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General Hardware

Delorean Parts and hardware.
Trailing arm bolts, Struts, Lift pistons, Metric O Rings, Metric Copper washers.

Delorean trailing
arm bolt.

ta-bolts.jpg (20843 bytes)
Trailing Arm Bolts.
$9.95 ea
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Class 12.9
176,900 PSI minimum
Tensile Strength
German Made heavy Cadmium plated for high corrosive
salty conditions. 
Olive drab coating for extra corrosive  protection. 
Heat baked.
With locking nut.

TAB-bolts-bent-1.jpg (20228 bytes)
  Here's what yours may look like. They bend but normally don't break.

alternator-bolts.jpg (17178 bytes)
De Lorean Alternator Bolt.  $2.95 
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Extra long with lock nut.
 Trailing Arm Bolts
black oxide plated 
  TAB-unplated.jpg (37310 bytes)
 $5.95 ea
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These would still be  better than original.

bolt-spec-conf..jpg (79870 bytes)
Trailing arm bolt specs.
15% stronger than the  original
 10.9 at 150, 800 PSI. See more bolt and nut specs above.

Drain plug magnetic.
Not oil drain plug.

  oil-drain-plug-magnetic.jpg (44749 bytes)
 Takes the old style tool with the hex head.
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Oil Drain Plug
  oil-drain-plug-magnetic-1.jpg (11993 bytes)
 This is the one you want.    
With new seal.
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Oil Drain plug
oil-drain-plug-brass.jpg (32537 bytes)
Automatic trans 
drain plug.  $6.95 
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No rust.

 Oil Drain Plug

oildrainplug.jpg (7340 bytes)
Stainless Steel
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Our new 17 mm
external hex head

DeLorean Gas 
spring lift pistons, struts
  door-lift-pistons.jpg (19669 bytes)

Door struts $29.95 ea.
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Doors struts in pairs $64.95
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Bonnet  or luggage
compartment $19.95
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Engine Cover Louver
struts $19.95
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Trunk/Bonnet bolts
  trunk-bolts.jpg (58181 bytes)
 Normally wore out
on all the access panels 
inside the trunk. 
SP10194,,, 5 x 16
About 40 used in the 
trunk area.

Zinc plated $0.15ea 
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Stainless Steel $0.20ea 
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Black oxide will rust. 
That's why I don't offer them. 
Rivet nuts and tool below.

Pivot Bolt Kit

For transmission
manual shift 
linkage $8.95 
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Instructions to right

pivotboltadjust1.jpg (57919 bytes)
Pivot Bolt Linkage Placement and

rivnut-tool-kit.jpg (34803 bytes)
Rivet Nut tool kit, Contains 
mandrels for sizes in metric
3,4,5,6 & 8.
 Please order Rivet nuts separate.
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rivet-nuts-std..jpg (52226 bytes)
  Rivet nuts standard. #5mm
left  is our most widely
used.    Prices are 
#5 $0.62ea, 
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  #6 $0.85ea,
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&   #8 $0.1.78ea
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rivnut-ribed.jpg (49570 bytes)
 Rivet nuts ribbed or knurled for higher torque. These are steel; zinc plated.  Will work the standard tool to the left. $0.99ea
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Delorean Fuel pump
dome nut.
dome-nut.jpg (10752 bytes)
Dome nut extra. Used when
 converting from old style fuel
 pump to the new 957 style
 Has a 1.50 thread pitch..    

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Silicone hose clamp.
silicone-hose-clamp.jpg (34307 bytes)
 Quality clamps for industry.
Aircraft, Automotive,
industrial, OEM, Marine.

For 5/8" hose, 1/2" to 29/32"
12.7mm wide $1.50ea. 
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For 3/4"hose 9/16" to1 1/16"
12.7mm wide $15.0ea.
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pivotboltadj2.jpg (48545 bytes)
Pivot Bolt Linkage Placement and
 Adjustment Instructions Page 2
Stainless Steel hose clamps
clamps-stainless.jpg (93588 bytes)

 #4   $0.49   Add to Basket       #6   $0.49   Add to Basket 
#8   $0.49    Add to Basket      #10   $0.79    Add to Basket 
#12   $0.79   Add to Basket     #20   $0.89   Add to Basket 
#28   $0.89   Add to Basket

hose-clamp-5202.jpg (59078 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp
Stainless Steel
1/4" to 5/8" hose
Ten Pack $2.50 

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Each $0.35
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hose-clamp-5203.jpg (48560 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp #5203
Stainless Steel
5/16" to 7/8" hose
Ten Pack $2.50 
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Each $0.35
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hose-clamp-5210.jpg (71458 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp #5210
Stainless Steel
3/8" to 5/8" hose
Ten Pack $3.50 

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Each $0.45 
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hose-clamps-5212.jpg (64374 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp #5212
Stainless Steel
3/8" to 3/4" hose

Ten pack $3.50 
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Each $0.45ea  
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hose-clamps-5220.jpg (54591 bytes)
  Ideal Hose clamp #5220
Stainless Steel
3/4" to 1 1/8" hose

