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DeLorean Magazines

Car life magazine August 1965
car-life-august-1965.jpg (99372 bytes)
   car-lift-august-65.jpg (157195 bytes)
By Gene Booth
All Big Engine in a lithe frame and long-geared,
 the GTO is Pontiac's John Z Delorean.  


John Delorean in the beginning. Mr. GTO to Fame.
Car Craft magazine January 1967 
MAG-CC-01-1967.jpg (62066 bytes)
  Mag-CC-Mr-GTO-1.jpg (235619 bytes) MAG-CC-Mr-GTO-2.jpg (210443 bytes) MAG-CC-Mr-GTO-3.jpg (263457 bytes) MAG-CC-Mr-GTO-4.jpg (266521 bytes)
 Great article of young John  The Mr. GTO. 

Motor Trend
motor Trend-12-1968.jpg (102578 bytes)
December 1968
 Young John Delorean
the man that could
 make any system
motor trent 12 68.jpg (168230 bytes)

motor trend 12-1968-3.jpg (113386 bytes)
Motor Trend
motor-trend-1970.jpg (151141 bytes)
John and his Vega.
John DeLorean VP of 
GM & Chevrolet.
ponders where the
 market is going.
autocar-10-24-1970.jpg (129619 bytes)
September 24, 1970
2 pages showing John 
behind his desk while 
still at GM talking
Automation against the
Friends, A GM 
Interview with John.


Automotive News
Automotive-News-April 23,-1973.jpg (96810 bytes)
April 23, 1973
The weekly newspaper of the 
Automotive industry.
I have the complete copy but
 this is the article of resignation
 printed in the newspaper.

people july 29, 1974.jpg (70404 bytes)
July 29, 1974
People Magazine.
By Julie Greenwalt
5 pages in b/w of him
7 adopted son.
The De Loreans :
 Swinger tycoon get
 domesticated model. 
About them but right 
before he left GM and 
started on his own.


  Automotive-News 01-19-1976.jpg (224177 bytes)
Automotive news 
January 19, 1976
First thing notice it's a 
 not a DMC and
 the article  say's it's 
coming in 2 years as
 a 1978 model.
 20,000 the first year
 at a target
 price of $10,500.00.
read on and get a kick out
of what it say's.

  motor-03-27-1976.jpg (121362 bytes)
March 27-1976
Small picture of our car 
( 1/ 6th page ) 
and the caption say's.
Giugiaro's new American 
Says it's powered by a Ford V6.
I can now understand why people
 think it has a Ford engine.
 I have seen this several
 times in these early magazines.

Auto Car
autocar-04-24-1976.jpg (126643 bytes)
April 24, 1976
2 / 3rd's page with young
 girl leaning against the car 
 Safety with grace.
Here they talk about a 
turbo charged Ford V6.

MAG-CD-07-1977.jpg (51606 bytes)
Car and Driver
Feature Story.
Ready to test,
Zora Arkus-


MAG-RT-07-1977.jpg (67138 bytes)
 July 1977
Road & Track
Cover story: Showing
the brown interior
car with the slide 


motor-08-20-1977.jpg (105659 bytes)
1/2 page in b/w 
America's V6 Supercar:
Show it now and the money will follow. 2 shots of 
the 78 proto car.


MAG-RT-09-1977.jpg (47875 bytes)
 September 1977
Road Test Note at top.
Feature story,
 3 pgs, How time and
 money got spent.



autocar-10-15-1977.jpg (87561 bytes)

autocar-10-15-1977-1.jpg (153373 bytes)


MAG-MT-09-1977.jpg (67830 bytes)
5 Pages of introduction
 of the car & the 
Car in a hanger.


autocar-10-15-1977-2.jpg (116072 bytes)
Autocar from the UK.
October 15, 1977
2 b/w pages and 1 color. 
The American sports
 car has now been produced.
How many charges do you 
see in the car above 
and now. I see at least 10.

modern-motor-3-78.jpg (83185 bytes)
 Modern Motor Mag. 
6 great pages of John
and the Dream>>> 


motor-july-8,-1978.jpg (187909 bytes)
 July 8 1978
1/3rd page of what they think about
UK finance of an American sports car.
Good money after Bad.

autocar-august-12,-1978.jpg (164321 bytes)
August 12 1978
1/2 page 
American dream car to
 be built.
  modern-motor-3-78-1.jpg (55225 bytes)

modern-motor-3-78-2.jpg (84803 bytes)
as the car nears reality. 
front view, Bill Collins in 
plant with Peter Giacobbi 
picture of body /frame
  and another picture of
 unidentified craftsman 
refines the 
wooden die model of
 the DeLorean.
autocar-11-25-1978.jpg (142284 bytes)
November 25th, 1978
The new Ulster sports.
1 page saying DeLorean
 and Chapman with 
Britain's money
developing an 
American sports 
Mag-HL-01-1979.jpg (47902 bytes)
The Millionaire maverick 
who is building Americas
 dream car.


