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Suspension Parts

Delorean Suspension parts
Trailing Arm bolts TAB and Stabilus Gas- charged lift supports or 
pistons struts. Tie rod ends, ball joints, steering rack and more.
Lowering springs and shock absorbers.

Delorean Front Suspension Parts.
Delorean steering rack updated with brass bushing not
plastic like the new ones and rebuilt right here in Dallas. 
Life warranty
steering-rack.jpg (84044 bytes)       rack-reference.jpg (43875 bytes)     bushing-steer.jpg (30158 bytes)
Steering bushing free with rack purchase.

Upgraded with brass internal sleeve not plastic as new ones are.
 Rack only  $189.95  108754 Add to Basket

$239.95 with new tie rods ends installed.   108754WT Add to Basket

Don't let the other distributor with new racks tell you they need parts
 of your old one for core. All they are wanting to do is make it unusable
 by someone else or kill your resale value.

Call with any questions.
We don't charge a $200.00 core for 30 days
If you want a smooth comfortable firm ride for your DeLorean then here is
 the package below. No shocks or springs will flatten out Potholes.
Call if you have concerns about that.

Lowering springs & shocks
 Easy Rider on the front heavy duty on the back
 for the extra weight and the lowering springs.  Package deal is.
See car above.
Add to Basket    #100110PER  
Collars included for the rear shocks in the complete kit.
Easy rider
 shocks for front.

easy-rider-2-front.jpg (17586 bytes)
$79.95 PR front only.
Color may vary.

Add to Basket

Lowering springs
 as above.

delorean-lowering-springs.jpg (30836 bytes)
Add to Basket

GT100100F  $139.95
Front springs only.
  Add to Basket

15% stronger than original.
Guaranteed smooth  ride.
 shocks for rear.
KYB-shocks-rearm-perf.jpg (26132 bytes)
Sold in pairs only. 100408RPER
 $149.95/pr  Add to Basket
 Comes with 4 collars.  

Extra Collars for rear are $19.95 /set of 2
Takes 2 sets.( 4 total )
Add to Basket

 Not sold separately.

Delorean angle speedometer drives.
DeLorean-angle-drive.jpg (51419 bytes) angle-drive-with-nut.jpg (27186 bytes) speedometer-cable-lower.jpg (20073 bytes)
Replaceable shaft. Just pull it out and push another one in. 
Sealed, no greasing required to clog up or over grease.
Works first time every time. 1 year warranty +

#106130 Angle drive only $49.95
Add to Basket

#105027 Nut only $16.95 Add to Basket

#106130M Already mounted on nut.
$66.95 Add to Basket

106130 with 101412 Lower cable $89.95 Add to Basket
Speedometer cable lower 26"
Life warranty

speedometer-cable-lower.jpg (20073 bytes)
Make sure you have updated the
 lower cable to try to preserve the
 angle drive from locking up. These
 are shorter than the old ones with 
less kink.
#101412  $39.95  
Add to Basket


Speedometer cable long.
Life warranty

speedometer-cable-1.jpg (26432 bytes)
If you don't mind eliminating the
 service counter box you can use this longer cable to help cut
 down on the stress on the angle drive.
#101412L $69.95  
Add to Basket


Polyurethane bushings 
polyurethane-delorean-bushi.jpg (26456 bytes)
  101042BUSH Lower link assembly rear. 4 needed per arm. $34.00/4 per arm.  
Add to Basket

101041 top link assembly rear upper. 4 needed per arm.  $34.00/4 Add to Basket

108912 Anti-roll bar bushing. ( sway bar )2 needed per arm. $17.00/2 Add to Basket

100154 Lower front control arm. 2 needed per arm. $17.00/2 Add to Basket
  polyurethane-lower-upper-li.jpg (44915 bytes)

Road Hogg springs.
Designed to keep the car on the road with no spring chatter or loosey goosey feeling.
DeLorean Easy Rider front Shocks
and KYB adjustable heavy duty shocks rear
for the extra weight with lowering springs. 

