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Fuel System Parts

CIS fuel System Parts
CIS fuel injection parts, fuel pumps, CIS fuel distributors, 
CIS Bosch CIS Tester, warm up regulators, fuel distributors and hardware. 
We are the CIS fuel system specialist with 20 years experience. 

New ( DAP ) DeLorean fuel tank pump system.
Our # 1 selling pump.
This pump supports around 300hp, and has a rating of 100-115 PSi ( over 6 bar ) at 65 to 75GPH.
If your having fuel trouble then call me.  

New hoses. New filter sending unit not built in and modified like others for something else
to wrong. Our sending unit is all stainless steel and life warranty.
All wired and ready to install. instructions included
107000KIT $229.95 Add to Basket

110555NEW sender only no light activation $79.95 Add to Basket

110555NEWL with low light activation  $119.95 Add to Basket

If you want above pump only it's $149.95 Add to Basket

Good article on Fuel pumps Volume / Pressure and voltage.

They know what they are talking about.


Delorean Stainless Steel fuel lines.
Made in American with America part's,
Free injector cleaning with new 13 lines. That is an $80.00 value.
We don't charge extra for copper washers
We don't cover with clear tubing.
That will start turning yellow.

We invented them and others copy them.
Butterfly Crimped with the crimp of confidence.
Life warranty::
stainless-steel-fuel-set.jpg (55443 bytes)       engine-compartment.jpg (97604 bytes) delorean-stainless-fuel-lin.jpg (106450 bytes)
If you buy the total kit of 9 lines the price is  $189.95  Add to Basket
 all 13 below for $329.95. Add to Basket

All connecting copper sealing washers are included.

Free injector cleaning with a set 13 fuel lines.

DeLorean fuel injectors
delorean-fuel-injector.jpg (35899 bytes)
 Brand New Bosch with free boots
 and washers.
102742  $59.95 ea. 
Add to Basket

 $2.00 each without injectors.
Add to Basket 

DeLorean fuel injectors cleaned no charge with the purchase of a new set.
DeLorean fuel injector cleaning.
$79.95 per set of 6. Add to Basket

New boots and washers are free with new or cleaned injectors.

You won't believe the difference in the way the car runs



  We have complete DeLorean CIS fuel systems as seen in this picture. 
We can work with you on part of it or all of it. Just give us a call.
 Delorean master fuel system rebuild.
delorean-fuel-overhaul-1.jpg (55335 bytes) cis-location.jpg (149581 bytes)
Add to Basket   $1365.00


Euro Style that came in the car. We have it all in stock.
Pump and updated baffle. If anything breaks down you don't have
 to replace the complete unit.
  delorean-fuel-update-kit..jpg (28495 bytes)        delorean-fuel-sending-unit-.jpg (68678 bytes) power-pump-performance.jpg (10367 bytes)   delorean-fuel-pump-saver.jpg (129762 bytes)  
New baffle in kit #2,
  Sender is extra at $79.95 additional.
    Add to Basket   $189.95
Kit #2 above on with new sending unit. $269.90
Add to Basket

Fuel pump saver kit 1/2 price ( 24.95 ) with tank kits.
 $49.95 Alone Add to Basket
This is what the new fuel pump set up looks like without the other
 stuff in the tank except the new sender.

fuel-pump-setup.jpg (264953 bytes)

 Pump can be replaced if you break down on the road and any one part can be replaced
without  having to buy a whole new complete system.

Our #2 selling kit Complete Delorean fuel pump 
with filters, rubber boot and top
without new baffle.  
fuel-pump-kit-stk-filt.jpg (29995 bytes)       delorean-fuel-sending-unit-.jpg (68678 bytes) power-pump-performance.jpg (10367 bytes)   delorean-fuel-pump-saver.jpg (129762 bytes)
Fuel pump, stock filter screen, new lines to pump, 
We also include new larger SS clamp for the boot and bottom boot.
+ a clip for the  return line.  Using the new  improved ST 957 style
  fuel pump  with external check valve. 1 year pump warranty.
Don't forget a dome nut if your converting from old pump to new.
Tank kit #2 w/stock pump but without the new baffle and sender.
    Add to Basket $149.95

 Stock kit on above left with new send unit $229.90 Add to Basket

New sending all stainless steel unit with kit $79.95  life warranty.

