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Engine Tune/Performance

New out  : K & N style De Lorean air filter with life warranty>
$29.95 Add to Basket

Or $39.95 if you want free shipping.

DeLorean Auto Parts performance and Tune Up Parts
DeLorean headers. 

Your Number one source for the highest quality parts.  
DeLorean Basic Tune up


Basic tune up kit with 2 years warranty
on 7mm silicone wires and all you see.
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Same kit with 8mm ( any color )silicone wires
 with life warranty on wires is
$134.95. Add to Basket


 Major Delorean Tune up
& service kit with all new
parts no old or NOS.

delorean-major-tuneup-kit.jpg (50661 bytes)
delorean-automatic-trans-ki.jpg (32180 bytes)
Everything you see for
189.95 #K111143
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Bosch Oil Filter,102114
Puffy crush washer, 102101
VC Gaskets Left & Right new 
rubberized material we make ( leak proof )
not 30 year old paper as others. 
102256 & 102249
Fuel Screen for tank if needed. 101643 
Fuel filter,100523
Fuel filter pad, 106685
silicone Plug  Wires,102702
  Cap, 102606
  Spark Plugs,102443
AC Belt,105505
Alternator belt.102442
Air Filter,102575
Oil pan gasket for MT.102102
Bosch 02 sensor
not 30 year old. 101069-2
Compare others at $235.75 


 High Performance Delorean
service & tune up kit.
You will feel the difference.

delorean-HP-service-kit.jpg (40464 bytes)
Everything you see for:
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8mm HP silicone wires low resistance
limited life warranted.102702SBLK
Bosch Platinum +4 plugs
Pertronix or MSD 40,000 volt coil.
Gauze air filter like K&N
Fuel filter.100523
filter pad cover.106685
A real Bosch oil filter.102114
Puffy washer.102101
My new VC gaskets L & R
102256, 102249
Engine gasket kit. Twice as thick as original. 
engine-gasket-kit-upper.jpg (149083 bytes)
Where it leaks we stop it. Twice the thickness that comes in
old NOS gasket kits that are made out of thin paper.
Oil and coolant resistance.
All for $44.95 Add to Basket
New oil pan 102102, Timing cover 102197, valve covers 102256,102249
air flow meter 102489 and 2 bull horn 102284.
The Best you can't buy anywhere else and all brand new.

New Delorean Stainless Steel 
Breather as you see it. 

  Airintake-casey-box.jpg (61918 bytes)
Looks great.  Who knows how much HP or fraction of HP
we could be getting with this Modification.
$469.95 breather only
Add to Basket  #101058SS

DeLorean header Kit. 1/2 the price of others. 
5 year limited warranty on headers.

header-kit-1.jpg (53074 bytes)
      header-kit-2.jpg (50614 bytes)
 304 Stainless Steel Headers, Thick 7/16" stainless flange, 
Stainless connecting tubes and clamps. 
One piece gasket, 12 studs with stainless steel nuts and washers.
Chrome tips you can cut to length and tack on..
This kit shown is using the Magnaflow Turbo polished Stainless Steel
mufflers which are straight thru turbo mufflers.
 They pass thru the HP the headers and engine produce with out restriction. 
We can weld the header connection pipe to any muffler you want in this configuration. 
Ready to install for all you see.
Add to basket $895.00 
Using a one piece OE type gasket and 12ea studs with SS nuts and washers.  


Other Ideas and links TO LOOK AT. /


DeLorean Exhaust Magnaflow Turbo Stainless Steel mufflers that can be used with the headers. 

Delorean headers. 
delorean-headers-polished.jpg (37775 bytes)
Polished 304 stainless steel.
No seams in tubes.
extra thick 7/16th " flange plate
Note the welds, clean and perfect.
$695 for headers only.
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Header Catalytic converter.
header-catalytic-converter.jpg (59198 bytes)
Highest quality in a 
small  size.  |
Stainless heat shield
  built in.  
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$79.95 ea.

Stainless Steel Turbo muffler.
header-turbo-muffler-ss.jpg (33510 bytes)
$ 69.95ea Muffler only. 
Has not been modified 
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#11375 Magnaflow
shipping weight 9 Lb's.

