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Keep It Cool Updates

Now we perform service - from minor tune up's to engine overhauls.
Our base labor rate is $80.00 / Hour 

#1 Brakes rebuilt and installed using Kit 1 on brake page with new master and Stainless Steel short lines. $749.95,
 Does not include Parking Brake attachment, rotor turning or new bearings.
About 4 hr

#2. Water Pump job. New pump kit 1 as shown on the site.
This also includes cleaning and coating the valley. 
Sometimes known as the VOD. $749.95 About 5 hr 

Delorean 3 core brass & 
copper radiator.

radiator-3core.jpg (34489 bytes)
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Best on the market. Can be repaired
 if damages where as Chinese
 aluminum can't be.
New Delorean cooling fans.  
Front view. 
Life warranty on motors.
radiator-fans-front-2.jpg (36254 bytes)
See more on the Cooling fans page
 or you can order here.
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Buy together and I will assemble.
Delorean Air Bleeder.
air-bleeder.jpg (44143 bytes)
 This is a must for hot climate.
Don't over heat.
 Install the Air bleeder
 and automatically bleed the air
 out of the
 coolant system. If air is in the
 system it will
 prevent the radiator fans from
 coming on.

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Delorean otterstat 
temperature switch

Original : 
Turns on at
 97c=207F and off at
  91c=196F, + /- 5% tol. 
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With rubber gasket
Delorean otterstat
temperature switch

Hot climate, to
 keep the engine a little  cooler,
 Turns on at 92c=196F
 and off at  87c = 185F
 temp's. +/- 5%. 
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Delorean brushed Stainless Steel 
coolant tank. 

waterbottle.jpg (36140 bytes)
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  Shpg. Wt. 4lb's

With new SS Brackets 
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Delorean Stainless Steel coolant tank brackets. 
stainless-steel-bracket.jpg (21993 bytes)
P/n 105779 $29.95 / pair with SS bolts and washers.
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Delorean Stainless Steel coolant tank brackets.
stainles-steel-brackets-1.jpg (22058 bytes)
$29.95 / pair 
with SS bolts and washers.
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Click here: For the most complete line of Delorean cooling system 
parts and the largest selection of Delorean water pumps
Complete Water pump
kits  with
 5 year warranty.

delorean-water-pump.jpg (31191 bytes)
Water pump kits
 as low as
 $174.95 on the
 engine cooling
Radiator piping 
hose kit.
Added 03/23/04
radiator-piping-hose.jpg (64644 bytes)
All cut to length
 with layout for easy
This is heavy duty 
hose for underneath 
the car.
$59.95 kit.
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Complete hose kits 
from the radiator to 
the water pump.

delorean-heater-hose-kit.jpg (40808 bytes)
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Heater control
 valve kit.
added 03/20/04

heater-conbtrol-valve-kit.jpg (73684 bytes)
 Assembled and ready to install. 
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Delorean Radiator

water-bottle-radiator-cap.jpg (22417 bytes)

Original stainless Steel water bottle 
15 lb cap. 
Stant doesn't
 make 15 lb. 
The correct one.
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  Delorean heater
  control valve.
heater-control-valve-new.jpg (40059 bytes)
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heater-system.jpg (136091 bytes)
Delorean water
  return pipe
Stainless Steel.
added 08/18/04.
water-return-pipe-SS.jpg (45855 bytes)
Never rust again.
p/n 102482
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Delorean Heater
control valve kit.
added 09/10/04.
heater-core-silicone.jpg (28779 bytes)
This kit is using silicone hose and special silicone hose clamps.