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Updates & Modifications

DeLorean Updates and Electrical Modifications
The Fan Fix, Fuse Box, Pivot shifter bolt, Fan Fail, Hot Start relay

New fuel tank closing plate.
Made out of heavy 3/16th aluminum plate.
  gas-tank-closing-plate.jpg (36005 bytes)
This will lower the temperature of the gas in the tank on those hot days tank
even more so the gas over heating problem won't play havoc with your fuel pump.
Fiber board is no longer available.
#101716   $295.00 
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Delorean head light switch saver.  
The Head light switch is gone and I understand won't be remade.

added 08/02/04

head-light-switch-saver.jpg (70475 bytes)
  brake-light-switch-loc.jpg (68510 bytes) Reference.
Due to high current flow through the head light switch the plastic around the 
contact material will melt. The above relay kit will bypass the contacts in the 
switch and run the current through the relay and save the switch. The only other trouble you may have is the mechanical mechanism may need cleaning and adjusting. Comes with complete instruction and no special tools needed.
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Don't let the failure of the fans coming on put you in theheat.
The Fan Fix Dual 2 x 2 .
A new updated microprocessor on and off.
A fast and simple way to prevent coolant fan circuit 
breakdown and wiring harness stress.
Fanfixdual2x2.jpg (31051 bytes)     fan-fix-position.jpg (110313 bytes)
Fan Fix placement. The Fan Fix Dual 2x2. 
Almost as small as a pack of cigarettes
 Lifetime Warranty.  Plug and play. 24/7 Tech support
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New angle drives for the speedo.
DeLorean-angle-drive.jpg (51419 bytes)
I have been testing my sample for 6 months and not a problem. 
Replaceable shaft. Just pull it out and push another one in. 
Sealed, no greasing required to clog up or over grease.
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Speedometer cable lower
speedometer-cable-lower.jpg (20073 bytes)
Make sure you have updated the lower
 cable to try to preserve the angle drive
 from locking up. These are shorter than
 the old ones with less kink.
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Speedometer cable long.
speedometer-cable-1.jpg (26432 bytes)
If you don't mind eliminating the service
 counter box you can use this longer cable
 to help cut down on one less thing to
 cause a problem to the angle drive. 
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The new and easy way to install a real fuse box with heavy duty contacts . If you melt this one then you really have a problem.
Not that OEM 30 year old piece of !   
Delorean fuse box kit.
delorean-fuse-box-kit.jpg (44094 bytes)
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 Easy to install.

delorean-fuse-box-repl..jpg (81528 bytes)

New easy way to install
enlarge to find out.

fuse-block-reference.jpg (113124 bytes)

Delorean replacement fuse box.

fuse-block-3.jpg (96810 bytes)
If you buy the same old box, then you get the same old results. ( melted )
Our box is  
300% thicker contact material than original so less chance to overheat and it grips tighter to the fuse.. 

fuse-holder-new.jpg (49828 bytes)

fuseholderrepl1.jpg (47070 bytes)

Hot start relay
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with Momentary switch.

Now you can leave it
 plugged in and push the
 switch when it needs to 
be used. Internally fuse
 protected for safety. This
  little device will force the
 cold start valve to inject
 some gas every time you
 start the car, hot or cold. If
 you have a chronic problem
, then try replacing the fuel
 accumulator to solve the
 starting problem.

hotstartdia.jpg (54944 bytes)

socketwireremoval.jpg (36296 bytes)
Wire removal for
jumper! Only if you  have a  fused Fan Fail
Replacement. Tab release 
for female connector in socket.

The Fan Fail Fix
#1.Easy plug
 and play fused at
 15 Amps for each
#2. You now get
light indication
that voltage is
going to the fans.
#3.Believe it or
not, with simple
design you will
get an indication
 that one or more fans have failed.
#4.You can see the cycling of the air conditioner if your low on freon.
#5. In cold climate you can Unplug
 one of the fuses have less air flow
 and heat up the car faster and put
 less strain on the power circuit of the
 car. $19.95
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Fanfixdiagram.jpg (45057 bytes)
enginecompswitch.jpg (21316 bytes)
Engine Compartment Replacement 
light switch. $9.95
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Delorean fuse extenders.
fuseblockholders.jpg (18267 bytes)
Fuse extenders. #7 is the
 main one that melts in the
 fuse block.  $4.50 ea.
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Save the fuse block,
 Made to length, but I would
 keep the wire as long as
 possible makes a good heat
 sink. Black wire holder
 10 amps or less, orange wire  holder 10 amps up. crimped,  soldered and shrink tubing,

air-bleeder.jpg (44143 bytes)
Air Bleeder.

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Don't over heat. Install the Air bleeder and protect the cooling system.
fuel-hose-stainless.jpg (86405 bytes)
 Stainless Fuel hose 
Hand made to fit 

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$100.00 core charge.
 I have to have the old hose fittings back.
fuse-inline-holder1.jpg (23347 bytes)
  Littlefuse inline fuse holders $2.50 ea
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Shift linkage pivot bolt.
Try to break this one Proof load strength goes fromappx.84,00 psi to 135,000 psi. De Lorean came with a 8.8 grade. This is a 12.6 grade
Kit $9.95
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ECU Idle Micro switch
Plug and play, No modifications.
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