Delorean-gas-adj-performanc.jpg (40135 bytes)
easy-rider-2-front.jpg (17586 bytes)   delorean-lowering-springs.jpg (30836 bytes) delorean-lowered.jpg (240449 bytes)
  As you can see the ride height is adjustable for the rear and if you will notice 
at the base of the shocks a little knob for your ride firmness adjustment.

      $799.85 for the red Performance adjustable on rear, Easy Rider on 
front with powdered coated lowering springs  100110KYBS
Add to Basket
 Shipping weight for this kit is about 45Lb's.
( Save over $100.00 on springs alone over others.)

Lowering springs only set of 4 #GT100100 $259.95   Add to Basket

Lowering springs Pair front only $139.95 Add to Basket

Lowering springs pair rear only $139.95  Add to Basket

You won't find a better ride or better spring:
No shocks or springs will flatten out Potholes.
Call if you have concerns about that.

delorean-6297-1.jpg (103647 bytes)
KYB Performance Gas Adjustable 
rear shocks.

Delorean-gas-adj-performanc.jpg (40135 bytes)
$229.95 per pair shocks w/2 collars.
Add to Basket

Extra collars for rear are $19.95 /set
Add to Basket

Not sold separately.

Delorean Easy Rider 2
shock absorber kit.
This kit replaces the OE shocks without spending for performance.

delorean-shocks-kyb.jpg (21108 bytes)
Smooth and comfortable ride. Complete kit. #100110STER2
Add to Basket
delorean-lowered.jpg (240449 bytes)
 Since our cars have 2/3 rd's of the weight in  the back and almost nothing in the front
 here is what I did.  I put the performance with lowering springs on  the back which
 can be lowered more by adjusting the spring cup holder down more.
 Then I put the Easy Rider with lowering springs on the front for a smooth
 but firm performance ride.
This combination works great for the least money.
Boot kit for all.
boot-kit.jpg (40681 bytes)
Save over buying from another
 competitor and from buying 
individual here.
 Kit is $95.95 # K109061all
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rack-reference.jpg (43875 bytes)


Front rack boots and kit 
rack-boot-kit.jpg (18331 bytes)    upper-ball-joint-boots.jpg (38146 bytes)
Rack boots only K109061 $19.95
Add to Basket  

K109061-1 part $29.95 With new tie 
end boots.   Add to Basket  

Delorean steering column bushings.
bushing-steer.jpg (30158 bytes)
  Take the rattle out of the steering
  column. New upgrade bushings.
1 per car. #101994  
  $16.95ea   A dd to Basket

Delorean CVS drive shaft rebuilt here in Dallas. No Chinese #100169. 
Don't spend all day when the job can be done in 2 hours.
delorean-inner-drive-shaft.jpg (31505 bytes)

 Rebuilt in Dallas by the Professionals.
All parts including cages, balls are miked for accuracy 
and replaced if necessary.  2 year warranty
New Rockford boots and grease and checked for accuracy.
#100169 $129.95 exchange.
   Add to Basket
We don't charge core for 30 days.

Order new hardware if you need it.
 Hex head 0.54 ea. SP10013-hex 10mm x 160 Add to Basket
Soc head 0.54 ea. SP10013-Soc 10mm x 160 Add to Basket
Flat washers 10mm Add to Basket

If your going to replace the CV axles, then replace the lip seal at the
 same time. Worn lip seals is one of the reasons there is oil all over the bottom of the transmission and dripping. We use a double lip lip seals in our kit so you don't have to add the expensive ready seals. 
See below.

We have units in stock, ready to go. Re-build-able core must be turned in.
 No rust buckets. If you have waited to long then send them in and we will give you a quote. Don't drive/grind the parts down worse.   Refundable minimum core charge $250.00 ea.



 Delorean CV joint boots drive axles.
delorean-cv-joint-boot.jpg (43359 bytes)  
Exact fit and made in the USA. Boots or  clamps, grease, tie wraps
  and stainless steel retaining clip.

