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DeLorean Restoration Pricing

The "DRP" Program

Here is how the DRP program works.

How many times do I get a call that the car has been setting for 10+
 years and getting it running will be a long and expensive process.
Well, Here is a way that loyalty pays off.
Be sure to call first to set up the program.

Besides all the technical assistance with phone help, our shop and
 manuals, we are offering a way you can start off small and save even
 more on our already lower prices on De Lorean Auto parts.
Most all our parts are brand new and carry a longer warranty ,
 not  30 + years old as others.  Also known a ( NOS parts ) New old
Personal check or Money order is required on qualifying order.
Credit cards charge 3.5 to 5% with a transaction fee.

Place a one time starting order of $1000.00 dollars to be shipped
 immediately and receive a 5% discount on all parts bought for the next
 12 months. 

  Place a one time starting order of $1,500.00  to be shipped
 immediately  you will receive a 10% discount on most parts 
bought for the next 12 months.

#1. Parts are limited  to what we stock or build.  No special order's unless approved first.

#2.Purchases are limited to 1 ea or what is normally used on the car.
No multiple purchasing of items.
 Example: You can buy 6 spark plugs but not 6 fuel filters at the DRP price.

No discounts on specials that is advertised from time to time.
Some items that are already 10% or better discount than competition 
are not covered under the DRP program. In this case a 5% discount may  be applied.

 Prices are subject to change without notice