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Engine Parts - Page 2

Engine & Tune Up Parts

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7mm stainless steels studs
7-mm-stainless-steel-studs.jpg (401479 bytes)
German made again the highest quality I could find.
 #102167SSS Stud $1.25 ea  
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 102167SSK Stainless steel stud with stainless nut & washer
$1.95 Add to basket

De Lorean B27F & B28F OE exhaust gasket one piece
exhaust-gasket-oe-one.jpg (36755 bytes)
102263 Delorean part number, 
Fits Volvo B27Fand B28F engines.
One piece exhaust gasket.  
$12.95 pr Add to basket

Exhaust manifold only 
with out cat gaskets & studs.
exhaust-manifold-oe-one-sid.jpg (31408 bytes)
KiT3 You can buy 2 of kit 3 to do both sides of exhaust manifold only with out
 all the other cat stuff.
I use Stainless washers & nuts.

K112258K3OE $19.95 per side with
 steel studs
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K112258K3OESS $39.95 with Stainless Steel Studs
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     Exhaust manifold kit for both sides. These are 3 piece gaskets. 
delorean-exhaust-manifold-k.jpg (42444 bytes)
KiT4 Contains all you need to stop that 
exhaust  leak on both sides of the 
car plus the cross over and cat. 
Stainless washers & Nuts.
Others don't use Stainless Steel 
nuts and washers.

K112259K4OE $69.95
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With stainless steel studs on head 
and not cat or cross over.
K112259K4OESS $89.95
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If you want Anti-seize compound then this is the best one I could fine so far for stainless steel high heat.
7 mm stainless steel studs with SS washers and nuts.
102167SS kit $1.75ea  
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 7mm steel studs with SS nut & washers ( 6 ) per side.  
102167 $10.50 ea. 
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Exhaust manifold outlet gasket back ( 1 ) on each side 100928
$2.45 ea.  
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Studs 10mm 2 required for ea side w/washer & nut 102259
$2.95 ea. 
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OE Exhaust manifold gaskets alone. 102263 
$7.95 ea side. 
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 Catalytic converter gasket only only 1 needed. 
$6.95 ea 
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Exhaust manifolds ceramic coated.
exhaust-manifold-ceramic.jpg (49903 bytes)

Add to basket    $169.95 exchange Old units must be in good condition. Nothing chipped
 or broken or rusted thru.
 $250.00 is minimum core charge. See core policy.
You can also order in pieces below.
  exhaust-system.jpg (65025 bytes)  
Exhaust reference.
German quality thread repair kit.
thread-repair.jpg (25730 bytes)
7MM x 1.0 pitch   $69.95  Add to Basket
All over the engine + exhaust studs.
Tap hole drill 9/32 nd.

8MM x 1.25 pitch  $59.95
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Tap hole drill 21/64th 
 Water pump most common.

Temperature Coolant Fan switch Otterstat. 
Lower left hand water pipe. 
Don't strap your circuit to make the fans run all the time, just install the right one for your climate.
Ours last longer with less failure rate. 1 year warranty.
Delorean otterstat temperature switch with seal

 Medium original climate. 
With new rubber seal.
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Turns on at 97c=207F and off 
at  91c=196F, + /- 5% tolerance.

Delorean otterstat
temperature switch with seal

With this one the fans 
will come on sooner and stay on  longer for hotter climates.
With new rubber seal.
  Add to Basket    #100816-92
 Turns on at  92c=196F and off 
 87c = 185F,  +/- 5%

Replacement rubber gasket
when available.
$2.00 when available.
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  otterstat-location.jpg (36561 bytes)
 Otterstat location.
 Don't over heat. Install the Automatic Air bleeder and
 protect the cooling system and keep the radiator fans turning on..

Air Bleeder  Cooling lines   
  air-bleeder.jpg (44143 bytes)
Air Bleeder.
$19.95 Add to basket
Original Ignition coil that replaces Old Blue.
12,000 + volts.

 New, Not NOS like others.
  Delorean Original
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   .7ohms coil resistance.

7mm or stock wire 


Bosch Super Ignition coil. 18,000 volt.
ign-coil.alone.jpg (8539 bytes)    
#116   39.95  
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18,000 volt, 
1.5ohm coil resistance.

7mm or stock wire

ign-resistor.jpg (69433 bytes) resistor-original.jpg (68506 bytes)

Bosch Highest Performance coil. 25,000 volt.  
Ign-coil-25kva.jpg (20665 bytes)
#030 $59.95   
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 25,000 volt  
1.5 ohm. Coil resistance.

7mm or stock wire

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HVcoil18kva.jpg (100%03 bytes)


Bosch, MSD, Pertronix Ignition coils and related material.
Pertronix Ignition 
coil. 40,000 volt.

ignition-coil-pertronix.jpg (30624 bytes)
Performance coil.
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40,000 volt
1.5 ohm coil resistance.

Will not work with 7mm or
 stock wire. Will break
 the wires down due to
 the higher voltage.

Best used with our life warranty
 8mm or 8.5mm silicone wires.

Delorean stock

ign-resistor.jpg (69433 bytes)
  Ea resistor is 
.5 ohms ea 
or 1 ohm total..
$19.95  #101054   
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Delorean Thermal 
Time Switch

sensor-thermal-time-swt.jpg (37922 bytes)
Brown top, Thermo time switch or TTS.
If the cold  start
 won't fire then this
 might be the
 Located top left  water pump
VDO style L, Bosch style R.
Delo# 102125.