2 required per axel.
#100119KIT $12.95ea
Add to Basket
Delorean lip seal kit for 
standard transmission.
lip-seal-standard.jpg (35277 bytes)
Includes 1,,103013 lip seal O ring $1.00ea
and 2,,104216 Lip seals $12.95ea.
Kit total is $26.90
Add to Basket
We use only new double lip seals
 for double oil seal protection. 

Delorean lip seal  placement.
Lip-seal-image.jpg (49096 bytes)

Delorean lip seal kit for 
automatic transmission.
  lip-seal-automatic.jpg (45857 bytes)
 Includes 2,,103013 O rings $1.00ea
and 2,, 104216 lip seals @
103044   $12.95
kit total is $27.90
Add to Basket

We use only new double lip seals
  for double oil seal protection.

Upper wishbone or A suspension
upper-a-arm-bushing.jpg (23330 bytes)
The are the OE rubber as you can see. I don't have poly for these yet.
#100156  $59.95 ea  or  $119.90 /pr 
Add to Basket  

Lower control arms factory 
lower-control-arms-modified.jpg (97593 bytes)

 The arm on the right is factory
modified with almost a full plate 
on the bottom.
Were are now cutting plates to do
 this factory upgrade.
 If you want your arms done
 this way then they need to be
sent in.
Plates installed like factory mod. 
Call if extra work is needed.
Delorean front lower control
 arms rebuilt.

delorean-lower-control-arms.jpg (28675 bytes)
I clean off all the years of grease
 and goo. Then they are bead blast down to bare metal. Then I take
 them to the welder for the
 reinforcement plate to be welded in.
Then they are powdered coated, retaining ring and ball joint are 
pressed in and then they are ready
 to go.
 Old arms must be sent in first and
 if I have some of equal quality I 
will send new rebuild arms right out.
  Add to Basket

Good rebuild able arms must be
 sent in for trade in. 
These are obsolete parts.

$300.00 core value.
Not charged for 30 days.

      Delorean front hub.
front-hub-assy..jpg (32843 bytes)
 New bearings have already  been pressed  in. Bead blasted
 clean. Save yourself a lot of  work in trying to get the
 retainer out and pressing the bearing  in and out.
$59.95 exchange. Add to Basket

 Because of one DeLorean owner in  Canada Michael Sturba sent back the 
wrong cores I can no longer send out cores  in advance. It only takes one
 person to mess it up for all of us. Now he won't return emails. 
I wonder why.
Caution==== Lower Ball Joint :::::
Please note and read.
  Lower ball joint with
 support retainer.
delorean-lower-ball-joint-1.jpg (29443 bytes)
 Reinforcement ring to press the enlarged flange back to original shape. 
If not the ball joint won't be
 tight and you will loose it.
Others don't supply this and the
 ball will loosen up. 
There is a factory one on top
 of the control arm.
109266BR  $59.90 ea.
Add to Basket

I have never had one go bad.
    Delorean lower ball joint.
More heavy duty than others.
    lower-ball-joint-closeup.jpg (21710 bytes)

Before retainer
  lower-control-arm-underneat.jpg (23039 bytes)

With retainer
  lower-control-arm-retainer.jpg (22413 bytes)
Retaining ring only
with purchase of 
ball joints. 
109266R  32.95
Add to Basket

 Without ball joint purchase.
Add to Basket

Delorean Lower ball joint  
boot  cover kit. 

upper-ball-joint-boots.jpg (38146 bytes)
If yours are tight then
 just keep the dirt out
 with new covers.
$12.95 for the kit.
Add to Basket

Upper Ball Joints,, They don't go out that often.
  Delorean upper ball joint.
delorean-upperball-joint-1.jpg (60374 bytes)
upper-ball-joint-2.jpg (75224 bytes)
 Upper ball joints. $59.95
 Add to Basket
Delorean upper ball joint
boot cover kit.
upper-ball-joint-boots.jpg (38146 bytes)
$12.95 for the kit.
Add to Basket

Tie Rod Ends,,
May solve loose steering problems.
 Delorean Tie Rod ends.
Direct exact fit.

ty-rodends-new-1.jpg (26875 bytes)