Fuel pump saver kit 1/2 price ( $24.95 ) with either tank kit.
 $49.95 alone  Add to Basket

Delorean fuel pump 
saver kit.
Life warranty.
  delorean-fuel-pump-saver.jpg (129762 bytes)
 $49.95 Add to Basket
Works with any 12 volt fuel pump
in the DeLorean. 
If your pump in making noise and
 losing pressure to the point you have
 to pull over and let it cool down, then it is running on low voltage and this kit fixes the voltage problem. Comes with instructions and less that 1 hour to install.
Oh, no more #7 fuel to burn up and melt the fuel box.


New DeLorean Fuel 
sending unit.
Life warranty .

delorean-fuel-sending-unit-.jpg (68678 bytes)
#110555NEW Stainless Steel
 fuel sending unit.

$79.95 Alone, no light activation  Add to Basket

$119.95 with light activation.
Add to Basket



New Delorean High Volume 
Special T  replacement fuel pump.
fuel-pump-replacement.jpg (31528 bytes)
Identical in fit form and function to the Bosch High volume 957 Delorean 
replacement fuel pump.
1 year limited warranty.
Comes with what you see.
  1 Yr.  Add to Basket

Additional Fuel pump warranty
$+ 10.00  2Yr.  Add to Basket

$+ $30.00  3 Yr.
  Add to Basket

delorean-fuel-system.jpg (72150 bytes)
Complete CIS fuel systems DeLorean, Porsche, Lamborghini, reconditioned. 
delorean-cis-fuel-systems.jpg (119188 bytes)
These 4 CIS fuel systems were recondition over 2 week end and ready
 to ship back to customers. All carry a 2 year warranty and customer
 support help on adjusting and fuel system service after the sale. 
I don't just sell parts without support.

CIS fuel system disclaimer:
 Over period of 3 to 5 years  the years of non use the CIS fuel system will get gummed up from non use and gasoline will turn to varnish thru out the system. This all has to be cleaned out and you can't do it with  a can of fuel cleaners. There is no mechanic in a can and fuel cleaners that will do any good will deteriorate the O rings in the distributor . This build up takes about 3 to 5 years depending on conditions.
 Please note: 
We are not responsible for missing, broken, damaged or wrong parts on the CIS fuel system.
 EHA's or any electronic devices attached to the fuel system will not be replaced or repaired. They have to be replaced by customer if found to be bad or mal functioning. 
Fuel distributors and warm up regulators will be replaced with same part as turned in for reconditioning.
We are simply cleaning up the system so hopefully the car will run so future diagnostics can be done.

Cis fuel system as received from

cis-fuel-system-before.jpg (104936 bytes)
This car systems sat for 16 years and
 had to be completely reconditioned.
It only takes 3 to 5 years for gas to turn to
 varnish and at that point you will need a 
complete system over haul. 
DeLoreans run about $1365.00 complete.

After reconditioned. Same system as on 
the left. Ready to install and tighten up.

cis-fuel-system-rebuilt.jpg (49245 bytes)

Stainless steel fuel pump boot support bracket. 
Never rust. 
Life warranty ::

fuel-boot-support-bracket.jpg (19262 bytes)
 $25.00 extra with either updated fuel kit above.
3 legged for a better circular fit when tightened down with clamp.
No rust
  # 101644   $24.95    Add to Basket
If your new to the Delorean world take a look at this now so you won't waste a lot of time later trying to fight off the old lines. 
fuel-pump-lines-old.jpg (110732 bytes)
      fuel-line-connection.jpg (68667 bytes)
Reference:  click on image

Delorean fuel filter and fuel screen.
Fault symptoms : Difficult to start, Misfiring while driving under heavy loads, 
Erratic acceleration, Poor performance. Basically fuel is being blocked. 
Needs to be changed every 15 to 20K miles.


