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DeLoreans For Sale!

DeLoreans for sale and Restoration hardware

In the next coming months I have several DeLoreans for sale in various conditions.

Fly in and drive this one home:

  Driving restoration :
Unlike others starts first time every time.

Vin # 6297, $22,500 miles standard shift.  Went thru a 
driving restoration. Nice car at a fair price. 
Some of the work done: New headliner, complete new brake system, new clutch hydraulic system, new water pump kit and valley cleaned and sealed, new tune up kit, new wheel bearings and more. Complete new fuel system. Good angle drive, fuel send unit works. Also added my header system and performance mufflers.
Like I said, fly in and drive home.
Now with new lowering springs and performance shocks.

1-888-278-1629 John Hervey

delorean-6297-1.jpg (103647 bytes)   delorean-lowered.jpg (240449 bytes)   
Before and after on lowering.
 Since our cars have 2/3 rd's of the weight in  the back and almost nothing in the front here
 is what I did. 
 I put the performance white KYB with lowering springs on  the back which
 can be lowered more by adjusting the spring cup holder down more.
 Then I put the Easy Rider KYB with lowering springs and the KYB Easy
 rider shocks on the front for a smooth but firm performance ride.
This combination works great for the least money and most comfortable ride.
More images to come.
delorean-6297-1.jpg (103647 bytes) delorean-6297-4.jpg (93998 bytes)
delorean-6297-3.jpg (73357 bytes) delorean-6297-2.jpg (78143 bytes)
delorean-6297-eng-1.jpg (91542 bytes) delorean-engine-2.jpg (83864 bytes)

We have a lot of hardware that has been cleaned and re-plated. Take a look or check out the part number.

idle-speed-motor-plate.jpg (33169 bytes)
p/n 1027670  .50ea  grommets
p/n 102505 refurb plate w/grommets 
exchange only $8.95.

Just send me a part number for what you want.