MAG-CAR-02-1979.jpg (49825 bytes)
Belfast's Concorde.
4 Pages and photos. 
A good read.


Look Magazine 
look-04-02-1979.jpg (126233 bytes)
April 02 1979
A Car Is Born
2 pages 
Car, Christina, John, 
Johnny Carson 

Success Magazine

esquire06-79.jpg (44696 bytes)
Esquire Magazine
Several pages and
 pictures of John the 
hot shot engineer
calls the car the DMC-12


MAG-Motor-12-1979.jpg (53309 bytes)

Dream Or Disaster.
Jim's Irish Joke. Good
early read with 
 of hand made car. 
4 pgs.


MAG-autoweek-1980.jpg (48384 bytes)
ready for 
 Test track and 
new wheels..



wheels-5-80.jpg (74611 bytes)
Australia's top selling
motor magazine.
6 pages of John and
 Christine in proto car.

wheels-5-80-1.jpg (97739 bytes)

  wheels-5-80-2.jpg (99699 bytes)
pages out of
  Wheels magazine
 May 1980
DMC12 with early 
78 proto car.
Note DMC 12 plate, 
  with slide glass 
  and neat wheels.

Motor Magazine
motor-08-16-1980.jpg (155570 bytes)
Caption is : 
Will the dream turn in to
1 page with John's picture and
 early car.


Car & Driver
MAG-CD-08-1980.jpg (59624 bytes)
Column about John
Not to good, By 
David Davis..


Car & Driver
MAG-CD-10-1980.jpg (53704 bytes)
FYI: Big John Up 
Car delayed.


AutoWeek 1280.jpg (55015 bytes)

AutoWeek as you can see.
12-22-1980 Top  line say's
DeLorean Finally starts
 building cars.
  1/3rd page with picture
 about getting
started with the cars.


motor-02-21-81.jpg (84363 bytes)
 Motor Magazine from the 
UK 2-21-1981
Wagons roll at the 
De Lorean 4 pages picturing
Mike Loasby designer
 with car and pictures
of inside plant of 100's of
 body shells.
Road & Track MAG-RT-03-1981.jpg (54172 bytes)
R & T  Specifications


autocar-03-14-1981.jpg (132439 bytes)
March 14, 1981
Picture of car on stage
at the Geneva car show.
Another page with John
 on stage with car


Car Magazine
car-magazine-april-1981.jpg (91151 bytes)
car-magazine-april-1981-1.jpg (127008 bytes)   car-magazine-april-1981-2.jpg (78113 bytes)
 April 1981
They weren't very nice to him as you can see.
4 pages B/W

mag-amer-express-1980-81.jpg (41376 bytes)
 The Gold One 1980-1981.
Front page. 
Back page>>>.
mag-amer-express-1980-81-2.jpg (58836 bytes)
 Back page of
 American Express


autocar-02-14-1981.jpg (175088 bytes)
February 14 1981

autocar-02-14-1981-1.jpg (281452 bytes)

Car and driver
MAG-CD-05-1981.jpg (50355 bytes)

Cover story. Good bio
 on John and 6 pages
 with photos.
modern-motor-front-page.jpg (159317 bytes)

modern-motor-may-1981.jpg (181181 bytes)

Modern Motor May 1981
Nice 3 page article with pictures
 but as one of the #1 cars coming out 
I wonder
 why it didn't make front 
page mention.

AutyoWeek 481.jpg (47442 bytes)
AutoWeek Cover story:
2 full pages besides cover with 3
color pictures of car with article.
John Z's Creation finally arrives.

