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Wiring Components

Tie Rap cincher. 
For those light jobs. works with all small
to medium tie raps.
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Battery Terminator for Accessories.

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radio7.jpg (309949 bytes)
Connector view / color code of Craig Radio W460. If you need complete 10 page wiring diagram just email .

Marked up copy of DeLorean workshop manual M:18:17 of wires color code. Craig W460 radio. Email if needed.

connector-1cond-1.jpg (59318 bytes)       connector-2cond-1.jpg (58598 bytes)
Single conductor right & 2 conductor left style 1
connector-2cond-2.jpg (56318 bytes)     connector-3cond-1.jpg (65617 bytes)
  Style 2, 2 conductor on right & 3 conductor left.