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Delorean vacuum silicone hoses kit.  Warranty life.
Vacuum-silicone-hose-kit.jpg (52906 bytes)
Vacuum-silicone-kit-black.jpg (41522 bytes) vacuum-silicone-kit-red.jpg (49207 bytes)   Vacuum-set.jpg (50500 bytes)
Cut to length. Plug and play. All sets are numbered with layout.
$29.95 any color.
 Blue   Add to basket
Black   Add to basket
Red    Add to basket


New Engine cover latch
 and no holes to drill..

louver-bracket.jpg (52646 bytes)

 Just straddles the center rib
and tighten the screw head.
No more holes in the lower rib
 to drill and break out.
Add to Basket

Engine cover latch installed>
engine-cover-stay-installed.jpg (50880 bytes)            engine-cover-latch-new.jpg (94033 bytes)  
Note how much more of an opening you have
 to work behind the fuel distributor. 
No more bowing of the cover,
 adjustable to any height for the engine cover
 opening, no wind to blow the cover down.
Call or email for any other questions.

Normally to expensive for general automotive use.
 These gaskets are made from a non asbestos material containing a rubber 
as a binding material and rated up to 350 degrees. 
For general applications of water, oil. 

New Valve covers and air flow meter and bull horn gaskets.
air-tight-kit-3.jpg (36160 bytes) inlet-manifold-gasket.jpg (86680 bytes) oil-pan-gasket.jpg (52057 bytes) delorean-automatic-transmis.jpg (43713 bytes)
No more 30 year old thin vegetable fiber flat gasket material for other 
venders.  Thick enough to seal any little differences in the metal facing of
 the valve covers for the oil and seal in the vacuum for the air flow meter..   
 #1 Valve covers only. 
$9.95 for a pair of them.  Add to Basket  #30197CS
#2   Air flow meter only. $6.95  Add to Basket #102489
#3 Bull horn or inlet gaskets only $3.9 0pr Add to Basket #102284K3
#4 $18.95 for all 3 sets of gaskets.
    Add to Basket  #30820CS
#5 Oil pan / sump gasket  $18.95  Add to Basket  #102102

  #6 Automatic Transmission pan gasket $16.95  Add to Basket  #103516


Engine gasket kit. Twice as thick as original. 

engine-gasket-kit-upper.jpg (149083 bytes)
Where it leaks we stop it. Twice the thickness that comes in
old NOS gasket kits that are made out of thin paper.
Oil and coolant resistance.
All for $44.95 Add to Basket
New oil pan 102102, Timing cover 102197, valve covers 102256,102249
air flow meter 102489 and 2 bull horn 102284.
The Best you can't buy anywhere else and all brand new.


DeLorean filter kit.Best in quality. 
filter-kit-2.jpg (72884 bytes)
Click on image for more info.

All new Bosch oil filter and new  Special T air filter and fuel filter
Others may be black but are they Bosch. Mine are. Ask for the box.
$36.95   K102575 Add to Basket

If your oil filter is Black and doesn't say Bosch then it may not be Bosch.   My Bosch came from Germany.

  bosch-oil-filter-promo.jpg (83928 bytes)  
oilfilterpicture.jpg (63841 bytes)   mann-oil-filter-6pack.jpg (29287 bytes)     
These are  the ones that won't hit the oil sending unit because it's to fat.
For the Delorean with the anti drain back valve and the pressure release valve.
Bosch has the best specs and warranty. I recommend them.  

I will give you a free 6pack of oil filters if someone can show me written catalog factory specifications on bypass pressure above 25lb's on any oil filter other than Bosch made.
If you don't know specifications then your just buying pretty.

  oil-drain-plug-magnetic-1.jpg (11993 bytes)  
bosch-oil-filter-short.jpg (29912 bytes)
Also comes with the puffy copper washer for the oil drain plug.
6 pack Bosch oil filters $36.95 Add to Basket

 6 pack  Micro Guard  $24.95   Add to Basket

Oil drain magnetic $12.95
  Add to Basket

Oil filters are either in kits or $7.95 single
102114 Bosch Single
Add to Basket

Oil drain plug crush washer.
  crush-washer.jpg (65139 bytes)
    Add to Basket The good puffy kind.  Free with oil filter and oil plugs.

Here is a list of all my double lip, lip seals for better oil leak  protection.
seal-double-lip-all.jpg (39182 bytes)
Order by number.
If your not familiar with oil seals then double lip protect from oil leakage with 2 lips instead of one.

  Delorean front TIMING COVER oil seal Double Lip.
seal-front-crank.jpg (35000 bytes) timing -cover-image.jpg (111709 bytes)
The best to prevent another oil leak. 
These are double lip seals. 
For front timing cover crank shaft.
#102753 $7.95 DL seal only.
Add to basket

102573KIT DL seal with sleeve. $42.90
Add to basket

Rear main seal double lip.
rear-main-seal-dual.jpg (19491 bytes)
rear-main-seal-back.jpg (91677 bytes)
Double lip contact for better oil 
leak protection.
#102024, $15.95 OE seal w/Xtra
 thick new gasket. Add to basket

#102024- 2, DL seal, gasket, 
w/sleeve if you buy a clutch kit.
Add to basket

#102024DSG, all w/out a clutch kit.
Add to basket  $59.95

102024DLG,  DL seal w/gasket
Add to basket $19.95

Delorean lip seal kit for 
standard transmission.
lip-seal-standard.jpg (35277 bytes)
Includes 1,,103013 lip seal 
O ring $1.00ea
and 2,,104216 double Lip
Kit total is $26.90
   Add to Basket

DeLorean manual transmission
seals and parts.

manual-transmission.jpg (70832 bytes)

DeLorean heads rebuilt.
heads-rebuilt.jpg (54890 bytes)
This particular set we replaced 
all the intake valves, ground and reseated the exhaust valves and checked spring
 tension, shaved 10 thousands off the flat to true them. Cleaned and 
ready to go.   Rebuilt & sold as a pair only:
From the back of the car looking
 at the engine right side # 102157 & Left side # 102173.
$495.00 for the pair exchange.
   Add to Basket

Old heads have to be sent in first
 for inspection.