 Stainless Steel dual
 in dual out turbo muffler.
header-muffler-turbo-dual.jpg (70714 bytes)
If you want to quiet things
 down you can use this
 dual in and dual out Turbo muffler and custom make
 what you want.
 Muffler only 
$84.95  Add to Basket

#11385 Magnaflow
Shipping weight 13 Lb's

Header parts
header-parts.jpg (25573 bytes)
02 sensor bung.
Only sold with headers
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Free with headers.
Band clamps.
$7.95 ea  
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Now , If you want our bolt on muffler with stainless steel connecting tube to the headers.
Then here it is.
header-muffler-attached-2.jpg (79944 bytes)
Driver side.
headers-from-back.jpg (131141 bytes)
From behind.
header-muffler-attached.jpg (75971 bytes)
Passenger side.
Header kit will contain,  2 Magnaflow Stainless Steel mufflers. 
Stainless steel connecting tube already welded to the muffler for
 the fit as shown above. I can included the tips if you need, but there 
are different looks and lengths that can be added. 
Will also contain 2 band clamps that will tighten up and support
the mufflers. You can add any hanger for the rear support and have it welded at a muffler shop when you put the tubes on.
The kit is $895.00 
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Engine shot 1
HeaderDriverSide.jpg (77721 bytes)
Listen & Watch here.
Wait a minuet to load.
See below.


Engine shot 2 HeadersRearView.jpg (76200 bytes)

Video & 
Sound #1
Video & 
Sound #2

Video & 
Sound #3


Standard Bosch equal wires & Platinum + 4 Plugs 
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Bosch Performance tune up kit. 
Bosch-perfrom-tune-up.jpg (42061 bytes)
 If you want more performance then
8mm wires along with a Pertronix
or MSD coil and you may not believe the difference. 

 Above with DAP lifetime warranty
 8mm wires
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Delorean performance spark plug Wires.
By Taylor Vertex Limited life warranty.
Custom Performance DeLorean 8mm Silicone 
Taylor/Vertex, Life Warranty
The best and last wires you will ever have to buy.
spark-plug-wire-8mm-conn.jpg (50987 bytes)   
Custom made for the  Delorean  8mm Silicone plug wires. 
 Less than 500 ohms per foot compared to OE or at 1500 ohms +per foot.
Thicker insulation for less  bleed out. Includes the high tension coil wire
Precision wound internally for less to no radio interference.
 New boots on both ends.  Up grade from the stock  7mm wires.
Can handle any Performance coil such as MSD Blaster 45,000 volt or the Pertronix 40,000 volt.
Professional hand made. 
Can replace individually if needed. $89.95 set
 Add to basket
See more on Delorean Kit page.
Limited Warranty does not cover torn wires on the inside from pulling on them.
Custom made Black, Blue, Yellow or Red 8mm Taylor / Vertex.

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delorean-spark-plug-wire-ye.jpg (45287 bytes)
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sparkplugwires8mmblue.jpg (65026 bytes)
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Standard Delorean wires.
sparkplugwires1.jpg (54132 bytes)
Bosch or equal Basic SS park Plug wires 
for the Delorean.
$29.95 Add to Basket
Includes coil wir

Delorean custom spark plug wire. MSD 8.5 MM high performance.
8mm-spark-plug-wires.jpg (55427 bytes)
 50 ohms per foot for more transfer fire power. Life limited warranty
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Delorean Parts, Ignition coils, Caps, Rotors and access.
Delorean Stainless
HV coil wire.

stainless-steel-hvcoil-line.jpg (55893 bytes)
 Hand made with 8mm
silicone low resistance
wire. Performance quality. 
$49.95  #110700  
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Delorean distributor cap.
distributorcap.jpg (25843 bytes)

$19.95 #102606
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Distributor rotor 
distributorrotor.jpg (13120 bytes)
9.95 #102604
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Know your plugs and they will tell you how the engine is doing.
Here is the Bosch link.

Delorean  stock Bosch ignition coil replacement.
  ign-coil.jpg (36880 bytes)

Replacement for the tired old blue coil that is 36 years old.
 $59.95  Add to basket
0.7ohm Use standard resistor on fire wall.
Add pep to your tired Delorean  with a  brand 
 new factory fresh original Bosch ignition coil.


Ignition coil tester 
ignition-coil-tester.jpg (95184 bytes)
See all of the different plugs below:
Do not try to use 7mm wires with stronger ignition coils. 
The stronger spark will bleed thru.
Pertronix Ignition
coil. 40,000 volt.

ignition-coil-pertronix.jpg (30624 bytes)
Performance coil.
Add to basket

40,000 volt
Must use with either 8 mm
or 8.5 mm wires. 

