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Body & Frame Parts

Delorean Body, Chassis and Frame Parts 
Trailing Arm bolts TAB and Stabilus Gas- charged lift supports or pistons struts, Tie rod ends, ball joints and more

The #1 strut maker in the world and the original to the DeLorean " Stabilus "  for 36 years.
Wait, Before you adjust the doors to fit another unknown aftermarket
brand of door struts.
Stabilus #1 in the world for quality and workmanship. New Original German struts made to our " Soft lift "
tm design. 

No door adjusted needed, No banging at the top of the door.
Stabilus-catalog.jpg (75010 bytes)
Door struts Single $19.95
single 100592SL Add to Basket

Door struts pair$ $39.90
Pair 100592PR Add to Basket

Bonnet struts pair $29.90 Pair 105063PR Add to Basket
 That's 14.95 ea

Louver strut $29.90 Pair 108209PR Add to Basket

6 piece set for the car $89.95
K111592 Add to Basket

Club Discounts apply 5 or more sets at one time.
Speedometer not working or bouncing all over the place. New angle drives for the speedo. Limited Life Warranty
DeLorean-angle-drive.jpg (51419 bytes)
speedometer-cable-lower.jpg (20073 bytes) angle-drive-with-nut.jpg (27186 bytes)
Less than 1% failure rate. We make them better or we don't make them.

Replaceable shaft. Just pull it out and push another one in. 
Sealed, no greasing required to clog up or over grease. Longer flex rod.
If you buy with mounting nut we will install.

K106130 Angle drive with new dust cap and lower cable
Add to Basket

106130 angle drive with 101412 Lower cable $74.90  Add to Basket
The original lower cable is a contributor to the OE DR failing.

106130+101412+105027 angle drive, nut installed and lower cable $91.85 Add to Basket

#106130 Angle drive only w/shaft $49.95 Add to Basket

#105027 Nut only $16.95 Add to Basket

Angle drive105104 dust cover drive in wheel $12.95 Add to Basket

Speedometer cable lower
Life Warranty

speedometer-cable-lower.jpg (20073 bytes)
Make sure you have updated the
 lower cable to try to preserve the
 angle drive from locking up. These
 are shorter than the old ones with 
less kink.
#101412  $24.95
Add to Basket
Life warranty

Speedometer cable long.
Life Warranty

speedometer-cable-1.jpg (26432 bytes)
If you don't mind eliminating the
 service counter box you can use this longer cable to help cut
 down on the stress on the angle drive.
#101412L $39.95  
Add to Basket
Original  Delorean door pistons.
door-lift-pistons-2.jpg (24583 bytes)

 Delorean Gas spring lift pistons
 struts, Door, Bonnet-luggage and 
engine louver, 
$89.95  for all  6 struts
Add to Basket     
 3 year warranty on any mechanical defects.

No leaks, no bending bracket.

Gas spring lift
 support struts
$29.95 ea
 Add to Basket

Delorean Stabilus 
Gas spring lift pistons,
door-lift-pistons.jpg (19669 bytes)
Doors struts in pairs
#100592   $59.90 / pr.
 Add to Basket

Door struts single $36.95 ea.
 Add to Basket

Bonnet  or luggage struts
compartment $29.95ea
Trailing arm bolt cover bracket 
hold downs.

hold-downs.jpg (28329 bytes)
Replacement for the bolts that break
 when you take off the rear trailing
 arm covers. Stainless steel.
  $17.95 set/pr.  Add to Basket

New fuel tank closing plate.  Made out of heavy gauge 3/16th aluminum plate that resist heat transfer.
When your fuel tank builds up pressure and forces gas out and your
 smelling it in the car, then aluminum helps cools the tank gas down.
Stainless steel just makes it hotter. Ask any one that knows anything
 about metal. This is not part of the frame structure of the car like some
 people want you to believe.
The OE plate is made from a thin mild steel plate.

