpg (41522 bytes)
No more vacuum leaks due to 
rotting hoses.

Cut to length. Plug and play
Blue & black. For the engine
$49.95 Black Add to basket
100% warranty.
See more on the Accessories page.
3 different colors.  
  Delorean performance custom 8mm spark silicone plug  wires. 
Made with Taylor / Vertex wire. 
Limited life warranty.
spark-plug-wire-8mm-conn.jpg (50987 bytes)
Custom made for the Delorean 8mm silicone spark plug wires.
Less than 500 ohms/ft. 
Low resistance for more fire power. This is what you want with any MSD or Pertronix 
40,000 volt coil where Bougicord won't.
 See more on the engine page.
$89.95  Add to basket
3 different colors.
DeLorean Hot Air Dam.
delorean-hot-air-dam.jpg (21220 bytes)     delorean-hot-air-dam-place.jpg (53378 bytes)
This is heavy gauge thick cored ply rubber that is water jet cut 
goes behind the radiator fans to direct the hot air down and keep the hot
 air from blowing back onto the fuel tank.
 Coupled with our new fuel pump free flow filter screen will help reduce fuel 
pump  noise and help keep debris, rain and trash from blowing back into the fuel
 tank area.
Easy to install or insert and requires no special tools.
Add to Basket

New Bosch not 30 year old NOS
 Delorean 02 sensor.
  02-sensor-long-saver.jpg (41498 bytes)
Add to Basket

Air Bleeder.
air-bleeder.jpg (44143 bytes)
  Don't over heat. Install the Air bleeder
 and protect the cooling system. 
Add to Basket   $19.95

Xtra long $24.95