Delorean Fuel filter.
New ( Not NOS )

fuelfilter.jpg (30954 bytes)

 Fuel filter new, not  NOS.  equal.
$9.95 Add to Basket

Fuel filter input repair connection.
  fuel-filter-btm-connection.jpg (45030 bytes)
Add this kit to the hard metal line and use any filter.
Add to Basket

delorean-fuel-filter-locati.jpg (42253 bytes)
Stainless Steel fuel filter
input line from accumulator and
Output line from filter to distributor.
fuel-filter-in-out-stainles.jpg (59010 bytes)
Filter Input bottom line from accumulator #106989 $57.50 Add to Basket

Filter output top line #102365 $79.95 
Add to Basket

Both lines include new connectors and copper washers.
Delorean fuel screen replacement
for the Special T Baffle & pump kit..
The new fuel filter screen for the 
bottom of the fuel pump in the
 updated pump baffle kit.
delorean-fuel-filter-screen.jpg (9402 bytes)
    Add to Basket  

 This is a special filter that 
will cut down on fuel pump starvation
 and noise caused by other filters
 stopping up so fast.  
Delorean fuel pump filter screen
for the original setup.

  fuel-filter-screen-original.jpg (26657 bytes)
No more epoxy to leach off and 
possibility contaminate the pump. 
Fuel resistance insert with our
aluminum hose attachment.
# 101643
Add to Basket  
This will give you an idea of what the fuel filter screen looks 
like using the Special T updated fuel pump baffle kit.

fuel-pump-filter-screen.jpg (16351 bytes)
   fuel-filter-screens.jpg (46051 bytes)
Delorean CIS Fuel distributor and warm up regulator
2 year warranty as long as new filter is installed.
Delorean warm up regulator 
 CIS Bosch 

warmupreg-066.jpg (36232 bytes)
 Free support and copper washers.
Delorean Re-manufactured
 Warm up regulators.
If car is running rich or lean, then this 
could be the problem. Also called
Control pressure regulator.  
 0-438-140-066    81-83 Delorean  
# 102353   $189.95  Add to Basket
Exchange Re-man
2 year warranty:

Core charge 
Please note policy during check out..
Delorean fuel distributor.
CIS Bosch 

fuel-dist-after.jpg (22537 bytes)   
Free support and copper washers.
0-438-100-109 See below:
$469.95 # 102807
Add to Basket

 81-83 Delorean
2 year warranty with new filter.
Shipping weight 6Lb's

Refundable Core charge. 
 Please note policy during check out.

fuel-line-connection-dist.jpg (82658 bytes)
cis-location.jpg (149581 bytes)

CIS fuel control pressure monitor 24/7.
 Permanent mount.
fuel-control-presure-monito.jpg (29523 bytes)
As I have always said. Control
 pressure tells the fuel distributor
 how  much fuel to dispense to 
the injectors.
 Wrong pressure will cause hard
 starting hot or cold, over enriching
 the fuel or running the fuel to lean
 for Turbo cars.
$59.95 for the kit. Ready to install. 
Add to Basket

CIS Fuel pressure
 test kit.
fuel-pressure-kit.jpg (43539 bytes)
 This is a must for testing the fuel
 system for proper operation. 
Shop quality
 For the Bosch  K Jetronic   
Add to Basket

Delorean auto parts fuel pumps and related material.
 Fault symptoms : A faulty fuel pump will cause low line pressure and the following will arise.
Difficult to start, Poor acceleration, Misfires under heavy load, Engine may start and stop
 immediately, Poor performance, Pump noise.
Fuel pumps are prone to fail due to over heating because of low voltage. Part of the problem is because of bad ground system to the pump and low voltage. A new ground wire should be
 run to the pump and it should be running at alternator voltage. 
Dirt in the tank is the main cause of pump failure. Clean and flush out the tank and the
 lines. Never fit a pump without a filter or with a torn or old dirty filter. When replacing the
 pump always use a new filter. 
We warranty our own heavy duty pumps for 1 year.
New DAP High Volume 
heavy duty replacement fuel pump.
fuel-pump-replacement.jpg (31528 bytes)
Identical in fit form and function to the Bosch High volume 957 Delorean 
replacement fuel pump.
1 year limited warranty.
Comes with what you see.
   Add to Basket

