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Electrical Misc. Page 2

Battery cutoff switches,
 Circuit breakers, Switches, 
Fuse boxes.

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Battery cutoff switch
Heavy duty applications.

key-switch-wkeys.jpg (38464 bytes)
Key operated. Removable 
in off position. 180 amps
 continuous 1,000 amps

Kit, $39.95
Add to Basket

Switch alone $26.95
Add to Basket 

Cable alone $13.95
Add to Basket

battery-swt-hookup.jpg (86514 bytes)
Battery cut off  switch  mounting.
 Battery switch hook up.
Battery cutoff switch
Heavy duty applications.
  battery-cutoff-switch-lever.jpg (37929 bytes)
 Lever is removable only 
with a screw in the end 
of the lever.180 amps 
continuous, 1,000
amps inrush.
Kit, $39.95
Add to Basket

Switch alone $26.95
Circuit breakers

Circuit breakers, In any amperage listed below:
10 amp. Add to basket

15 amp. Add to basket

20 amp. Add to basket

25 amp Add to basket

30 amp. Add to basket

35 amp. Add to basket

40 amp. Add to basket


Delorean original circuit breakers.
circuit-breaker-tab.jpg (43531 bytes)
We now have them with 1/4" male quick 
disconnect tabs.

25, amp $12.95 Add to basket
 #106085 Original blower motor CB.
 1 per car.

30 amp $12.95 Add to basket
I recommend upgrade CB for the 
blower motor use a 30amp.#106085A
 1 per car.   

40 amp $12.95 Add to basket
Normal for the cooling fans.#106086
 1 per car.
Blower motor fan switch.
blower-motor-switch-fan.jpg (18935 bytes)
Brand new 5 position. 
No 30 yr or old NOS 
100755  $19.95
Add to Basket

Mode switch parts
 and repair.
Delorean mode switch seal.
Mode-switch-seal.jpg (49842 bytes)
Add to Basket   #111752HCR

Mode switch repair.
delorean-mode-switch.jpg (41510 bytes)
  delorean-mode-switch-1.jpg (45540 bytes)
#1                            #2

Mode switch repair.
delorean-mode-switch-3.jpg (42831 bytes)
  delorean-mode-switch-2.jpg (52044 bytes)
#3                               #4.
Call or email for free washer.

European electrical 

For injectors, idle speed motors, frequency
valves, warm up regulators and other electrical
units on the car. Contact us all for your special requirements

2 conductor connector w/o boot New 
Add to basket

2 conductor boot only 
New $5.95
Add to basket

3 conductor  connector
w/o boot. New $14.95 
Add to basket

3 conductor boot new
Add to basket

Wiring harness, fuel
connectors and boots 
2 conductor. 

connectors-2way.jpg (95854 bytes)

connectors-3way.jpg (58319 bytes)
 I can't say I can get
 all them, but email and
 we can try.
Full throttle switch
full-throttle-switch.jpg (38973 bytes)     full-throttle-switch-1.jpg (33114 bytes)
In stock. Call for single or dual.
Single for standard trans.
Dual for automatic.
So if you have one connector that isn't
plugged in, then you should have a standard 
transmission. #102748.

  Delorean replacement fuse block
fuse-block-3.jpg (96810 bytes)
If you buy the same old box, you get the 
same old results. ( Melted ) 
300% thicker contact material than original so less chance to overheat and it grips tighter to the fuse.. 

Try this fuse block for your replacement. 
It has a maximum of 20 terminals 2 more
 than the original and 2 can be cut off.
  It can be modified to any combination. 
In stock and about 4 hours to install.
Add to Basket

New easy way to install
enlarge to find out.

fuse-block-reference.jpg (113124 bytes)

Marine battery
type connector

With wing nut
Great for a quick and easy connection.
Add to Basket

connectorinertia.jpg (8131 bytes)

Fuel Pump over heated connector on intertia switch and it melted. 
Contact us for replacement.  
  Add to basket

  fuse-block-contact.jpg (55738 bytes)
 Factory original fuse
block contact.


Delorean back up light switch.
  Backup-switch.jpg (39733 bytes)
 New not NOS
Add to basket

  Delorean brake light  switch.
  brake-light-switch.jpg (37192 bytes)
Add to basket

brake-light-switch-loc.jpg (68510 bytes)
Reference brake 
light switch.

  Electrical Parts

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