Ten pack $3.50
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Each 0.45
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hose-clamps-5228.jpg (54545 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp #5228
Stainless Steel
11/4" to 1 5/8" hose

Ten Pack $3.50 
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Each 0.45
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All fuel connectors, copper sealing washers and O Rings  have a $10.00 minimum order for Non De Lorean owners.
Banjo bolts & banjo fuel fittings
CIS Fuel fittings.
connectors-fuel-system.jpg (101972 bytes)
8mm hollow banjo bolt. #102343  $4.85
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8mm banjo fitting
 $3.59  #2-17439
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8mm Double Hollow 
Banjo bolt.
Not shown
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10mm hollow 
banjo bolt. #102351
 $3.50 2-17445
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10mm banjo fitting
Small barb.
2-17440 $3.55
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 10mm x 1.5mm
# 2-17435
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10mm banjo fitting
Larger barb.
2-17441 $6.22
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12mm compression nut
2-17432 $3.09
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12mm x 1.5mm
# 2-17436
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12mm single hollow
 bolt #102369
2-17446   $5.04
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12mm dual hollow
 banjo  bolt. 
bolt-hollow-12mm.jpg (36662 bytes)
$9.95 #102359
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12mm  banjo
 fitting. Larger
 barbs on back
2-17443  $6.95
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I have more if you don't see what you nee.

Metric copper sealing washers and Metric O Rings.
 See more on metric hardware page.

Master Chart for copper sealing washers.
o-rings.jpg (63153 bytes)    
Delorean Fuel system 
copper gasket set.
fuel-cooper-gaskets.jpg (38280 bytes)
 Contains 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.
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All you need for the fuel syatem.

Delorean oil drain plug 
crush washers. 
crush-washer.jpg (65139 bytes)
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The puffy kind.
Delorean most common
use upper engine O rings.
o-ring-assort.jpg (54524 bytes)
O ring assortment 
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With nylon spacer
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Delorean center consol lamps
dashlamps.jpg (12557 bytes)

bulbnumber.jpg (7279 bytes)  
Osram & Sylvania
Center Consol lamps
12 volt 2 watt  
$1.35 ea. 
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Miniature lamps for right
side gauge. 
delorean-dash-bulbs.jpg (73632 bytes)

Like battery, Lambda 
0.31     #161
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dash-rear.jpg (53362 bytes)
Dash lights from the rear.


  Miniature lamps for dash lumination. 
delorean-dash-bulbs.jpg (73632 bytes)

0.35ea  #194
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dash-rear.jpg (53362 bytes)
Dash lights from the rear. 
connectors-high-amp.jpg (63480 bytes)
 High amperage
 connectors if you can't crimp them
Now you can clamp
 them. Email or call for information.

gasket-air-horn.jpg (26493 bytes)
  Air horn gaskets
$0.39 ea.
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2 / used per car.


wing-nuts-stainless.jpg (13570 bytes)
Stainless Steel wing.
nut kit   $16.95 
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For the air breather. 

wingnut.jpg (20983 bytes)
Wing nuts. Black
$12.95 set.
Add to Basket  for the air breather. 

Delorean mode switch
mode-switch-front.jpg (49104 bytes)
 Mode Switch, Factory original front view.

Delorean mode switch
Mode-switch-seal.jpg (49842 bytes)
 Mode switch new seal
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Delorean mode switch
back view.
mode-switch-back.jpg (40684 bytes)
Replace leaky rubber 
$35.00 + postage and we do it.
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 Delorean fuel pump

fuel-pump-nuts.jpg (20939 bytes)
 Those hard to find fuel pump nuts and washers.
$1.50 set.
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package-comp-cable.jpg (21656 bytes)
  Trunk compartment replacement cable
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Polylub-250.jpg (13846 bytes)
 Polylube 250, 
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This is a clear Teflon, Gel Lubricant 
that penetrates & sets up into a 
heavy duty lubricant grease
High temp to 530 Degree F.
 Great for hinges, motorcycle chains, 
gas cables, bicycle cables.
 Also good for cables on the boat. 
/13oz can..
metric-nut-general.jpg (83425 bytes)

metris-locknut-type-v-prevailing.jpg (46225 bytes)
metric-cap-screws-12.9-pg1.jpg (73053 bytes)
 If you don't see what you need. Then email us.
long-nose-pliers.jpg (36929 bytes)
Long nose pliers
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 30 degree bend nose.Great for reaching
 those spark plug wires. 
water-pipe-reducers.jpg (27330 bytes)
  Glove box item.
If you  ever loose a water pump hose, you can always find a 1 1/2" to 1 1/2" that hose that will work. But! You must have a reducer to go to 1 1/4" on the coolant pipe. That is what this does. No body stocks it. I had to special order them. 
$9.95 ea.
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lugbolts.jpg (41193 bytes)
 DeLorean Lug bolt
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Lug Nut chrome. 
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Ty-Wrap Cinch
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belts.jpg (25286 bytes)
Alternator stock
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Alternator D150
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Air Condition stock
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