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Relay Compartment

References - Relay Compartment

#1 . Low Beam Relay.  #2 . High Beam Relay.  #3 . Blower motor relay 3rd Speed - Heating /  Ventilation  /  A/C.  #4 .Blower motor relay 4th Speed - Heating / Ventilation / A/C. #5 Interior
 Lamp Delay Unit. #6 Cooling fan relay. ( Radiator ) #7 Fan Fail Module-for Cooling Fans.  #8 Not
 Used  #9 . A/C Panel Illumination Resistor. #10 Starter Relay. #11 A/C Panel Illumination relay
  #12 .Lambda relay. #13 Rear Defog Timer. #14 Door Lock Module. #15 Door Lock Circuit
 Breaker.   #16 RPM / fuel pump relay.   #17 Accessory Relay.  #18 Main Relay.  #19 Fuse Panel
  #20 Blower motor circuit breaker.  #21 Cooling  fan circuit breaker. 
  #22 A/C Override Diode. 
( Caution) Since the circuit breakers can be un plugged, they can also be swapped out. 
The 35 amp is the cooling fans CB has 2 wires and the 25 amp blower motor CB has 4 wires.
relay-desc.gif (46804 bytes) fused-circ.jpg (37972 bytes)

Relay Description    Fuse Description / Location

Other things to consider replacing for a better and more reliable De Lorean.

# 1. Make sure you have a good battery,  850 CCA or better. It all starts with a good electrical system

#2. The alternator. If it's the original Motorola or Ducy, it's 20 years old. Replace with our DeLorean 150 or equal on our alternator page.

#3. Up date the circuit breakers for the fans. See our electrical page.

#4. Up date the relays as described to the right.

#5. Tune up, plugs, wires, rotor & cap, See Engine Parts .

fan-fix-position.jpg (110313 bytes)  
 Fan Fix placement. 
Relays to update
From left to right of the front relay rack / row. #7-Blue, Fan fail Relay / Module,
 Replace wit
h The Fan Fix or The Fan fail fix. See on modification page.

#6-Cooling Fan relay, Replace with
      Mini Brute, Maxi Brute 
      or The New Fan Fix dual 2 x 2.

Relay Kit replacement.
#1 -  Low Beam head lamp, 
Repl. w/blk.
#2 -  High Beam head lamp.
Repl. w/blk.
#3 -  3rd fan speed blower motor.
Repl. w/blk.
#4 -  4th fan speed blower motor. 
Repl. w/blk.
#10 - Start Inhibit relay. 
Repl. w/blk.
#11-  A/C Illumination. 
Repl w/blk. 
#12 - Lambda fuel relay.

Repl. w/( Silver top)

#20 - Blower Motor up grade to 30Amp.
Repl if needed.

 #21 -Cooling fan 's if used upgrade to
 40 amp. Repl if needed.

#14 - Lock module circuit breaker.
Can us a 10,15,20 amp. Repl if needed.

Note Shown is the relay under the engine
cover on the back fire wall by the 
resistors for the coil. If it's the original
silver looking top, I would replace with one of the black relays.
We include it in our relay kit.