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DeLorean Parts Kits


Delorean parts, Delorean tune up kits and money saving kits on one page. Bougicord, Bosch, High Performance 8mm custom spark plug wires.
Delorean relay kit, Delorean Clutch kit, Delorean door Struts and  kits, Delorean fuel kit, Delorean manual transmission kits and automatic transmission kit.

New DeLorean fuel tank pump system.
fuel-pump-export-kit.jpg (86409 bytes)   fuel-pump-metal.jpg (124896 bytes) fuel-pump-plastic.jpg (64604 bytes)
10700KIT $259.95 Add to Basket      Not $420.00 like others. 
New hoses. New filter 
 Sending unit not built in and modified like others for something else to go wrong.
Our sending unit is all stainless steel and life warranty.
All hard ware and instructions included.

If you want above pump only it's $149.95 Add to Basket


Delorean fuel pump saver kit. Life warranty  
  delorean-fuel-pump-saver.jpg (129762 bytes)
Works with any 12 volt fuel pump
in the DeLorean. 
Losing pressure or making noise on a long trip due to pump over heating, Then this should help fix the problem.
If you ever have to pull over and let 
the fuel pump cool down on a long trip
 then it is running on low voltage and this
 kit help fixes the voltage problem. 
Comes with instructions and less that 1
 hour to install.
Oh, no more #7 fuse to burn up and melt
$49.95 Add to Basket

 1/2 price with new complete
 fuel tank kit.

New DeLorean Fuel 
sending unit.
Life warranty .
No electronic box to fail.

delorean-fuel-sending-unit-.jpg (68678 bytes)
#110555NEW Stainless Steel 
fuel sending unit.

$79.95 no low fuel activation
Add to Basket

$119.95 Low fuel Light Activation
Add to Basket

 Performance part & restoration part.


The best and most complete hose kit for the DeLorean. 
Life warranty on all silicone and rubber.
delorean-complete-hose-kit.jpg (84699 bytes)   radiator-3core.jpg (77987 bytes)
K118674RUB $239.95 Rubber hose kit complete Add to basket

Rubber kit with all brass copper 3 row radiator. Best you can buy.
 I don't sell aluminum which can't be fixed.. $539.90 Add to basket

K118674SIL $139.95 Silicone kit  Just hoses only
w/o radiator,clamps and heater core valve.
  Add to basket

With all brass copper 3 row, silicon hose & liner clamps best radiator
 on the market.
$514.90 Add to basket

Up grade liner clamps for silicone hose kit. $75.00   Add to basket

See more on cooling page.
New Valve cover, Timing cover, air flow meter 
and bull horn gaskets.
The leak proof gaskets
The best you can buy. Thicker, oil tight and air tight.
air-tight-kit-3.jpg (36160 bytes)            
No more 30 year old thin vegetable fiber flat gasket material for other 
venders.  Thick enough to seal any little differences in the metal facing of
 the valve covers for the oil and seal in the vacuum for the air flow meter..   
Kit 1
  Valve covers only $10.95 for a pair. Add to Basket   #30197CS
Kit 2 
air flow meter $6.95 only. Add to Basket  #102489
Kit 3 bull horn $3.90 PR inlet gaskets only.  Add to Basket   #102284K3
Kit 4 3 above gasket $21.80 1,2,3.     Add to Basket  #30820CS
Kit 5 Timing cover $8.85 new thicker gaskets  Add to Basket   #102197
Add to Basket #

Engine gasket kit. Twice as thick as original. 

engine-gasket-kit-upper.jpg (149083 bytes)
Where it leaks we stop it. Twice the thickness that comes in
old NOS gasket kits that are made out of thin paper.
Oil and coolant resistance.
All for $44.95 Add to Basket
New oil pan 102102, Timing cover 102197, valve covers 102256,102249
air flow meter 102489 and 2 bull horn 102284.
The Best you can't buy anywhere else and all brand new.

