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DeLorean Starters

Starter Motors
By Paris Rhone

OE Delorean starter new & rebuilt. D10 E50 Paris Rhone Number
17019 Lester number.
starter-motor.jpg (31926 bytes)
Delorean starter motor. Rebuilt 
with all new parts. Factory original
 Paris Rhone OE solenoid. 
Ship weight 16lb's ea.  
Add to Basket

 $150.00 refundable core charge
 when returned.

Now comes the Chinese made 
 light weight new starter . 
Yes that is where they comes from.
starter-new.jpg (33248 bytes)
Yes, This will work on the DeLorean
 even though it isn't the original.
Add to Basket  #101044A $129.95
2 year warranty 

I won't say improved like others
 trying to make you think
 improved and charge over $250.00.

I rebuild the original OE starter with new parts for the car and give a 5 year warranty. The Chinese build a knockoff and I sell new for $129.95 with a 2 year warranty. |
Which would you rather have. 
One that served the car well for 30+ years or the Chinese .

delorean-starters.jpg (164245 bytes)

Delorean Custom made battery ground 
wire to chassis. 

delorean-battery-g-3.jpg (55564 bytes)
< From this delorean-battery-g-2.jpg (106616 bytes) delorean-battery-ground-wir.jpg (80121 bytes)
to this>>
I knew something was wrong when my alternator under load was acting funny. 
The alternator was good but the voltage was dropping so I knew something was wrong.
 Sure enough just as I have thought for years the battery main ground was bad. 
Note what I say on the picture. I was getting a good continuity reading but not 
under load.
if you need a special length just let me know. 
Add to Basket $39.95 for std shift 106262S 
  Add to Basket $44.95 for automatic 106262A

New Delorean updated custom made battery ground
 wire.  replaces # 106262

delorean-battery-ground-wir.jpg (80121 bytes)
  battery-hardware.jpg (23478 bytes) battery-jump-start-cable.jpg (93460 bytes)
This is a brand new battery ground wire from the battery to the engine and,  transmission and then back to the frame. With this new set up you will see,
  difference in the spin of the starter, the grounding and rise of the alternator,
 voltage gauge and just a better battery ground for the car.
 I have been wanting to do this for years and not until about a month ago when 
I was experiencing alternator problems did I find it really was the ground cable. 
Now it's done an it works great.
2 ga copper cables with copper connectors that are hydraulic
 pressed on and then soldered with heat shrink applied that is inner wall melt tubing..
Add to Basket $39.95 speed 106262S 
  Add to Basket $44.95 for automatic 106262A
  Add to Basket $29.95 Battery jump start cable 108315

email for other parts.
Custom ground wires can be made.


Delorean starter solenoid.
Starter Solenoid ( NOS )

12 v Paris-Rhone, 
Original DeLorean #102564
$89.95 if available.
contact us.
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DeLorean Starter motor stainless
  steel  heat shield. 

starter-heat-sheild.jpg (13056 bytes)
101045    Add to Basket
Tech Tip: 
Early vin ( 2547 ) and sooner had a solenoid modification that 
needs to be done in the relay compartment. If the car solenoid is
clicking without the starter engaging then the modification hasn't been done.
Core Charges
Core charge is industry standard on parts that need to be returned due to shortage or so they can be recycled.  They must be in Rebuildable condition. Units are cleaned and new parts put into them to make it like new again and resold.
. If the cases are broken or cracked and extra labor would have to be added to repair the unit then they are not considered a Rebuildable core and the core charge is not refundable.
Core charge is even added to new units if they are out of production.
starter-solenoid.jpg (21704 bytes)
Delorean starter solenoid
 rear of the
 Paris  Rhone. 
Customer sent in to show 
what a bad solenoid looks like.
This may explain
 why you may have starter
They are over 20 years old
 and way over 
 due to be replaced.  
starter-solenoid-bad.jpg (79837 bytes)
solenoid-back-wiring.jpg (37190 bytes) starter-name.jpg (34335 bytes)
Starter identification
For the DeLorean

 Reference for wiring
the back of the
DeLorean starter

Starter Relay Mod.
starter-mod.jpg (151097 bytes)

Like the article say's, 
Battery test is a must.

battery-test.jpg (75943 bytes)
2nd way of testing 
a battery

battery-test-2.jpg (82100% bytes)
Testing the starter

starter-test.jpg (95169 bytes)