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Electrical Misc. Page 1

Delorean relay update kit, 
Bosch power relays, Relay kits.

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Finally a De Lorean modern up to date clock that fits. 
No modifications needed.

delorean-clock.jpg (113150 bytes) delorean-clock-1.jpg (136143 bytes)
#101581F $99.95 Add to Basket
#101581C $99.95 Add to Basket
This clock reads, time, temp, and voltage
With instructions and about 30 to 45 min to install.
Window switches, Plug and play.3 yr warranty.
window-switch-delorean.jpg (217219 bytes)
window-switch-back-side.jpg (111909 bytes)
Yes, they have a smaller lens cap so your arm won't hit, but as you
 can see they plug right in on top and bottom with no modification.
1 switch $29.95  Add to Basket
2 switches $49.95  Add to Basket
4 switches $89.95  Add to Basket

New Delorean custom made battery ground wire.
You won't find this in stores. Replaces # 106262

delorean-battery-ground-wir.jpg (80121 bytes)
battery-jump-start-cable.jpg (93460 bytes)
This is a brand new battery ground wire from the battery to the transmission
 and then back to the frame. With this new set up you will see a difference in 
the spin of the starter, the grounding and rise of the alternator voltage gauge 
and just a better battery ground for the car.
 I have been wanting to do this for years and not until about 1 year ago when 
I was experiencing alternator problems did I find it really was the ground cable. 
Now it's done an it works great.
#2 copper cables with copper connectors connectors that are hydraulic
 pressed on and then soldered with heat shrink applied that is inner wall melt.
   Add to Basket $39.95 5 speed 106262S 
  Add to Basket $44.95 for automatic 106262A
  Add to Basket   $29.95 battery red jump start cable 108315 

You won't find anything like this at an automotive store.

Delorean  relay update kit.
relay-kit.jpg (79137 bytes)
New 40 amp Bosch style relays, the best you can buy. Water tight plastic cover.

Delorean Relay kit update.
with out RPM relay.
Add to basket
# K111168

With new RPM $129.95. 
Add to basket

7, 40 amp relays.1,Lambda relay
3,circuit breakers, fuses
 10 Terminals
New DeLorean Purple case relay's.
As some call it new and improved.
delorean-relay-kit-2.jpg (48626 bytes)  
There asking $243.00 and I'm only 149.95 with
new RPM relay. K111168AR
Add to basket

Purple relay kit is $120.00 without RPM relay.
K111168AP   Add to basket

See Reference page for placement
of new kit relay.
Relay contact explanation:
The Bosch /Tyco relay's have a standard rating on the cover that is based on switching 40 + amps for over 250,000 cycles. How ever these relays can also switch 40 amps for 100,000 cycles.
This is why no matter what the top of the relay says the industry adopted the standard term that this frame relay is a 40 amp relay. Some people say in their Fan Fix box these relays are rated 100 amps. Tyco wouldn't comment on that and others  say that the purple case relay is new and improved, well don't believe that either, it's the same as the black. 

John Hervey 
Lambda Relay
  rel-lamb-main.jpg (21107 bytes)
Tyco/Bosch Relay or equal, Lambda
  $12.95    Add to basket

Bosch 40amp power relays
bosch-relays-40amp.jpg (47067 bytes)
 Bosch style 40 amp 
contact 5 pin relay's.
  Single. $6.95
Inquire for quantity price.
Add to basket

 Delorean RPM relay, 
 Fuel pump relay. 
New & updated.
rpm-relay-new-old-style-gre.jpg (24087 bytes)

$22.95 Add to basket
New exact replacement.
1 year warranty. 

rpm-relay-jumper.jpg (66724 bytes)
Jumper connection to make the fuel pump run while testing or emergency.
RPM / fuel pump relay.  

Delorean head light switch saver.
Don't wait till it melts.
head-light-switch-saver.jpg (70475 bytes)    headlight-switch-melted.jpg (54762 bytes)   headlight-switch-melted.jpg (54956 bytes)
Due to high current flow through the head light switch the plastic around the 
contact material will melt. The above relay kit will bypass the contacts in the 
switch and run the current through the relay and save the switch. The only other trouble you may have is the mechanical mechanism may need cleaning and adjusting. Comes with complete instruction and no special tools needed.
Add to Basket
If your switch is melted. Send it in with $15.00 and I will fix it or 
$10.00 if you buy a saver with it.

Delorean specific main
 power  relay.

relayheavy-main.jpg (44831 bytes)

Heavy Duty Relay Main. 
These very seldom go bad.
Check it out The new 80- amp. >>>>>>
If you have to have this one then send me an email.
Main power relay,
New 80 amp.
relay70amp.jpg (30668 bytes)
 $12.95  Add to basket
80 amps in a small
package. This will
replace the old main relay.

 and auxiliary rlay.

switch-engine-comp.jpg (49250 bytes)
  Engine switch kit 
Add to basket

For the  compartment 
 It works with out fail. 

Delorean hot start relay.
hot-srt-rely.jpg (35584 bytes)
Used in emergency
situations when the car 
won't start when hot. Normally the accumulator
 is bad. See fuel page.
$29.95.   Add to basket

Dielectric grease.
Added 10/16/04.
Dielectric-grease.jpg (98618 bytes)
Protects electric connections from 
corrosion,  arching and moisture.

Dielectric grease by the tube

1/3oz tube $3.95
Add to basket

5oz tube $25.95
Add to basket

  Blower motor fan switch.
blower-motor-switch-fan.jpg (18935 bytes)
Brand new 5 position. 
No 30 yr or old NOS 
100755  $19.95
Add to Basket

Relay socket female.
Relaysocketconn.jpg (13980 bytes)
$.24 ea.
Add to Basket
Delorean pulse coil.

