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Stainless Steel Items

Stainless Steel Products.  Special fabrications welcome.

DeLorean manifold exhaust stove
exhaust-manifold-stove.jpg (25983 bytes)
All Stainless Steel
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This assembly contains:
106108 Stove
      106044 Brackets 2
      SP10503 washer 2
     SP10688 Screw 2

Exhaust manifold stove Kit
exhaust-manifold-stove-kit.jpg (24380 bytes)

106108KIT   $89.95
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Same as 106108 assembly 
but with 
105926 aluminum hose and


Delorean Stainless Steel 
coolant tank brackets.
stainles-steel-brackets-1.jpg (22058 bytes)
$29.95 / pair when available
with SS bolts and washers.
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stainless-steel-bracket.jpg (21993 bytes)
Delorean Stainless Steel 
water tank. 

waterbottle.jpg (36140 bytes)
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 Shpg. Wt. 4lb's

With new SS Brackets 
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Stainless Steel fuel lines.
 Complete Delorean Stainless Steel fuel kit.
stainless-steel-fuel-set.jpg (55443 bytes)
  Complete 13 piece Stainless Steel fuel line for the Delorean.
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Fuel components not included.
See more on the  fuel injection page.
Yes, There is a $160.00 core charge on the complete set of fuel lines.

Delorean Stainless steel fuel  
line hose kit.

fuel-hose-stainless.jpg (86405 bytes)
   $189.95 Set of  9   
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  Hand made to fit: 
6 for injectors
1 for the cold start 
2 for the warm up reg.
I need the connectors back.

Core charge is $100.00 if you want to keep old lines.. 
Delorean Stainless Steel fuel filter.
stainless-steel-fuel-filter.jpg (43353 bytes)
This line goes from the top
of the fuel filter to the fuel
 distributor. One per car.
No core required.
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  Delorean standard
 Stainless steel
distributor return line.
stainless-steel-return-line.jpg (39501 bytes)
Return line  102359

$69.95  Add to Basket
No core required.
   Delorean stainless steel frequency valve line.
  stainless-steel-freq-valve2.jpg (83533 bytes)
#1 line $89.95, 102400
Smaller 8mm line input. 
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$60.00 Core required on
 this  line or input connector exchange.

#2 line $84.95 102395
Larger FV return line
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No core required.
New Stainless Steel fuel input line from accumulator to filter.
Upgrade from metal line.

fuel-input-stainless-steel.jpg (34961 bytes)

 Now I have the top and bottom stainless steel lines.  #106989 $57.50 Add to Basket
Delorean license plate holder.
stainless-steel-license-pla.jpg (11345 bytes)
Attach the license plate without holes in the Fascia.   Stainless Steel
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Delorean throttle cover
Added 07-01-04
stainless-steel-throttle-co.jpg (29780 bytes)
Protect the throttle from freezing 
up and water deterioration.
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DeLorean Starter motor stainless steel  heat shield. 
starter-heat-sheild.jpg (13056 bytes)
101045    Add to Basket
Delorean high performance air breather .
delorean-air-breather-ss.jpg (37224 bytes)
Shown with the free flow air filter and 
non restrictive intake hose to the
This set up will allow the coldest air
 and  maximum  air flow for the
 maximum intake performance for
 the car. 
See more on the engine tune-up page.


New Delorean Stainless Steel 
Breather as you see it. 

  Airintake-casey-box.jpg (61918 bytes)
Looks great.
 Who knows how  much HP or fraction of HP we could be getting with
this Modification.
$449.95 breather only
Add to Basket #101058SS

Don't forget to add the free flow K&N or 
the blue Special T free flow air filter. 
See engine tune-up page.

Other stainless steel products.
Delorean Stainless steel
HV coil wire.
stainless-steel-hvcoil-line.jpg (55893 bytes)
 Hand made with 8mm
silicone low resistance
wire. Performance quality.
Ground wire. 
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  Stainless Steel 
 Oil pan drain Plug. 
Oil pan plug

oildrainplug.jpg (7340 bytes)
Automatic Trans Pan 
Plug & oil pan plug.
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Stainless Steel Paint
stainless-steel-paint.jpg (16431 bytes)
This is not just a paint.
 This is an industrial grade 316 particles of
 metal SS to show the
 true look. See the 2nd
 engine page to see
 what it looks likes.
$19.95 for 16oz can
 that weighs 1.5 lb's.
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  Stainless Steel 
brake lines.
  brake-lines-set.jpg (36708 bytes)
Add to Basket   $99.95
DOT Approved, exact
 Delorean exact replacement
Highest quality hose of
 PTFE inner and stainless steel over braid. 

No core required on 
SS brake lines.

See more on the brake page.

Delorean stainless steel
engine louver reinforcement.
engine-louver-reinf.jpg (15433 bytes)
Stainless Steel   DeLorean engine louver reinforcement.
$44.95    Add to Basket
Stainless Steel trailing arm 
cover bolt kit   

hold-downs.jpg (28329 bytes)
Add to Basket   $29.95.
Replacement for the
bolts that break when you take
off the rear trailing arm  cover.

Stainless Steel wing
nut kit
wing-nuts-stainless.jpg (13570 bytes)
Stainless Steel wing bolts
for the air breather.
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We also have black on 
the accessories page.

Black oxide plated.
wingnut.jpg (20983 bytes)
Black wing nuts. 
 for the air breather. 
$12.95 set.
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