MAG-MT-05-1981.jpg (70307 bytes)
  Motor Trend
May 1981
 First drive cover

sports-car-graphic-1981.jpg (91285 bytes)
Sports car graphic 
Summer 1981
Nice article and scenes
of this 4 page article.
John & Mike Knepper 

wheels-magazine-jun81.jpg (75305 bytes)
Wheel's from Australia
June 1981
DeLorean, The 
fantasy  becomes reality.
4 color pages.
3 b/w pages of story and visual specifications.

Road Test
road-test-may-1981.jpg (97275 bytes)
May 1981
Seven years in the making.
 By Don Fuller
Color centerfold with
a young girl on skates
5 pages.


Auto car
MAG-Autocar-06-1981.jpg (47966 bytes)
 June 1981
Driving the Dream
Ready to test. 4 pages
with early photos.
Road & Track
MAG-RT-06-1981.jpg (49093 bytes)
 June 1981
Cover story, 5 pages with 
several photos.
Motor Trend
MAG-MT-06-1981.jpg (60833 bytes)
 June 1981
5 page story and 
several color photos.


Popular Mechanics
MAG-PM-1981.jpg (52840 bytes)
Lot's of info.


Car and Driver

Driving impressions, quality,
 5 pgs w/color photos.

motor-november-28,-1981.jpg (160110 bytes)
 November 28 1981
1/3rd page Gene Cafiero leaves as DeLoreans

Car and Driver

Car and Driver tear
  out reorder forms.
MAD-play-09-1981.jpg (63303 bytes)
 Didn't have 
cover. 09-1981.
MAG-play-09-1981.jpg (77612 bytes)
MAG-CD-12-1981.jpg (52497 bytes)
DeLorean vs.the 
several pages 
of comparing.
MAG-RT-12-1981.jpg (56615 bytes)
Road & Track
Cult Classic, 
5 pages 
of pictures and


MAG-MT-12-1981.jpg (55402 bytes)
Motor Trend
Great article, The
 DeLorean is
 compared to 4 
other cars.
 9 pages in color.


sporting-cars-12-1981.jpg (99893 bytes)
Sporting Cars from UK
2 pages, Michael Kemp of
 The Daily Mail flies to Texas
 to test the car while 
Dr. Weinstein carries a
 hammer and an umbrella
 incase he has to fix it and
 shelter from the leaks.


MAG-CD-01-1982.jpg (58922 bytes) .
Car and driver
Car & Driver tear 
out order form.
MAG-CC-01-1982.jpg (70294 bytes)
Car Craft
Note lower right hand
 corner of cover.
Autoweek-December-21,-1981.jpg (51971 bytes)
December 21, 1981
As you can see there is the 
De Lorean on full front page and another
 1/3 rd page of the car on the index
Then on page 10 there is 7 color shots
 and page 11 a B/W shot and the
 article begins.
After the honeymoon, is it still the shining
 knight in the stainless-steel armor?
wheels-1-82.jpg (84901 bytes)
Wheels, Australia's top 
motor magazine.
2 page article.
wheels-1-82-1.jpg (95980 bytes) wheels-1-82-2.jpg (52430 bytes)
 American Dream, the car 
has become a reality.
Just the 2 pages you see.
autocar-02-27-1982.jpg (150555 bytes)
 Autocar February, 27 1982
1/2 page 
What we are about to receive
autocar-02-27-1982-1.jpg (516430 bytes)


Car & Driver
MAG-CD-02-1982.jpg (52708 bytes)
Car and Driver
Showing two types 
of custom side 


Motor Trend
MAG-MT-04-1982.jpg (82993 bytes)
Motor Trend
 Note lower right
 corner.MT import 
car of the
year. The D was
 one of them. 
We didn't win.


Car & Craft
MAG-CC-03-1982.jpg (60160 bytes)
Note top of cover.
 Picture of car 
inside for

Car Magazine 
Car Mag.jpg (52457 bytes)
04 - 1982
Car Magazine from 
These people do a nice 
2 page
  b/w  centerfold on 
Delorean is this one.
Car & Driver 
MAG-CD-04-1982.jpg (50526 bytes)
Car and Driver
The famous Cutty
 Shark ad.
One full page.
Motor Trend
MAG-MT-07-1982.jpg (23066 bytes)
Motor Trend
The De Lorean
 9 page feature article.