Engine / More complete.

delorean-head-gasket-kit.jpg (74562 bytes)
Standard kit with
 everything you need.
$139 .95
Add to Basket

Head gasket content.

  Timing cover gasket 
timing-cover-gasket-kit.jpg (16805 bytes)
Brand new. Thicker, not
 the OE thin paper. 
Twice as thick and oil and
 water resistance.
#102197KIT $16.50
Add to Basket

gullwing-headers.jpg (105825 bytes)

  Engine / Head gasket 
kit updated.
delorean-head-gasket-kit.jpg (74562 bytes)
This is the standard
 kit with the updated
leak proof gaskets,
 one piece exhaust
gasket new 7mm

Add to Basket

Oil Drain Plug
  oil-drain-plug-magnetic-1.jpg (11993 bytes)
# 103815M
With new seal.
Add to Basket

  Brass oil drain plug 
oil-drain-plug-brass.jpg (32537 bytes)
Also can be used for the
automatic Trans drain
 plug Trans drain plug.
Takes a standard 17mm wrench.    $7.95. 
  Add to Basket

  Delorean oil pressure
send unit saver.
oil-pressure-send-unit-2.jpg (29138 bytes)
80lb correct  reading.
Small as to not hit the
oil filter.
Made for the Delorean.
102763  $29.95 
  Add to Basket

Delorean oil pressure 
send switch for light.
oil-send-light.jpg (23596 bytes)
Factory original NEW
 with sealing washer.
#102462 $16.95
      Add to Basket 

Brass oil drain plug magnetic.
  oil-drain-plug-magnetic.jpg (44749 bytes)
 Takes the old style tool
with the hex head. When available.
  Add to Basket

 Stainless Steel  
Oil Pan drain Plug.
oildrainplug.jpg (7340 bytes)
Add to Basket

No  longer have to
fight finding or making a 
tool to fit the hex hole. 
 17 mm external hex head.

air-filter-1.jpg (79742 bytes)

Delorean stock air filter.
Better than it has to be.
Click on image:
Air filter $9.95    Add to Basket

No 30 year old NOS here.

bosch-article.jpg (262444 bytes)




Delorean oxygen 02   sensor.  
  Brand new Bosch, Not 30 years old.
o2-sensor.jpg (37222 bytes)
$ 26.95 Add to Basket
Replace every 30,000 miles or sooner. If your
 idle is seeking, then replace this unit and
readjust the fuel metering screw if needed.
Replacing the 02 first may bring everything back
  without having to re adjust.

 Oxygen sensor installation
02-sensor-info.jpg (166493 bytes)
bosch02info.jpg (107511 bytes)

02-sensor-plug-in.jpg (77101 bytes)

DeLorean manifold exhaust stove
exhaust-manifold-stove.jpg (25983 bytes)
exhaust-manifold-stove-kit.jpg (24380 bytes)
Part of the Delorean exhaust system.All Stainless Steel
   Add to Basket
Aluminum tubes sold out for now.

   Lambda-counter.jpg (65993 bytes)
click on the image to read. Lambda-connection.jpg (69101 bytes)

Engine Compartment
Light switch. 

engine-light-switch.jpg (25891 bytes)
101629  $16.95
  Add to Basket


Bosch Platinum +4 plugs
boschplat2.jpg (27427 bytes)
Bosch spark plugs: Platinum+4
$5.85 ea.
Buy One to Basket
No gaping required,
Torque 13-15lb's
For the De Lorean. 
Bosch list  $5.95 ea.

bosch-article.jpg (262444 bytes)   sparkpluglooks.jpg (89242 bytes)   sparkplugana.jpg (145132 bytes)


Bosch super spark plugs.
boschcopperplugs1.jpg (51497 bytes)
$ 2.49ea 
Standard copper. 0.24 to 0.28 gaping required Torque 13-15lb's
Different heat ranges. If your  plugs
  are black, then hotter may be better.

HR6DC,  Add to Basket

HR7DC , Add to Basket

HR8DCX, Add to Basket

 HR9DC, Add to Basket

 HR10DC, Add to Basket

See technical information above
on how to read a plug below. 
Plugs can tell you a lot about
 the engine condition.

  Delorean muffler to engine heat shield.

heat-sheild-4.jpg (40274 bytes)
Dissipates heat faster than Stainless 
Steel.   Simply the best you can buy.
Stock size aluminum:  $39.95 
Add to Basket


Delorean Cover up kit.
Now powder coated.
Bolts torque 7-11 lb's. 
delorean-cover-up-kit.jpg (209810 bytes)
Comes with all the nuts bolts and O rings.
Yes, There is a core charge I must have
 the old covers back in OE condition.
Core charge is based on replacement cost..
Call if this is a problem.
$169.95 kit
  Add to Basket

Delorean idle speed motor. Discontinued by Bosch.
idlespeedmotor.jpg (34094 bytes)
New Bosch Idle speed motor not NOS $209.95  #102502 3yr warranty
Add to Basket
Plus a $100.00 core charge.

Must be the original 140-500.

Yours may not be bad so send it in and I'll check it.

 Professional Rebuilt with 2 year warranty 
for $149.95 + core $100.00.
Also with 3yr warranty. 
  Add to Basket