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 torque 18-22lb's


Delorean Ported 
Vacuum Switch.

ported-vac-swt.jpg (13184 bytes)
   This is the heart of
 the vacuum system.

$59.95 switch only.
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$65.95 kit    
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Vacuum must transfer.
Poor performance if not
operating proper.

ported-vac-diagram.jpg (25229 bytes)
portedairvaccolorcode.jpg (14967 bytes)
 Located  under intake 
manifold in the  
internal Y pipe. 
All Vacuum
 comes from here.
I did a color code
 for easy reference.

engine-ID-1.jpg (56230 bytes)
Engine parts ID & Loc.

Water temp gauge sensor.

temp-gauge-sensor.jpg (105225 bytes)
 Upper rear inside 
of pass side head.
#102450 $17.95

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  Delorean Gates  Brand New belts. 
Delorean-gates-belts.jpg (31469 bytes)

Free belt with ST alternator 
Free belt with ST alternator 
 102442STA90  $9.95 Add to basket
DAP HD belt for Special T alternator.
102442STS95 Special T Belt HD for stock Motorola
or Ducy alternator.
Add to basket   $10.95

102442STG90 Gates for Special T Alternator
$10.95   Add to basket

New Gates belt for Stock / Motorola  
not )  NOS $12.95 Add to basket
105505GAC  New Gates Green stripe.
Stock AC belt HD
Add to basket  

105505STHD Stock AC HD DAP brand 
$12.95 Add to basket
Delorean Lambda Switch
sensor-Lambda-thermal-switch.jpg (40738 bytes)
 It's rare it ever goes
 out.  I personally have
 never had a bad one.
Clean it and save your
   Add to Basket
Located under the
 intake manifold in the
 internal water pipe. 
 Black top with 1/4" tab
Lambda.  102478
I can also check them for
 proper operation.

Idle speed
Sensor-idle-temp.jpg (34757 bytes)
Add to Basket

Located under the
 intake manifold in the
 internal water pipe. 
Black top. # 102480
8000 ohms room temp.
This rarely goes out. 
No moving parts.
bearings-blue-seal.jpg (25329 bytes) idler-pully-2.jpg (55697 bytes)
Blue Seal bearings. 
$4.95 ea.
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EMQ quality.>>>>>
The long lasting ones for the idler pulley's. Black seal are the low end that wear out faster.

idler-pully-1.jpg (43636 bytes)
 Idler pulley info.
Click to enlarge.

Engine compartment
O rings for top of engine.
o-ring-assort.jpg (54524 bytes)
O ring assortment 
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Help plug up the vacuum leaks
I also sell individually also.
See hardware page.

o-ring-airflow.jpg (111818 bytes)  
O ring seal bottom 
of air flow meter.

o-ring--spacer-airhorn.jpg (59729 bytes)
Click to enlarge
CIS fuel Distributor.

fuel-dist-after.jpg (22537 bytes)
De Lorean, 81-83.
 $449.95 #102807
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  Core deposit applies:
2 year warranty.
100% pressure & flow tested
warm up regulator
cont-press-reg.jpg (24832 bytes)
 $179.95 #102353
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De Lorean also called
control pressure regulator.
See all under Fuel System/
Warm-up regulators.
Core deposit applies.
If the car sat for more than 3 to 5 years and the fuel turned
 to varnish then this is a must along with other items..

Buy the pair and get 5% off the combined price.
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Delorean ignition vacuum advance diaphragm.
distvacadv.jpg (17797 bytes)

Mounts on the side of
 the ignition
 distributor. If the
 diaphragm is broken then there will be no
 timing advance.
 Check it by putting
 a rubber hose on the
 input tip and suck on
 it. If you have
a lot of resistance
 then it's normally
  good. The vacuum 
to operate this comes
 from the vacuum
 solenoid to the
$59.95 ea.
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Delorean vacuum 
solenoid switch.

New, not30 years old  NOS

Behind fuel distributor. 
If it's un-plugged or 
defective you will 
have power loss and
no ignition timing 
You can normally tell 
if it's good by the clicking
 noise as the idle speed 
micro switch is tripped
 on and off or as you rev
 the engine..
This image or equal.
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Delorean idle speed motor.
idlespeedmotor.jpg (34094 bytes)
New Bosch Idle
 speed  motor. $289.95 new
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 $100.00 core charge
core must be the OE

Factory rebuilt
$209.00 + Core 5 yr warranty
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vacuum-doc.jpg (93897 bytes)

Delorean Intake gaskets kit.
intake-oring-kit.jpg (23823 bytes)
Intake O Ring Kit + hardware
More parts you will need for replace of  Intake 
Compared to others at $15.79  ours is $12.95.
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Kit 2 Add the new air tight 
bull horn gaskets.
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Delorean valve covers re-maned
and power coated..

valve-covers-1.jpg (35944 bytes)
Bead blasted inside and out to bare
 metal and acid etched sealed.
Powdered coated for long life.

Comes with new gaskets & bolts
$59.95 ea side exchange.
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DeLorean Engine Parts & Tune Up

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