Additional Fuel pump warranty
$+ 10.00  3Yr.  Add to Basket

$+ $30.00  4 Yr.
  Add to Basket

Dome nut.
Dome nut needed  when converting 
from  old style pump 984 to new 957.
 $3.95   Add to Basket

dome-nut.jpg (39656 bytes)

Fuel pump banjo fittings.
fuelpumptop3.jpg (42061 bytes)

Lower  profile banjo fitting 12x12mm
45 Degree.  Get more thread bites

Add to Basket

Reference pictures.
fuelpumptop1.jpg (24991 bytes) fuel-pump-connection-new.jpg (61180 bytes) fuelpumpwboot.jpg (37934 bytes)

fuel-pump-particle.jpg (65815 bytes)
Fuel pump particle that stopped a 
fuel pump from working. Now you 
can  see how critical it is to clean the
 tank and put in a new filter screen. 
DAP Fuel pump old style
with internal check valve.
fuelpumplong.jpg (9635 bytes)
Original DeLorean Fuel Pump
 with check valve built in. Can't change
  out check valve if it goes bad.
See the new replacement on the left
with external check valve. #957
Same pumping spec as the 984.

Check Valve
checkvalve.jpg (16868 bytes)
New Check Valve for Fuel Pump 
#957 ver. with  washers  
New $19.95    Add to Basket

Used ones $10.00    Add to Basket

  fuelpumptop2.jpg (22550 bytes)
If you exchange the old long neck 
pump for the new 957 ver.
 Note you won't have much
 thread left. Normal torque is 11 lb's.  I have  torque up to 30 lb's and it held ok.
 You can cut down on the thickness of
 the washers by taking a 400 grit wet/dry
 sand paper and putting it down  on a
 top and then rake the flats of the washer
 over it. This will cut them down a little.
With the good CLAMPS
fuel-pump-lines.jpg (31224 bytes)
  Add to Basket
I use only the extra wide 
Norma clamps only.

 Best you can buy.
180 PSI working, 300 lb's burst.
Now CARB Approved.
I think it's going to handle our 80lb's
 fuel pump pressure just fine. 
This is the small flexible fuel line with
the fluoroelastomer lining.   


Delorean Inertia Switch
connectorinertia.jpg (8131 bytes)
I have good used connectors at times
 for the Inertia Switch. Inertia switch
 completes the ground connection for
 the fuel pump. If the plunger isn't down and ground connection isn't complete you won't
 start. Check the connection on the 
bottom for burnt or melted wires.
02 Sensors to fit the Deloreans and many more cars. 
We have them all. Keep the 02 sensor replaced and save 
on gas mileage and wear and tear on the engine. 
Replace every 30,000 miles or sooner. If your idle is seeking, then replace 
this unit and readjust the air flow meter if needed. #101069

New Bosch not 30 year
 old NOS
- Delorean 02 sensor.
Long wire. 
  02-sensor-long-saver.jpg (41498 bytes)
German made 02 sensor
 for the Delorean. 
I added the extra long
 wire and connector
Add to Basket


 Oxygen sensor installation information.
02-sensor-info.jpg (166493 bytes)  
02-sensor-plug-in.jpg (77101 bytes)   Lambda-connection.jpg (69101 bytes)

Lambda Counter 
Lambda-counter.jpg (63252 bytes)
 Reset to 000 after replacing
 the 02 sensor and you have serviced the car.

Stainless Steel over Teflon fuel lines.
 Made in American.
Delorean Stainless Steel fuel lines.

We invented them and others copy them.
Butterfly Crimped with the crimp of confidence.
Life warranty::
stainless-steel-fuel-set.jpg (55443 bytes)       engine-compartment.jpg (97604 bytes) delorean-stainless-fuel-lin.jpg (106450 bytes)
Kit of 9 lines with washers  $189.95    Add to Basket

Kit of all 13 for $329.95 + free injector cleaning.
All connecting copper sealing washers are included.
 Hand made with Stainless Steel fuel lines using Teflon hose. 


