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New DeLorean Items


Added Item/Link Added Item/Link
6-27-05 Catalytic converter
Fuel tank update kit
11-07-04 MSD 8.5 MM spark plug wire high performance.    
10-01-04 Side stripes .    
09-01-04 Stainless Steel throttle cover.    
09-01-04 License plate holder.    
09/01/04 3rd brake light.    
08-11-04 High performance breather.    
08-04-04 AC Evaporator core .    
08-02-04 Head light switch saver.      
06-25-04 High Volume fuel pump.    
05-11-04 Radiator cooling fans.    
03-23-04 Radiator piping hose.    
10-28-03 Heavy duty Radiator 3 core.    

DeLorean Hot Air Dam.

delorean-hot-air-dam.jpg (21220 bytes)
This is heavy gauge thick cored ply rubber that is water jet cut 
goes behind the radiator fans to direct the hot air down and keep the hot
 air from blowing back onto the fuel tank.
 Coupled with our new fuel pump free flow filter screen will help reduce fuel pump noise and help keep debris, rain and trash from blowing back into the fuel tank area.
Easy to install or insert and requires no special tools.

Delorean performance cold air intake. 
( Now with K & N filter )

delorean-air-intake.jpg (29389 bytes)
delorean-ac-intake-1.jpg (45538 bytes) delorean-air-intake-2.jpg (41118 bytes) delorean-air-intake-3.jpg (39749 bytes)
As you may know the original air filters are very restrictive of air flow which
 impedes performance. If you want to see how much, race the RPM's up with
 the accelerator spindle and watch the breather pull down, then do it with the new free flow air cleaner and see the difference. The more air and the colder the air the better the performance.
Your going to add some HP and a quicker response your foot on the gas 
peddle demand.
No cutting or modifications. Just a simple pull off and slip on. 
Includes Blue free flow filter, cleaner, clamps and hardware and new intake tube.
$109.90 for the kit.    Add to Basket
See this and more on the engine tune up page.
Delorean high performance spark plug wires.
spark-plug-coil-10.5mm.jpg (28275 bytes)
  Taylor-spark-plug-wire.jpg (191397 bytes)
This is a coil wire representation of the new 
10.4 mm ultimate spark plug wires 
made from the Taylor Vertex 0.409 inch
 50 ohms  per foot.  Hand made for the
 delorean on special request.
 Uses Delorean boots. 
$99.95 per set.
 Email for more info.  
Can do different colors.
 Delorean Stainless Steel 
fuel line kit.
Added 12-14-03
stainless-steel-fuel-set.jpg (55443 bytes)

See this and all the individual lines 
on the fuel injection page.
Hand made using Stainless Steel
 over Teflon hose.
Add to basket
 Delorean muffler to engine heat shield.
Added 02/06/04
muffler-heat-sheild.jpg (32103 bytes)  
$69.95 Above fiber material.
Add to Basket

  delorean-heat-sheild-alum.jpg (24804 bytes)
$44.95 Extra thick aluminum.
The best you can use to block the heat. 
Add to Basket   

Delorean vacuum silicone 
hoses kit. Warranty life.
vacuum-silicone-kit-red.jpg (49207 bytes)

Vacuum-silicone-kit-black.jpg (41522 bytes) Vacuum-silicone-hose-kit.jpg (52906 bytes)    
$49.95 per set. See more on the 
engine page.
  Delorean fuse box kit.  
Added 10/20/03.

delorean-fuse-box-kit.jpg (44094 bytes)
30% heavier contact ,material
over the original.
add to Basket