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Reference material as well as photos of helpful points or installation notes.
Below is a dash view for reference to show an example of a DeLorean using parts sold 
from this web site.
DeLorean torque specifications that may not be listed in the DeLorean books.
engine-torque-20.jpg (82419 bytes)
engine-torque-21.jpg (104290 bytes)
engine-torque-22.jpg (102529 bytes)
engine-torque-24.jpg (77895 bytes)

engine-torque-26.jpg (94551 bytes)

Exhaust-tips.jpg (46471 bytes)
  Exhaust tip that came off  my 11004. May or may not be original.

De Lorean Relay
  speakermount.jpg (69294 bytes)
  Great to mount Speakers 

spring.jpg (25872 bytes)
Thought this was a great idea. Regular spring from home depot, stretch it out, clip off end's, WD40 the gas tube going into fuel pump, insert into tube leaving about one inch down inside both ends for the fittings. Clamp and go. No more gas line collapsing.   
fan-fix-position.jpg (110313 bytes)
 Fan Fix position.

car-cover.jpg (35612 bytes)
  Wal-Mart Car cover

heater-core-1.jpg (42587 bytes)
Heater core 1
bag.jpg (45944 bytes)
  Odd little bag

windsheild-tag.jpg (23537 bytes)
 Odd little tag.
Factory or dealer.

heater-core-2.jpg (73929 bytes)
heater core 2
lockinggascap.jpg (7981 bytes)
  Locking gas cap
DeLorean, Reference only.

angle-drive-box.jpg (85643 bytes)
Original angle drive Box 
and unit.


  Delorean Angle drive Cap
angledrive-cap.jpg (50793 bytes)
Cap with flex 

angledrive-with-shaft.jpg (47172 bytes)
  Angle drive  
flex shaft in cap.
angledrive-attached.jpg (31169 bytes)
angle-drive-1.jpg (46889 bytes)

angle-drive-2.jpg (63069 bytes)

angle-drive-3.jpg (58583 bytes)

Speedometer cable lower
speedometer-cable-lower.jpg (20073 bytes)
Make sure you have updated the
 lower cable to try to preserve the
 angle drive from locking up. These
 are shorter than the old ones with 
less kink.
$58.75  Add to Basket
Speedometer cable long.
speedometer-cable-1.jpg (26432 bytes)
If you don't mind eliminating the
 service counter box you can use this
 longer cable to help cut down on one
 less thing to cause a problem to the
 angle drive. 
$78.75  Add to Basket
Send in your old door lock module and I will replace the diodes and blown diodes for $35.00. 
Below is some reference pictures.
doorlockver1front.jpg (39553 bytes)
 Door lock module ver 1 front
doorlockver1.jpg (42775 bytes)
  Door lock module ver. 1 back.
  doorlockver3front.jpg (36595 bytes)
 Door lock module ver. 3 front 
doorlockver3back.jpg (49835 bytes)
Door lock module
ver. 3 back.

DeLorean Window
New $49.95.
Rebuild yours $15.00 ea.
 Link to electrical diagram of door lock module
See bottom of page.

Window Switches by
 Torrix, Division of TRW.  # BTESGDG
Re-Man for $15.00 ea. 
switches-window-apart.jpg (17600 bytes)
 We take it apart and clean. $15.00 ea.
switch-connections.jpg (122758 bytes)
 Window & Defrost
windowswitchback.jpg (9265 bytes)
Back side of DeLorean window switch. 
doorlockconn.jpg (14558 bytes)
Door lock module 
relayburntcontact.jpg (41436 bytes)
Door lock Mod.
replaced diode & relays.
Works fine.
door-lock-module-diode.jpg (51440 bytes)
Blown diode in door 
lock module.


dashdimmer2.jpg (9428 bytes)
Dash dimmer
DeLorean other side. Reference only.

voltmeter.jpg (56379 bytes)
  This volt meter set up was to see
 where the Alternator meter read.
I have a 13.8 volt regulated DC
  power supply and as you can see 
 scope and a digital multi-meter 
fuseholderrepl.jpg (17719 bytes)
You can buy the add on fuse holder
 to save your original fuse block from melting . About $7.95 in the auto stores.

  Dash readings 
full-throttle-sw.jpg (39848 bytes)
Full throttle switch
location .

Engine compartment of a De Lorean with less than 6000 miles. 
coolant-hose-pass.jpg (71466 bytes)
Coolant hose
passenger side.

air-valve.jpg (35025 bytes)
  Picture of my Hot/Cold Air valve removed. 
2 7/8" tubing.

binical-sewn.jpg (11926 bytes)
 Binnical hand  
sewn with leather. 

batt-hold-down2.jpg (39350 bytes)
 Battery hold down picture .
batt-hold-down3.jpg (36860 bytes)
  Battery hold down open
To the right are the instruction on how to loop the strap. You can
 also see Don Sigler sketch in
DeLorean World, Vol.11 #2.
Hold the latch in your left hand as if it would be against the battery.
From the back side, take the bottom strap to the top of the release lever cross bar and loop
 it thru the top.
Then take the strap down to the bottom cross bar and loop it inside the opening.
Now the strap should be
  on the back side. Now take the
 end and go back to the top cross
 bar and loop it under the strap on
 top. That should do it. 
Rear view mirror switch and connector.

driver-rear-view-switch.jpg (62041 bytes)
    driver-rear-view-plug.jpg (69599 bytes)

rotor-front-front.jpg (158895 bytes) rotor-front-side.jpg (90680 bytes) rotor-rear-front.jpg (175078 bytes) rotor-rear-side.jpg (99928 bytes)

Reference Materials - General

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