MAG-MT-07-1982-1.jpg (243477 bytes)
Insert from

Car & Driver
MAG-CD-07-1982.jpg (59106 bytes)
Car and Driver
Decline and Fall.
story,4 pgs. also, 
 Mr. Durant. 
He was Mr. GM..


Motor Trend
motor-trend-07-1982.jpg (47662 bytes)
MAG-MT-07-1982-2.jpg (234465 bytes) MAG-MT-07-1982-3.jpg (237120 bytes)
Motor Trend
DeLorean: A view from the 
autocar-08-28-1982.jpg (77200 bytes)
1/2 page 
Getting back his own.
Had till September 1st to
 pay  the bank.

motor-09-11-1982.jpg (87970 bytes)
Small article:
Under the hammer
12 cars offered due to money owed 
to the shipping company.
Left handed Dr.


motor-september-11,-1982-1.jpg (207366 bytes)
September 11 1982
1/3rd page Read the
 article about
transportation company
confiscating cars to sell
off for debit owed by 
Delorean Motor Company.

car&driver83.jpg (44194 bytes)
Car and Driver
A Job For Jesus
Several pages by
J. Bruce McWilliams
On what it was 
really like..


motor-10-30-1982.jpg (153184 bytes)
1& 2/3rd's  page with 
John's picture  saying.
A drug on the market:
Hours after gov arrested 
him on drugs charges

motor-october 9, 1982.jpg (93136 bytes)
October 9th, 1982

motor-october 9,1982-2.jpg (75407 bytes)
Automotive News
automotive-news-11-8-1982.jpg (259120 bytes)
ovember 8, 1982
Read caption:

mag-time-11-1982.jpg (45067 bytes)
Time Magazine
 As it says. Bottom Line.
8 pages, color photos, 

people nov 8 82.jpg (152269 bytes)
People Weekly
Downfall of an auto
8 pages car lot, family
 hose and acreages

people nov 8 82-1.jpg (48847 bytes) people-nov-8-82-2.jpg (169553 bytes)
people-nov-8-82-3.jpg (183538 bytes)

people nov 1982.jpg (146384 bytes)
11, 29 1982
People Magazine
Cover tells it all.
About 7 page.
b/w several photos.



Motor-12-11-82.jpg (70266 bytes)
Motor Magazine from  UK
The Silver dream
2 pages and 6 photos
  by Howard Walker 
and a car in Scotland.

esquirejan-83.jpg (196290 bytes)
Esquire Magazine
Front cover of
his picture changes
That's al I could fine.


autocar-january-1,-1983.jpg (168010 bytes)

Autocar from the UK.
1 page: Caption is 
Ride into Sunset.
High Times 
high-Times-magazine-1983.jpg (107245 bytes)
high-Times-page.jpg (271126 bytes)
Page tell it all.
3 pages total with images.
Rolling Stone
rolling stone mag.jpg (47897 bytes)
Rolling Stone mag. 
Large mufti. page 
article from beginning to
 end with john. 
Several pictures.

People m
mag-inc-04-1983.jpg (59856 bytes)
The cover says it all.
4 pages. 


mag-PC-1993.jpg (31063 bytes)
Flawed favorite.


  journal-09-1983.jpg (95223 bytes)
 September 1983
Love on Trial.
Color photo of John and 
4 pages of 

usmagazine10-83.jpg (41923 bytes)
Us Magazine
 Christina Delorean.
Wife backs John.


Performance Car
Living the Dream
A good 4 page 
read at looking 


GQ-magazine-2-84.jpg (43872 bytes)
Twelve cokes with 
John DeLorean.
Cute headline by Blair Sabol.
Color pictures and an
interview with the couple
  at their 
430 acre NJ Estate.


people april 1984.jpg (154502 bytes)
  People Weekly  
DeLoreans Days of 
9 pages several drawings
  about him and lawyers.


   life-May-1984.jpg (73343 bytes)
 May 1984
 Life magazine
While on the front page 
there was just a 
 mention of 
the drug charges
 the prosecutors
 tried to framed him on.
One famous blurry 
suit case photo of him.

Time Magazine August,1984 
time-magazine-1984-1.jpg (136192 bytes)

time-magazine-1984-page.jpg (380953 bytes)
Stingers get stung and
DeLorean acquitted.
1page+ partial.