  gas-tank-closing-plate.jpg (36005 bytes)
This will lower the temperature of the gas in the tank on those hot days tank
even more so the gas over heating problem won't play havoc with your fuel pump.
Ready to install. Not just a flat piece of metal like others.
#101716   $245.00 


  Delorean muffler to engine heat shield.

heat-sheild-4.jpg (40274 bytes)
Dissipates heat faster than Stainless 
Steel.   Simply the best you can buy.
Stock size aluminum:  All laser cut.
 $44.95 Add to Basket

 No longer making the others or 
extended at this time.
New hand sewn and recovered
steering wheel like original. 

delorean-steering-wheel.jpg (51860 bytes)

 Delorean hand covered and sewn like 
original steering wheel. 
$299.95  #106396
Add to Basket


The best way to go
Delorean steering column bushings. Not Rubber
bushing-steer.jpg (30158 bytes)
  Take the rattle out of the steering column. New upgrade bushings.
1 per car. #101994   $16.95ea   A dd to Basket
Free if you purchase a new rebuilt steering rack.
DeLorean door Seals Window
 seal felt,
Bumpers and other body parts.

 We will always beat the competition.
Door seal kit
door-seal-kit.jpg (103542 bytes)
For both doors, Inner door seals, outer door seals, roof seals
#K111667  $169.95 
Add to Basket
 K111667-1 For 1 door just cut price in 1/2=$94.98 Add to Basket
Inner door seal.
door-seal-inner.jpg (23003 bytes)
Metal retainer to grip
 better. No clips needed.

Add to Basket

$79.90 Both Doors
Add to Basket
  Finishing strip. 
finishing-strip-seal.jpg (23559 bytes)
Top of fender under hood
Nice soft foam rubber 
to keep water from getting
under the hood.
 #108247   $19.95
Add to Basket
 8/3/1/parts book #29

  Door seals reference.
door-seal-pict.jpg (70081 bytes)

Outer door trim  seal.
  delorean-outer-door-trim.jpg (45817 bytes)
2 pieces per door 1 front
and 1 back.

#111126 $16.95 front  
Add to Basket
#111128 $16.95 rear.
Add to Basket

New adhesive back
 That's $33.90 per door for 
front and back.
Add to Basket

Group, I got a deal on trim and  I'm selling it at 
10 cents per inch. Brand new with aluminum inside for
stronger grip. 

  Top hood edge trim.
  delorean-hood-side-trim.jpg (24729 bytes)
This the one closet to
 the wind shield.

Add to Basket

trim-construction.jpg (18283 bytes)   inner-door-seal.jpg (50291 bytes)
 Look inside trim.
 Metal retainer.

      Side hood edge trim.
delorean-side-hood-edge.jpg (24566 bytes)
Metal insert as in the
 $9.95 per side. 2 required.
Add to Basket

Fender edge trim
for front and rear.

Fender-edge-trim.jpg (47991 bytes)

#108668 & 108669
  2 required for front.
40"/side = $9.95 /fender
Add to Basket Front.

2 required for rear.
Add to Basket Rear.
46"/side = $9.95/fender
# 108669

Hood and all 4 fender trim for $32.20
Add to Basket  
Hood seal under it.
hood-seal.jpg (22920 bytes)
#108737 24.95
  Add to Basket
8/4/2 parts book #19
Top of door seals
door-roof-seal.jpg (135088 bytes)
Brand new rubber.
106967 LH $19.95   Add to Basket

106968 RH $19.95 
Add to Basket

Window felt seal
window-felt-seal.jpg (50358 bytes)
New, not NOS. This will stick with
 proper cleaning of the surface.
Cut to your length.   
$9.95 per window. 
106063   Add to Basket
Hood bumper stop.
bumper-stop-kit.jpg (25407 bytes)
All stainless hardware.
$19.95 kit
Add to Basket 


AC evaporator & Blower motor box. 
ac-evaporator-box.jpg (39469 bytes)
If you take it off and find the seals and pads are shot.
then here is the kit for you. $16.95