 Delorean Stainless Steel fuel 
line kit. On car.
Life warranty
      delorean-stainless-fuel-lin.jpg (106450 bytes)
     $189.95 Set of  9   
Add to Basket

 Comes with new copper sealing washers.
  Hand made to fit: 
6 injectors, 1 for the cold start 
2 for warm up regulator.
They are 1/3rd the size of the rubber
OE lines and stronger.

 If you buy the total kit of 13 lines the price is  $329.95    Add to Basket
 Comes with new copper sealing washers
and free injector cleaning.
lamborghini-stainless-steel.jpg (90215 bytes)
Stainless Steel fuel lines

stainless-steel-fuel-color.jpg (66576 bytes)
 If you want to get away from the large fuel lines that make the car hard to work on and you want the small size in black or another color we can now do it.

Just order this additional color up date kit and we will add the color to the fuel lines ordered below.
Note in the comment box at checkout what color you want.

$49.95 add on for the 9 piece color material only per set.
Add to Basket

$89.95 add on for the 13 piece color material only per set.
Add to Basket

Please note, The add-ons above are for the color material and labor to add on only.
It is not for the lines themselves. 
See below for those.

New Stainless Steel fuel filter input line from
accumulator and Output line from filter to distributor.

Life warranty

fuel-filter-in-out-stainles.jpg (59010 bytes)
 Now I have both top and bottom stainless fuel lines.

Filter Input bottom line from accumulator #106989 $57.95
Add to Basket

Filter top output to distributor.#102365 $79.95 
Add to Basket

 30% off if bought with 9 piece fuel set.

Both lines include new connectors and  copper washers.


  Delorean Stainless steel
distributor return line.
stainless-steel-return-line.jpg (39501 bytes)
Return line 102359 if bought separate. $49.95
Add to Basket
$20.00 core charge

This line is part of the
 13 piece set.

30% off if bought
 with set of 9.
 Delorean stainless steel frequency valve line.   
stainless-steel-freq-valve2.jpg (83533 bytes)
#1 line $49.95, If bought separate 102400 Smaller
FV 8mm input line.
Add to Basket

These 2 lines #1 & #2 on FV
 are part of the 13 piece set.

#2 line $39.95 if bought separate.
FV output return line
Add to Basket 102395

 30% off if bought with the 9 piece set.
    Bonus     connectors-fuel-plated.jpg (81251 bytes)
Get all our SS Lines and get new
plated connectors for only  $15.00 additional with the exchange for your old connectors and lines.   
$19.95 exchange otherwise.  
Add to Basket
There is a $100.00 core charge if you don't return the old connectors.

Delorean fuel pump boot and related parts.
5 year warranty.
Delorean fuel pump boot & cap. Order separate.
fuelbootassy.jpg (18164 bytes)
Fuel Pump boot
Add to Basket

New fuel pump boot cover
Add to Basket

To  help keep gas out of 
the boot when you fill up I 
use the widest SS clamps 
possible. Don't top off the tank.

boot-clamps.jpg (49769 bytes)
SS boot clamp upper
 extra wide. SP10388
$1.75   Add to Basket

SS Boot support bracket  
3 leg stainless. 101644
Add to Basket

SS lower boot bracket clamp.  SP10356
Add to Basket

Stainless 3 leg support
bracket for more even Holding.

fuel-boot-support-bracket.jpg (19262 bytes)
$29.95    Add to Basket  

Delorean boot  reference. 
fuelpumpwboot.jpg (37934 bytes)
Fuel pump mounted in
. This is the normal
way it looks.

fuel-return-hardline.jpg (19250 bytes)
Correct placement 
of fuel return line if your
 using the old return line.

fuelpumpmtg.jpg (21317 bytes)
What your fuel  boot
bracket may look like
if you don't keep moisture
out of the fuel tank.
New DeLorean Fuel sending unit.
Easy to clean up if the car sits to long. No conversion box to fail.

delorean-fuel-sending-unit-.jpg (68678 bytes)

#110555NEW Stainless Steel fuel sending unit. No light activation
  $79.95 Add to Basket

#110555BTM Stainless steel sender with light activation.
$119.95 Add to Basket

Life warranty on both:
Old style D elorean 
fuel sender.