Original ballast 
resistor set up is ok..
MSD Blaster ignition
 coil. 45,000 volt.
ignition-coil-blaster.jpg (18045 bytes)
Performance coil.
$59.9 5 Add to basket 

45,000 Volts.
.7 ohm coil resistance.

Must use with either 8 mm
or 8.5 mm wires. 

Original ballast 
resistor set up is ok..

Original ballast 
resistor set up is ok..
resistor-original.jpg (68506 bytes)

resistor-hookup2.jpg (56574 bytes)

Coil shot
coilwires.jpg (57782 bytes)
Oil Products

If your ordering a black oil filter from some else and 
it's black but no name then it isn't Bosch.
It's a cheap imitation.
Delorean Bosch or Mann oil filter special.
  bosch-oil-filter-promo.jpg (33668 bytes)   oilfilterpicture.jpg (63841 bytes)   mann-oil-filter-6pack.jpg (29287 bytes)   
These are  the ones that won't hit the oil sending unit because it's to fat.
Made for the Delorean with the anti drain back valve and the 
correct bypass pressure valve.

I will give you a free 6pack of oil filters if someone can show me 
written catalog factory specifications on bypass pressure
above 25lb's on any oil filter other than Bosch made.
If you don't know specifications then your just buying pretty.
Also comes with the  puffy copper washer for the oil drain plug. 

6 pack Bosch oil filters $36.95 Add to Basket

oilgap2.jpg (49871 bytes)
   Note the gap when using the Bosch oil filter and 
narrow  80 Lb oil  sending unit. No rubbing the sending unit.

Delorean oil pressure 
send switch for light.
oil-send-light.jpg (23596 bytes)
Factory original.
with sealing washer.
 $16.95 #102462      
Add to Basket 

oilfilttechpage.jpg (105464 bytes)

 Delorean oil pan gasket.


 Stainless Steel  
Oil Pan drain Plug.
oildrainplug.jpg (7340 bytes)
Add to Basket

No  longer have to
fight finding or making a 
tool to fit the hex hole. 
 17 mm external hex head.

Oil drain plug crush washer.
  crush-washer.jpg (65139 bytes)
    Add to Basket
The good puffy kind. 
Free with oil filter and oil 

  Brass oil drain plug 
oil-drain-plug-brass.jpg (32537 bytes)
Also can be used 
for the automatic 
Trans drain plug
 Trans drain plug.
Takes a standard 17mm wrench.    $7.95. 
  Add to Basket

  Delorean oil 
oil-pressure-send-unit-2.jpg (29138 bytes)
80lb correct  reading.
Small as to not hit the
oil filter. Made for
for the DeLorean.
$29.95 #102763
  Add to Basket
Oil Drain Plug
  oil-drain-plug-magnetic-1.jpg (11993 bytes)
# 103815M
With new seal.
Add to Basket

Delorean air filters.
Cold air input tube with connector for
 that little extra  pep.

cold-air-tube.jpg (51395 bytes)
105927CAT $19.95
Add to Basket

Delorean stock air filter.
Better than it has to be.
  air-filter-1.jpg (79742 bytes)
Air filter $9.95
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bosch-article.jpg (262444 bytes)


wing-nuts-stainless.jpg (13570 bytes)
Stainless Steel wing bolts for the air breather.
Add to Basket 
wingnut.jpg (20983 bytes)
Black wing nuts for the air breather. 
$12.95 set. Add to Basket  


Bosch new Delorean 02 sensor 
o2-sensor.jpg (37222 bytes)
 $26.95   Add to Basket

Delorean parts 02 sensors.
02 sensors is an automatic adjustment of
the air to fuel mixture. The closer to 14.5 air
 to 1.0 fuel will get the best gas mileage.
 In perfect conditions they need to be changed
 every 30,000 miles or sooner.
  If the car sits, or runs rich, this will cause
 the 02 to go bad sooner and will not be
 able to sense the air.
 So, if your not getting the mileage you
 think you should and If your cars idling is
seeking then change the 02 first and then
readjust if needed.    

02-sensor-plug-in.jpg (77101 bytes)   Lambda-connection.jpg (69101 bytes)     02-sensor-info.jpg (166493 bytes)

Spark plugs information. What to use. 