 Tie Rod Ends.
 $22.95 ea.
Add to Basket
These are new,
Fresh from England.
Delorean Tie rod end
boot cover kit.
ty-rod-end-cleanup-3.jpg (55424 bytes)
  Boot kit    $13.95
Add to Basket
( 2 boots in kit.)
Your choice of DeLorean lug nuts.
delorean-lug-nuts.jpg (80267 bytes)
    lugbolts.jpg (41193 bytes)
Mine are OE with ss sleeve   $2.45  Add to Basket
 Set of 16 is only $39.20

Solid chrome Gorilla-
Life warranty
Add to Basket
 Set of 16 is only $39.20

Stainless Gorilla-
Life warranty
Add to Basket

 DeLorean Lug bolt $3.35  Add to Basket

Rear suspension parts
We have the DeLorean parts in stock.
Rear hub carrier right.
delorean-parts-RH-hub-carri.jpg (29032 bytes)
Right Hand, Obsolete part.
100470 $695.00
But check with me.
Add to Basket
Delorean rear
hub carrier left.
delorean-LH-hub-carrier.jpg (27769 bytes)
Left hand
100469 $299.95
  Add to Basket
Delorean rear drive.
drive-axles.jpg (23436 bytes)
 Rear drive shaft.
Add to Basket

Front bearing are easy to press into the hub's. 

Rear bearings the carrier above has to come out.

Wheel bearings.  
Brand new.
 Not NOS.
Grease does dry and cake up due to moisture.

delorean-wheel-bearings.jpg (39816 bytes)
 Small is front.  # 100404 $13.95   
Add to Basket

Larger is rear.
  # 100973  $22.95
  Add to Basket

Each comes with free
retainer rings.

 Clip ring retainer
  cliprings.jpg (32401 bytes)
SP10052 Front hub
Add to Basket    $3.50

 SP10391 lower ball joint
Add to Basket $0.75

SP10053 Rear hub
Add to Basket $4.20
Rear hub assy.
  Add to Basket


Delorean up grade trailing
arm bolts.

delorean-trailing-arm-bolts.jpg (30827 bytes)
Trailing Arm Bolts
 $14.95 ea bolt.  106883 
Add to Basket

This is an up grade from
the original.
Heavy Cad plated
 for  greater rust protection.
12.9 vs 10.9 tensile strength.
Connecting to frame and
trailing arm.

  Trailing Arm Bolts black oxide
plated Un Plated.

TAB-unplated.jpg (37310 bytes)
 $7.95 ea   
Add to Basket
12.9 grade
These would still be better than original.

disclaimer.jpg (103407 bytes)
Warranty & Disclaimer

Trailing arm bolt,. bent or broke.
trailing-arm-bolt-broke.jpg (71107 bytes)
  TAB-bolts-bent-1.jpg (20228 bytes)
Check yours B4 this happens.
Our wheels are not just painted or prepared by a Power coating company. They are prepared by
a professional wheel re-builder. We can do any wheels.
What do you want done. Custom modifications.
Delorean wheel refinishing.
wheel-repair-1.jpg (44601 bytes)
    wheel-repair-3.jpg (42623 bytes)
Refinishing your wheels, curb damaged repaired back to new concourse condition.
New power coating.    Silver in stock and ready to go.
$546.00 set of 4.   
Add to Basket

Shipping on rear wheel is 27 Lb's from my zip 75126.
Front is about 5 lb's lighter.
delorean-wheel-cnc-1.jpg (38864 bytes)

delorean-wheel-cnc-2.jpg (51227 bytes)
delorean-wheel-cnc-3.jpg (56710 bytes)
Lighter colored wheels were introduced from vin #1884 up.

Ball Joint installation:
If you don't have a suitable ball joint installer it will be necessary to remove the control arm from the car
 and use a press to install the collar and ball joint. First remove the ball joint and inspect the control arm for wear for ware or damage. It may be necessary to use a die grinder to smooth the control arm lip before installing the reinforcement collar and ball joint. Next press reinforcement collar on to the thin lip on the bottom of the arm with the rounded edges facing control arm surface. Reinstall ball joint and new locking ring and install supplied shims as needed to obtain a tight fit.