fuel-send-unit-used.jpg (18981 bytes)
fuelsendunit.jpg (22689 bytes)
 If you like the way the
old sending unit worked,
 then I can normally fix
Send yours in
with a check made
 out to John Hervey
Add to Basket

Delorean fuel injector parts and info.
Fault Symptoms : Erratic  Idling ( Fuel not atomized ) Low top speed / poor engine performance
( fuel not atomized ) Misfiring under heavy loads, difficult to start hot engine ( injectors do not seal and causes too low of a rest  pressure). Dieseling ( injectors opening pressure to low.) 
Note spray pattern below.


DeLorean fuel injectors
delorean-fuel-injector.jpg (35899 bytes)
 Brand New Bosch with boots and washers.
102742  $59.95 ea. 

Add to Basket

Call for alternative or

Cleaning is $79.95
per set of 6 and with
new boots supplied. . 

Boots are free with new or cleaned

 or $3.00 each without injectors.
Add to Basket 

Injectors look like 
this after a short while.
delorean-fuel-injecor.jpg (90899 bytes)

Injector removal tool
injector-puller.jpg (42883 bytes)   injector-puller-tool.jpg (14077 bytes)
Small 90 degree bend on bottom and about one foot long. A clothes hanger isn't stiff enough.

    injector-clip.jpg (30450 bytes)
Injector hold down clip.
Only when available>
Add to Basket

injector-pattern.jpg (65746 bytes)
 Fuel injector pattern.
If you buy new ones after
 cleaning, then we will
 credit the cleaning cost.

Inside the CIS injector.
injector-inside-1.jpg (89039 bytes)
fuelinjectordiagram.jpg (31602 bytes)
 If your injectors have
 pitted  rust on the out
 side, then most likely
 you have rust  on the
 inside and it won't clean
Uneven idle, cylinder flooding and hard to start. Loss of pressure. 
I also socked the filter
 inside the injector for 
24 hours in Berrymans B12 and no damage.

fueluinjtech.jpg (78127 bytes)
Fuel injector, injector
seal and chamber. Where
gas is stored till valve
Click to enlarge
disclaimer.jpg (234828 bytes)
Bosch CIS Fuel injector cleaning system.
fuel-injection-cleaner.jpg (58081 bytes)  
If new injectors are not in the budget we clean as well as sell new ones.
 Your injector's cleaned and tested for pattern, leak down and pressure hold.  
$89.95 set of 6. We also put on new boots.
You have to send yours in. 
You most of the time won't believe the results in the way the car runs.
Add to Basket
injectors-reman.jpg (44040 bytes)


Closing fuel tank plate.
Made out of heavy 3/16th aluminum.
  gas-tank-closing-plate.jpg (36005 bytes)
Aluminum Shield. 
This will lower the temperature of the
gas on those hot days to help the fuel
 pump continue to run.
#101716   $295.00 
Add to Basket

The pad no longer comes with shield.

Do not use any fuel cleaners in a CIS Fuel system with out testing it first. The normal cleaners will swell the O rings and rubber inside the distributor and fuel accumulator and render them no good.

Delorean CIS fuel distributor & Delorean CIS Warm up regulator, Enrichment.  Delorean Parts.
Fault symptoms: WUR. Difficult to start.  Erratic running, possible stalling. Excessive fuel consumption. Poor engine performance/low top speed.  Rough acceleration, backfiring.  Misfiring while driving under heavy load.
Fuel line connections
fuel-line-connections-dist.jpg (76615 bytes)

fuel-prim-pressure-reg..jpg (55347 bytes)    fuel-prim-pressure-reg-plun.jpg (82914 bytes)
Loosen 16 mm nut and take it out plunger parts. Don't worry, I have pictures to put it back together. 
You may have to play with the plunger to get it out, but it will come out with a little help lifting up on it. 
 Then click on the images.
  Primary pressure regulator. See more below hot start 2
pressureregulator.jpg (69382 bytes)
Pressure regulator in fuel distributor, 2 different types.
Delorean CIS fuel accumulator kit.
Hot Start problem solver #1.
5 year warranty
delorean-accumulator.jpg (55806 bytes)

New not NOS.
Hot start 2 free with new
accumulator purchase. >>>>

$119.95    Add to Basket
Hot Start problem solver #2
made with Viton o rings
hot-start-kit.jpg (18879 bytes)
Hot Start Kit
Add to Basket

The accumulator is the main culprit
for not starting when engine is warm
 or hot.
 But if  it doesn't start properly after
 you  install a new accumulator
then this may be the problem.