HR6 is a highway plug and considered a ( cold ) stock plug and will take longer to burn off the contaminants. They are not  good for short hops and back and fourth to the store. 
 The hotter the plug the faster the burn off as the contaminates. Two steps up to the  HR8 or   
the Champion, Auto lite and NGK plug are considered medium heat range plug.
So chose the plug to your driving habits and they will last longer.
 Learn to read the plug and it will tell you what's going on in the engine.

Bosch Platinum +4 plugs
boschplat2.jpg (27427 bytes)
Bosch spark plugs: 
$5.85 ea.
Buy One to Basket
No gaping required,
Torque 13-15lb's
For the De Lorean 

  No gaping required, Torque 13-15lb's
For the De Lorean. Bosch list  $5.95 ea.
bosch-article.jpg (262444 bytes)
Bosch super spark plugs.
boschcopperplugs1.jpg (51497 bytes)
Standard copper.
0.24 to 0.28 gaping required
Torque 13-15lb's
Different heat ranges.
If your  plugs are black, then
hotter may be better.
HR6DC, Cold,  Add to Basket
Long driving and turbo.

HR7DC, Luke warm, Add to Basket

HR8DCX, Medium, Add to Basket

 HR9DC, Add to Basket
 HR10DC, Add to Basket
See technical information above
on how to read a plug below. 
Plugs can tell you a lot about
 the engine condition.


Here are the charts on how to 
read spark plugs.
 They can tell you a lot.
sparkplugana.jpg (145132 bytes)   sparkpluglooks.jpg (89242 bytes)

Were are now carrying
 Champion, Auto Lite and NGK
 Spark Plugs.

champion-spark-plugs.jpg (41596 bytes)

Medium heat range for the town
 and traffic driving. Not a cold plug
 as the HR6 Bosch. 
Champion copper tip plug
$1.69 ea.
  Add to Basket

Spark plug cleaner.
spark-plug-cleaner.jpg (33271 bytes)

 Great for getting the old plugs cleaned up and the engine running and 
tuned up before you put in that new set of plugs and contaminating
  them also.
Also good for any other  spark plug.
$13.95 Add to Basket
 Valve cover gaskets .
valve-cover-gaskets-1.jpg (42204 bytes)
 Valve cover gaskets.
We make the thicker
no leak ones. Not the
 thin paper you get from
 $9.95 / pr. 
Add to basket

Right gasket $4.95
 102256 Sq. Ends
Add to basket

Left Gasket $4.95
102249 Rounded end.
Add to basket

  Delorean Gates  Brand New belts. 
Delorean-gates-belts.jpg (31469 bytes)

Free belt with ST alternator purchase. 
 Special T alternator belt for 

 102442STA90  $10.95 
Add to basket
DAP HD belt for Special T alternator.
102442ST95 Special T Belt HD 
for stock Motorola
or Ducy alternator.
Add to basket   $10.95

102442STG90 Gates for 
Special T Alternator
$10.95   Add to basket

  102442GAT95  New Gates belt for Stock / Motorola  
not )  NOS $12.95 
Add to basket

105505GAC  New Gates 
Green stripe.
Stock AC belt HD
Add to basket  

105505STHD Stock AC HD
 DAP brand 
$12.95 Add to basket
Delorean vacuum silicone 
hoses kit.  Warranty life.
Vacuum-silicone-hose-kit.jpg (52906 bytes)  
Vacuum-silicone-kit-black.jpg (41522 bytes)
vacuum-silicone-kit-red.jpg (49207 bytes)
Cut to length. Plug and play.
All set are numbered 
layout as to where 
they go.
$29.95 any color.

 Blue   Add to basket

 Black   Add to basket

Red    Add to basket

engine-layout.jpg (34149 bytes)
  Delorean firing order.
Engine firing order and cylinder numbers.

timing-mark.jpg (49487 bytes)
 Timing marks.


Ignition-distributor-spring.jpg (64064 bytes)
  Delorean ignition
distributor spring
set up. 

ign-dist-alignment.jpg (59687 bytes)
  My suggestion for proper alignment.  Hand  turn the engine over so on the
  Compression stroke, align the mark on the crank 
shaft  pulley with the  13 degree BTDC mark on the marker plate. 
 Then  make sure the rotor is aligned with  the mark for #1 cylinder
 on the ign dist.  You may have  to re stab the
 If  it's aligned as above, you will  have  plenty of adjustment room 
on both sides.  See timing marks on left.