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Fuel System


   scopeshot.jpg (50749 bytes)
This is the way to check out 
the FV,
Frequency Valve,
Scope it,  Not the best
but you get the idea.
  spring.jpg (25872 bytes)
This is a great idea.
Regular spring from 
Home Depot, stretch it out and 
clip off ends, goes in fuel pump
 pick hose to keep it from collapsing.
idleadj.jpg (52818 bytes)
Idle adjust screws 
should be snuged
  down. DeLorean uses an 
idle speed motor/ECU.
chemicalsforgas.jpg (24769 bytes)
B12, Best for cleaning,
fuel varnish, Run this
thru once or twice a year.
 Fuel stabilizer
for winter storage. 

fuelbaffel2.jpg (24010 bytes)
Fuel Varnish another view

fuelbaffel1.jpg (26359 bytes)
Fuel Varnish after sitting.
This is what it looks like

fuelbaffelclean.jpg (20782 bytes)
After it's cleaned With B12.

fuelsendunit.jpg (22689 bytes)
An inside look at the old DeLorean fuel sending 
unit. We can fix the
 original in most cases. 
$50.00 + frt.
fuel-sending-unit.jpg (139238 bytes)
airmeterstopper.jpg (4734 bytes)
This is what the air meter
 adjustment stopper looks
 like. I have the black rubber
 tip stuck in a small
 aluminum  item to hold  
it up.
aiemeteradj.jpg (39170 bytes)
Air flow adj. Plug after.
air-flow-adj-2.jpg (53772 bytes)
To make adjustment. Get, 
engine hot, unplug 02 
sensor then make adjustment.
Plug 02 back in and test idle

May need to do more than
 Air flow adj. reference.
Counter to lean &
Clock to en rich
Idle needs to be 950.

engine-1-air-flow.jpg (46228 bytes)
  Another shot Air adj.


full-throttle-sw.jpg (39848 bytes)
  Full throttle switch location.
This maximizes gas flow via
 the frequency valve when the
accelerator is pushed to the floor. 


Delorean sensor plate
delorean-sensor-deflection-.jpg (77418 bytes)
Alignment of the sensor 
plate for proper deflection.  

If you car is hunting or seeking at idle then here is what you do.

Get a 3mm long handle Allen wrench, and with the car hot and the 02 sensor unplugged adjust the fuel mixture screw counter clock wise till the car starts to stumble and wants to die. Don’t make any rash moves if it dies, it will start right back up. Now, once you have reached the bottom or lean adjustment then adjust the fuel mixture screw clock in little baby steps till it starts to smooth out. 
It may not be perfect but don’t adjust to much clock. Now once that is done and you think it’s about right then plug the 02 sensor back in and go drive the car 15 to 20 miles. Impurities that have collected on the 02 sensor and plugs needs time to burn off if it's going to. Short hops wont do it.
Be sure to cover the screw hole up with something because it’s a vacuum leak.
Once you have driven the miles on the road come back and see how stable the idle is. If it’s still not as perfect as you want then you can re-adjust following the steps above.   Then adjust the idle to about 950 after you have it about as stable as it will be. Plugs , wires,  cap,  rotor any could cause a short hic cup in the idle.
   let me know if there is any thing else.


Delorean 02 adjustment 
screw 1.

02-adjustment-1.jpg (34714 bytes)

Delorean 02 adjustment 
screw 2

02-adjustment-2.jpg (27720 bytes)

Fuel adjustment screw.
fuel-adjustment-screw.jpg (52609 bytes)
Down inside inside air
 flow meter.

haynes3kjet.jpg (104729 bytes)
Fuel Distributor.
fuelsystem.jpg (91914 bytes)
De Lorean air mixture system.
Control plunger.
Fuel-pressure.jpg (108441 bytes)
  Fuel pressure. Click on to enlarge
controlpress1.jpg (86478 bytes)
Control Pressure Regulator 
also called the warm up regulator
. Page 1

controlpress2.jpg (78053 bytes)
Control pressure regulator.
Page 2
kjetdiagramoper.jpg (82586 bytes)
Fuel System operation.
inertia-switch-plunger.jpg (24415 bytes)  
inertia-switch-bottom.jpg (44672 bytes)
Inertia switch & fuel 

Air flow meter
fuel-syste-air-flow-.jpg (87968 bytes)

fuel-inj-boot.jpg (59646 bytes) fuel-inj-boot-1.jpg (67183 bytes)

  fuel-inj-boot-2.jpg (74569 bytes)
 Injector boot
  Metric Fuel fittings.
fuel-fittings-1.jpg (107532 bytes)
Throttle body seal to air flow.
throttle-body-seal.jpg (35273 bytes)


fuel-filter-baskets.jpg (76033 bytes)
 This is a shot of the fuel 
filter baskets in the top fuel of the FD.
Delorean accumulator 

delorean-accumulator.jpg (147748 bytes)
Fuel reference.