Here is where the Hot Start 2 kit goes in the distributor.
Goes in the primary pressure regulator in fuel distributor.
Prim-press-regulator-1.jpg (65529 bytes)     fuel-prim-pressure-reg-plun.jpg (82914 bytes)      Prim-press-regulator-1.jpg (65529 bytes)
De Lorean primary pressure regulator.
If the small O Ring on the end is cracked, broken or a notch out of it, depending how bad the O Ring is is going to determine how fast the hot start will be. 
30sec to 30 days.

ACCUMULATOR HOSE with fuel style clamps. Kit  
Fuel-accumulator-hose.jpg (31370 bytes)
$18.95     Add to Basket
Accumulator connectors
accumulator-connectors.jpg (58257 bytes)
If you can't get the connections off 
then I have new ones.
   $11.96   Add to Basket
#30733 $14.70   Add to Basket

Link below to help you install accumulator.
  Delorean Bosch
frequency valve.

 # 102395
Call new when available.
3 year warranty

Reconditioned with
 new filter.
I have plenty in stock:
Also a 3 yr warranty.
Add to Basket

Send yours for me to check
I save a lot of them from
having to be replace.

$50.00 core charge on new
 or used.
  Most are good just
 stuck from old gas or filter
is clogged up..  

Delorean Bosch cold 
start  valve.

 $159.95  #102372
  Add to Basket
 Rarely see a bad only a
stuck one.
If you take a 12 volt power
 source and  clip  the positive
 to one terminal
( doesn't mater which ) and tap the other
 term with  the other wire and you get a  
small spark then the CSV is  good just
 stuck. Put a few drops of Berrymans B12
 down inside it and start tapping.
 When you hear a click it's fixed.
Do not put a constant voltage to it
or you will burn it up. 

Cold start Valve 
cold-start-loc.jpg (47363 bytes)
Fault Symptoms:
Won't crank cold
TTS switch defective
or cold start valve
 burned out of
plunger is stuck.
Easy Fix.

  cold-start-valve-test.jpg (26449 bytes)

Cold start valve test:
Lay it all hooked up
 on cardboard and bump the starter, if it 
blows fuel 
then the circuit
 is ok.

3mm Fuel mixture 
fuelsys-air-tool.jpg (9382 bytes)
3mm hex tool to adjust 
Air flow Meter. 
$1.50 #30000
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Air flow meter gasket
New material.
  air-flow-meter-gasket.jpg (32030 bytes)
Much thicker than others 
OE thin paper.
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 3mm Fuel mixture
3mm-allen-T-handle.jpg (28935 bytes)
Now in a T handle.
$2.50 #30000T
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Fuel injection hose.
30R9 rated.
CARB Approved
and Bio Fuel approved.

fuel-hose-high-pressure.jpg (23935 bytes)
$0.65/ inch
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  180 lb's test. For fuel 
injection pump in and 
out and or the 
accumulator input. 

Fuel line clamps.
 Norma. 9mm wide. 
The correct clamp for
the fuel hose.
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  New fuel tank
fuel-tank-padding.jpg (23468 bytes)
Heavy duty closed cell  padding>
Brand new not NOS
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Shot of fuel lines 
coming from 
underneath the car.
fuel-line-connection.jpg (68667 bytes)

Gas filler
gas-filler.jpg (21979 bytes)
If your is looking bad 
and rusty. 
Here is a fresh new plated.
No longer comes with 
gasket at this time.
$49.95 exchange.
p/n 101394  
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There is a $100.00 core charge.