Add to basket
Inside the ignition distributor
We have it in stock.
 This may be the  problem
 when the car won't start until
 it cools down from being hot
or if your car just dies and
 won't start for no apparent
 reason. Let it cool down for
 about 45 minuets and starts
 up. Should measure about 
550 ohms room temp on the
wire coming out of the ign distributor.
 When is gets hot and the car dies, there will be no ohms reading.  
Bosch Reluctor pulse coil.

Email for info.
pulse-coil-connection.jpg (42661 bytes)
Pulse coil connection to 
rear fire wall.
ignitionsystem.jpg (79936 bytes)

DeLorean, Volvo, PRV 6 , 
distributor  pulse coil assembly. $96.00 
Delorean OE window switch
| torrix-window-switch.jpg (51512 bytes)
  $69.95 ea.
Add to basket
 We also repair them for $15.00 ea.
Send yours in.

Delorean idle speed motor.
idlespeedmotor.jpg (34094 bytes)
New Bosch Idle speed motor $225.95
Add to Basket

Rebuilt 5 year warranty
Add to Basket

Core charge $100.00.

Delorean ignition distributor.
ignition-distributor.jpg (18194 bytes)
Used units 

Add to basket
Inside the ignition 
ignition-dist-overview.jpg (55908 bytes)
Delorean fuse extenders.
fuseblockholders.jpg (18267 bytes)
Fuse extenders. #7 is the
 main one that melts in the
 fuse block.  $4.50 ea.
Add to Basket
Save the fuse block,
 Made to length, but I would
 keep the wire as long as
 possible makes a good heat
 sink. Black wire holder
 10 amps or less, orange wire  holder 10 amps up. crimped,  soldered and shrink tubing,

Blower motor resistor
blowerresistor.jpg (21936 bytes)
Add to basket

If your AC/Heater blower 
motor doesn't run and the 
circuit breaker is ok, then 
his may be the problem. 
Blower motor speed 2, 3 , 
& 4 go thru this resistor. 

Flasher relay
flasher-relay-100708.jpg (61872 bytes)

 Brand new Lucas Not NOS

Add to basket


Delorean door lock solenoid.
door-lock-solenoid-2.jpg (22789 bytes)
Call or email for P & D.
We also  clean and 
rebuild if  possible.

Lighted fuses. They light up when blown.
fuse-lighted.jpg (61118 bytes)

10 amp 0.85ea Add to basket
15 amp 0.85ea Add to basket
20 amp 0.85ea Add to basket
25 amp 0.85ea Add to basket
30 amp 0.85ea Add to basket
Kit with all 18 fuses is 0.75 ea or $13.50 Add to basket
Craig Radio Adaptor
craig-radio-adaptor-plug.jpg (38918 bytes)
$9.95   Add to basket

Delorean ECU Idle speed
idle-speed-switch.jpg (34339 bytes)
Add to basket
Very little pressure
 to engage
Plug and play,
 No modifications.

Delorean full throttle switch
Added 12-26-03

full-throttle-switch.jpg (38973 bytes)
New not NOS. 

Add to Basket
Delorean circuit breaker .
New Not Nos

Circuit breakers, In any amperage and any mounting configuration.
10 amp. Add to basket
15 amp. Add to basket
20 amp. Add to basket
25 amp Blower motor 
use 30 amp.  106085
30 amp. Blower motor
40 amp.   106086
Add to basket

See tabbed on 2nd page.
Delorean Buss Fuse Kit
fuse-kit.jpg (72102 bytes)
Top quality Bussman  fuses.
18 fuse replacement +
3 extra.  $6.95
  Kit . 
That's .38 Cents ea. 

Add to basket

fuse-inline-holder1.jpg (23347 bytes)
Littlefuse inline fuse 
$2.50 ea

Add to basket

Delorean center consol lamps
dashlamps.jpg (12557 bytes)

bulbnumber.jpg (7279 bytes)  
Osram & Sylvania
Center Consol lamps
12 volt 2 watt  
$1.35 ea. 
  Add to basket

Miniature lamps for right
side gauge. 
delorean-dash-bulbs.jpg (73632 bytes)

Like battery, Lambda 
0.55ea    #161
Add to basket

  Miniature lamps for 
dash lumination. 
delorean-dash-bulbs.jpg (73632 bytes)

0.55ea  #194 or #161
Add to basket

Bulb for the 
headlight and Hazard.
bulbs-for-headlight-switch.jpg (35381 bytes)
 $1.00 each
Add to basket

dash-rear.jpg (53362 bytes)
Dash lights from the rear.

Delorean tail light boards. 
tail-light-boards.jpg (31922 bytes)  
    tail-light-board-soldered.jpg (79307 bytes)
Your boards recondition to like new. Cleaned, All joints soldered
 and sprayed with a clear waterproof sealant. 
Life warranty after I fix therm.

$20.00 ea.  Send them in. 

Bonnet-Hood light 

bonnet-hood-switch.jpg (35126 bytes)
Brand new $14.95
Add to basket


Delorean ballast
 Ignition Resistor.

ign-resistor.jpg (69433 bytes)
 Bosch ballast resistor.
Ea resistor is .5 ohms and 
when tied together on the left becomes a total of one ohm.
You should have 9+ volts when cranking on the left side ( B/Y ) wire coming from the starter solenoid when cranking.
 This resistor will run frying
 pan hot normally.
$34.95  #101054
Add to basket

Courtesy light hook up:
courtsey-light.jpg (32246 bytes)

Electrical Parts

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