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elec-measur.jpg (55533 bytes)
Measurement Reference

conversions.jpg (120998 bytes)
Force, Rate, Length


electrdefinit.jpg (76500 bytes)
 Electrical Reference Chart


inch-to-metric.jpg (111501 bytes)
Inch to Metric Ch art
  Ohms law & 
radiodelo.jpg (22374 bytes)
 De Lorean Craig W460
 Speaker Wiring Color Code
wiringdiag2.jpg (320093 bytes)
Wiring Diagram For
De Lorean

radio7.jpg (309949 bytes)
Radio Wiring Diagram for Craig Radio W460


wiringlegend.jpg (164308 bytes)
Legend for wiring
 diagram to left


Other Conversion tables


waterpipe.jpg (58577 bytes)
 De Lorean Internal Water Pipe Sensor and Air Vacuum Switch
 Location .

clutch-slave.jpg (60645 bytes)
Inside the engine. Clutch Slave Cyl.  Location

clutch-adjustment-2.jpg (38875 bytes)
 Clutch slave bleed screw.
air-compressor.jpg (64638 bytes)
Reference only 
De Lorean air compressor. Sankyo,SD510, Mod # 8494.

  idle-speed-adj.jpg (49806 bytes)
 Idle speed adjustment.

ign-relay-diag2.jpg (113106 bytes)
 Ignition Relay Diagram. Location below.

ign-rest-relay-location.jpg (60089 bytes)
  Ignition relay location .

Starter Relay Mod.
starter-mod.jpg (151097 bytes)
ign-dist-alignment.jpg (59687 bytes)
  My suggestion for proper alignment. Hand turn the engine over so on the  Compression stroke, align the mark on the crank shaft  pulley with the  13 degree BTDC mark on the marker plate.  Then  make sure the rotor is aligned with  the mark for #1 cylinder on the ign dist.  You may have to re stab the dist. If  it's aligned as above, you will have plenty of adjustment room on both sides.  See timing marks on left.
engine-rear-shot.jpg (109079 bytes)
  Engine rear shot.
throttle-body.jpg (62087 bytes)
 Front of engine
Throttle body shot and 
water pump top.. 
intake-manifold-under.jpg (101988 bytes)
  Intake manifold 
under it.

Delorean mirror

mirrow-switch-wiring.jpg (29483 bytes)
A look at the back.

temp-gauge-sensor.jpg (105225 bytes)
  Temp gauge
sensor loc.
TAB-Ground-Brakeline.jpg (58198 bytes)
  TAB and Ground
front-frame.jpg (81575 bytes)
  Front of frame.
switches1.jpg (61989 bytes)
Tech Page switch & Toggle
ground-wire.jpg (57799 bytes)
  Ground wire.
Automatic-trans-number.jpg (95252 bytes)
 Automatic Trans 
R30 Renault
type 4141 from 75-84
door-strut-clip.jpg (77782 bytes)
 Door strut clip.
resistor-WUR.jpg (39676 bytes)
 Resistor in 
clutch-full-image.jpg (48143 bytes)
Clutch set up. 

clutch-fork-throwout1.jpg (59101 bytes)
  Clutch fork fit.1
clutch-fork-throwout2.jpg (108627 bytes)
 Clutch fork fit 2.
clutch-fork-hold-clip.jpg (159393 bytes)
  View of the ball clip
in fork.
For mode switch parts go to the electrical page on the site
mode-switch-back.jpg (40684 bytes)
Mode switch back

mode-switch-front.jpg (49104 bytes)
Mode switch front

mode-switch-side.jpg (48426 bytes)
 Mode switch side.

Vin # Chart
Vin-chart.jpg (174593 bytes)
This is the chart that
was printed in the 
Technical manual
back then. It has been 
updated some, but
not that much.


miniaturelamps.jpg (61302 bytes)
 Email or call for exact number. This will help you identify your bulb.


Connector at
back of engine???
wiring-harness-back-eng.jpg (58630 bytes)

This connector is
not always used
 due to who wired
 the car. It's part of
vacuum solenoid
and micro-switch
 Mating connector/harness
is normally behind
 the intake manifold.
Delorean idle speed motor
orifice closed.
idlespeed-motor-closed.jpg (40684 bytes)
Delorean idle 
speed motor
orifice open. 
idlespeed-motor-open.jpg (66864 bytes)
  Delorean fuse box in car.
delorean-fuse-box-repl..jpg (81528 bytes)
Delorean Original resistor.
resistor-original.jpg (60256 bytes)

Fuel Emissions and Exhaust System Follow the numbers

fueld0405.jpg (63506 bytes)

fueld0406.jpg (50601 bytes)
fueld0407.jpg (59588 bytes)
fueld0408.jpg (89614 bytes)
    fueld0409.jpg (77858 bytes)
fueld0410.jpg (69836 bytes)
fueld0411.jpg (30657 bytes)
fueld0412.jpg (45826 bytes)
fueld0413.jpg (47108 bytes)
fueld0414.jpg (85255 bytes)
ait-flow-meter-idle-tube.jpg (55106 bytes)
Air flow meter. Idle speed motor tube placement. You don't want this to leak air. 
air-flow-meter-tube-1.jpg (92468 bytes)
 Another shot of 
the air flow meter tube.
fuel-pump-inside6.jpg (28974 bytes)
 Cut away view of the fuel pump.
fuel-pump-inside7.jpg (52476 bytes)
 Another cut away shot.
fuel-pump-inside5.jpg (48873 bytes)
 Noise maker. Rotary Vane 
water-hose-bracket-mtg.jpg (53342 bytes)
 AC belt bracket.


water-pump-install.jpg (80387 bytes)
 Water pump install time sheet.
solenoid-back-wiring.jpg (37190 bytes)
 Solenoid back wiring for the DeLorean.
internal-water-pipe.jpg (23212 bytes)
 This what antifreez will do if not changed.
Pipe Rot.
Delorean / Volvo parts.
intake-parts.jpg (88336 bytes)
Intake manifold.
7mm stud.
exhaust-stud.jpg (62279 bytes)
Used in the PRV6 engine exhaust manifold.
evaporator-core-3.jpg (37045 bytes)

evaporator-core-2.jpg (87205 bytes)

evaporator-core-1.jpg (54272 bytes)


Reference Materials - General

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