German quality thread repair kit.
thread-repair.jpg (25730 bytes)
7MM x 1.0 pitch   $69.95  Add to Basket
8MM x 1.25 pitch  $59.95 Add to Basket
Bosch CIS Fuel pressure
 test kit.
fuel-pressure-kit.jpg (43539 bytes)
 This is a must for testing the fuel
 system for proper operation. 
Shop quality
 For the Bosch  K Jetronic   
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All fuel connectors, copper sealing washers and O Rings  have a $10.00 minimum order for Non De Lorean owners.
connectors-fuel-system.jpg (101972 bytes)    Fuel-fittings.jpg (95127 bytes)    metric-fuel-hdw.jpg (63498 bytes)

Banjo bolts & banjo fuel fittings
CIS Fuel fittings.

8mm hollow bolt
*Delorean # 102343
Ref # 2-17444 $5.85
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8mm banjo fitting
Ref # 2-17439 $4.59
No DeLorean #.
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10mm hollow bolt
Delorean # 102351
Ref # 2-17445 $3.25
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10mm x 1
Compression Nut
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10mm banjo fitting
Small barb.
2-17440 $4.55
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10mm banjo fitting
Large barb
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Fuel bolt torque
see below.

 10mm x 1.5mm Swivel
# 2-17435 $3.95
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10mm banjo fitting
Larger barb.
2-17441 $4.50
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12mm x 1.5mm Swivel
# 2-17436 $3.88
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12mm single hollow
 bolt  Delo.#102369 
Ref # 2-17446 $5.96
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12mm  banjo fitting. Larger
 barb  2-17443 $6.95
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12mm banjo fitting small barbs 
2-17442 $4.35
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14mm banjo fitting large barb
2-17500 $8.95
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Dual Hollow bolts
for CIS fuel applications.

8mm Dual Hollow 
 bolt. Not shown
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10mm Dual Hollow 

1.5 thread pitch.
#30826 $12.95
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12mm dual Hollow 
bolt-hollow-12mm.jpg (36662 bytes)
Delo.#102358 $13.95
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14mm dual Hollow
 bolt. 1.5 pitch
#30828 $16.95
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14mm Hollow bolt

CIS fuel system connectors and adaptors.
cis-fuel-adaptors.jpg (231496 bytes)

 Images for reference only.
Mechanic quantity copper 
sealing washer Kit 1.

copper-sealing-washer-kit-1.jpg (42591 bytes)
Enlarge for type and quantity.
$59.95  Add to Basket
Sealing washer kit 2 with 
some hollow bolts.

copper-sealing-washer-kit-2.jpg (52570 bytes)
With hollow bolts just in case.
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Metric copper washers 
For the fuel system.

fuel-cooper-gaskets.jpg (38280 bytes)
 Copper gasket set.  
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All you need.
  These go on the
injectors, cold start,
 Frequency  valve  warm up
 and fuel distributor.

Copper-seal-ring.jpg (78044 bytes)
Metric copper sealing

Our 3 most popular below:
  8x11.5 mm  $0.25ea.
Used on Fuel Dist.
 Injectors, cold start & 
Warm up reg. 
102344 Delo.#
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 100 Pac $14.95
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  10x13.5mm $0.35ea
102352 Delo.#
2 used on WUR.
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 100 Pac 10x13.5 $14.50
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12x15.5mm $0.35ea
102360 Delo.#
Used on fuel pump and 
fuel distributor.
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 100 Pac 15.40
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 5 x7.5mm $0.20ea 
5 x 9mm $$0.20ea 

6x10mm $0.20 ea.
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8x13mm $0.27
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12x16mm $0.40ea
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* Fuel line washers.
12x17mm $0.41
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13x18mm $0.42
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12x18mm $0.50
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14x18mm $0.40
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14x20mm $0.54
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 16x22 mm $0.58
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Torque for the hollow fuel bolts.
M8, Small ones on top of injectors and fuel dist. 7-9 ft lb.
M10, Only one on top of the warm up regulator with a smaller #8  9-11 ft lb.
M12, Fuel filter, and larger on side of the fuel distributor. 14-17 ft lb.
M12 Cap nut, Dome nut on top of new style fuel pump 11-14 ft lb.
M14 Cap nut, 18-22 ft lb.