  Contemporary-christian-10-84.jpg (59351 bytes)

October 1984 His Fall, 
His Fight, His Faith
Part 1
1 color full page of John and 
5 pages of answered


Motor Magazine UK
motor-october-13-1984.jpg (84656 bytes)
motor-october-13-1984-1.jpg (120992 bytes)
October 13, 1984
     Steel Dreamin"
2 pages color and 2 pages B/W.


contemporary-christian-11-1984.jpg (83571 bytes)

November 1984
Part 2
Follow up with 4 pages
2 b/w pictures.


MAG-Autocar-11-1984.jpg (46507 bytes)
Victims of a dream that
 died at Belfast.
  1 page unfinished



Hot-Rod-Magzine-01-1985.jpg (140694 bytes)
Hot Rod Magazine
Big article on 
Delorean and how
 he fooled
 the big guy's and the

The car No 49.jpg (46816 bytes)
The Car must compete with
 Car magazine.
Cover + 5 more color
 pages of DeLorean.
London Mag. One page left 
hand color shot, one page
 yellow car and another
 page shows body off.
Nice articles.
London magazine.

playboy-10-85.jpg (97618 bytes)
Page after page after 
I thought they ask him 
everything but his shoe


   Motor Magazine
motor-10-12-1985.jpg (87596 bytes)
motor-10-12-1985-3.jpg (155177 bytes)
October 12, 1985
As you can see by the cover John's long time friend at lotus
dies Colin Chapman. Now they are together talking old times. 
motor-10-12-1985-1.jpg (121825 bytes) motor-10-12-1985-2.jpg (104372 bytes)

motor-october-12-1985.jpg (164759 bytes)
ctober 12 1985
2 pages of John's  new 
fantasy car.
He is working on a new deal 
while he is in and out of court.

autoweek-07-24-1989.jpg (91561 bytes)
1page about :

Brits get break in
DeLorean case.
Fred Bushel is
with defrauding.


movies-and-video12-1985.jpg (92044 bytes)
Photoplay Movies and

December 1985
Back to the Future beginning.
4 pages of color movies scene shots
and info of movies Spielberg is 
coming out. This is an UK publication.

mag-special-auto-06-1995.jpg (61335 bytes)
 The DeLorean


Super.jpg (54259 bytes)
1991 SuperCars Magazine
5 color pages about John
  and the car in this 
English over sized
Autocar & Motor-march-21-1990.jpg (87099 bytes) Autocar & motor-march-21-1990-1.jpg (88973 bytes)
Autocar & Motor UK magazine.
March 21 1990
They feel he milked them out of 
85 million and the 
6 pages with pictures tells the 
complete story.
autoweek-October-19-1992.jpg (86761 bytes)
October 19, 1992
autoweek-10-19-1992-1.jpg (143191 bytes)

classics-09-93.jpg (193680 bytes)
September 1993
Finally got to the 3 pages
9 color pictures on page 
123. Caption is:
 Flawed favorite.
car-and-driver-june-1993.jpg (74051 bytes)   car-and-driver-june-93-1.jpg (85633 bytes)
Car and Driver 
The Ghost of John Z.
4 pages with color.


10- 2000, 
7 to 10  pages of detail
information: Understanding and optimizing
 your exhaust system.


classics-03-1997.jpg (64916 bytes)
 Classics Magazine from UK.
I need this magazine.

Practical Classics
Practical-Classics-4-2000.jpg (141823 bytes)
April, 2000
6 pages all color. 

Practical classics inside
Practical-Classic-4-2000-1.jpg (147093 bytes)

  Practical-Classic-4-2000-2.jpg (110787 bytes)

MAG-MA-01-2002.jpg (56361 bytes)
 Motor Age
A Blast from the 
past 4 pages on the 
 and electrical. 
Several 4 color



MAG-Delo-06-2002.jpg (48740 bytes)
1st issue. New parts, 
help full hints, judging 
and more.



. dcs-magazine-0301.jpg (57745 bytes)
The Car Show Magazine.
Order from publisher 

classics-February-2005-1.jpg (130204 bytes) Classics-February-2005.jpg (122006 bytes) Classics-February-2005-2.jpg (95054 bytes)
Classics UK's Best
February 2005
6 pages color. As the title say's. Giugiaro 
designed both. 
car-june-2005.jpg (105879 bytes) car-june-2005-1.jpg (78182 bytes)
Car magazine from the UK
June 2005
I won't glorify Jason Barlow as to what he say's.
4 color pages and inside cover front page.

autocar-10-25-2005.jpg (105829 bytes)
Autocar from the UK


autocar-10-25-2005-1.jpg (94492 bytes) autocar-10-25-2005-2.jpg (103484 bytes)     autocar-10-25-2005-3.jpg (97223 bytes) autocar-10-25-2005-4.jpg (99088 bytes)
4 all color pages of the De Lorean Pilot car 25 that belongs to 
Alistair McCann. Also featured is Neal Barclay who was DMC 
traffic and dispatch.

Gaz - Line French Magazine
Gaz-Line-france-10-24-2006.jpg (112119 bytes)
Gaz-Line-france-10-24-2006-1.jpg (136094 bytes) Gaz-Line-france-10-24-2006-2.jpg (122652 bytes)
November 2006
6 pages all color. Wish I could read French.

The Guardian Guide
The-Guardian-guide-2008.jpg (42081 bytes)
March 8th, 2008
Life in the fast lane.
This a UK guide like the TV Guide 
over here in the US.

The Guardian Guide
the-guardian-guide-2.jpg (57436 bytes)
2 of the inside pages.
Rags to riches a Motoring Legend.
3 pages with color + cover.

Motor Klassik Youngtimer from Germany
youngtimer-germany-march-2008.jpg (97687 bytes) youngtimer-germany-march-2008-1.jpg (58951 bytes) youngtimer-germany-march-2008-2.jpg (72502 bytes)  
March 2008
youngtimer-germany-march-2008-3.jpg (97020 bytes) youngtimer-germany-march-2008-4.jpg (134638 bytes)
6 pages of color and 4 pages B/W.

Ingear magazine / paper from UK
ingear-magazine-jay-leno.jpg (55194 bytes)
ingear-magazine-jay-leno-2.jpg (59931 bytes)
February 21, 2010
As you can see DeLorean and Jay on front cover.
Caption in inside the 2 pages say's:
Hey, Doc Brown, Look what's back from the Dead.
octane-february-2009.jpg (156802 bytes)
February 2009
The De Lorean full story.
How the dream turned into a 
By Keith Adams
8+ pages of car in full color, 
+ b/w of 78 car, 
plant, lot full of cars,
  John with Giorgetto.  


Gullwing-Vol1.jpg (51438 bytes)   mag-gull-05-2003.jpg (97033 bytes)
 Gullwing Magazine 
Order subscription from publisher.

 DeLorean Books

Book-On-A-clear-day-HC-1979.jpg (73416 bytes)
 Published 1979.

Book-ON-A-Clear-mm-1979.jpg (39211 bytes)
  Published 1980 in Mass 
Market paperback.

Book-On-A-Clear-mm-1979-back.jpg (45269 bytes)
Back cover. Good read. 

Book-Dream-Maker-1983.jpg (43038 bytes)
 Published 1983

Book-Rise-and -fall-1983.jpg (39882 bytes)
  Published 1983

Book-Stainless-illusions.jpg (38101 bytes)
  Published 1983 .
book-Automobile-quarterly-1983.jpg (59753 bytes) Published 1983. Book-Hard-driving-1985.jpg (52307 bytes)
 Published 1985
Book-Delorean-autobio.jpg (43477 bytes)

  Published 1985.
book-delorean-scrapbook.jpg (47420 bytes)
  1992 Published.
book-The-delorean-1994.jpg (49415 bytes)
  1994 Published
Book-Automobile-quartly-VOL.jpg (41337 bytes)
  Automobile Quarterly
Vol. #41 #1. Story on DeLorean and GTO.


Delorean darker days.
journey.jpg (26470 bytes)
Journey into Darkness 
$10.99.   Add to Basket

Autographed by author this a new
 out of print book.
lotus-1.jpg (111415 bytes)     
Lotus-2.jpg (84432 bytes)
Lotus-3.jpg (110923 bytes)
  lotus-4.jpg (92963 bytes)
RT1970-1.jpg (114304 bytes)
RT1970-2.jpg (104620 bytes)
RT1970-3.jpg (111243 bytes) lotus-5.jpg (94964 bytes)
lotus-6.jpg (158940 bytes) manuals.jpg (37435 bytes)
  DeLorean Manuals
Factory original
Set $99.95
Add to Basket
See accessories page 
for more detail.
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