DeLorean filter kit.
Best kit going
filter-kit-2.jpg (72884 bytes)
Click on image for more info.

All new Bosch filters and
 new  Special T air filter.
$36.95 K102575
Add to Basket
My oil filters are Bosch, not black from
Mexico and called Bosch.  


Intake gasket removal Kit 1
intake-oring-kit.jpg (23823 bytes)
Intake O Ring Kit + hardware
More parts you will need for removal & 
replacement of  Intake manifold.
Compared to others at $15.79 
 ours is $12.95.
Add to basket  

Kit 2 Add the new air tight 
bull horn gaskets.
Add to basket

   2 year limited Warranty
  New radiator 3 row 
copper / brass 
with new fans mounted 
and tested in Dallas heat.

radiator-fans-combo.jpg (57358 bytes)

New fans mounted on new 
radiator and tested.

Add to Basket

Fans only is $189.95 Limited Life 
warranty on motors..
Add to basket
3 row core brass/copper radiator.
The best you can buy. 
Now with new built in bleeder.

radiator-3core.jpg (77987 bytes)
$299.95 Add to basket 

Don't be fooled, get the best.
Radiator only $279.95
Add to basket 

radiator-3core-1.jpg (37682 bytes)
You may want to consider an AC Condenser mounted if purchased at one time.

De Lorean clutch hydraulic kit
with new sleeves:
These will never rust or corrode..
Life Warranty
delorean-clutch-kit.jpg (28215 bytes)
All above but now with new sleeves
 master and slave:
If you don't know about SS sleeved
 it will never rust like original does.
  $295.85  Add to basket

DeLorean manifold exhaust 
Life warranty.

exhaust-manifold-stove.jpg (25983 bytes)
All Stainless Steel $79.95     Add to Basket
This assembly contains:   106044 Brackets 2
      SP10503 washer 2   SP10688 Screw 2

Compare others at $99.40

Delorean Easy Rider 
shock absorber kit

delorean-shocks-kyb.jpg (21108 bytes)
Smooth and comfortable ride.
Complete kit. #100110STER2 
Add to Basket
OE Exhaust kit
with OE  gasket.
delorean-exhaust-manifold-k.jpg (42444 bytes)
Kit 4
$69.95 Add to Basket

See more on engine page 2.
 $20.00 less that others.

Rotors are 1/2 priced when purchased with 
caliper kits 1 or 2.
Clutch #1 seller & updated.
clutch-kit-1.jpg (54781 bytes)

Look at more on the
 clutch page for better
 clutch systems.
Kit #1  $179.95  kit price
With Special T better disk.

This is absolutely 
the best clutch you
 can buy for the
 DeLorean in the stock class.
Add to basket   #K112512ST
3 year or 25K mile limited warranty.

delorean-brake-kit.jpg (66669 bytes) Complete brake over haul
 kit. Loaded Calipers.
 See more on the brake page.
 Yes there is a core charge. See brake page.
All 4 unloaded reconditioned calipers, None of 
the other stuff.
Add to basket

2  year warranty.

We also have Wilwood 
replacement front 
Brand new 
delorean-front-brake-rotors.jpg (46510 bytes)
All 4 rotors
Front Rotor  $69.95 ea  Add to basket

  Rear rotors $
6 9.95 ea 
Add to basket  

With new rebuilt calipers
 they are $59.95.

See more on 
the brake page:

delorean-complete-caliper-k.jpg (43804 bytes)
Front caliper rebuild kit.
 All the parts you need
  Add to basket
#2 selling kit 
and you use the 
old baffle.

fuel-pump-kit-stk-filt.jpg (29995 bytes)
Totally updated
 stock heavy duty
fuel pump/Tank kit.
Add to Basket

Save $30.00 over other kits.
#1 selling kit
with new updated
  delorean-fuel-update-kit..jpg (28495 bytes)
Delorean fuel
 pump / tank  update
 kit with new updated
 Add to Basket 
See more on fuel 

delorean-fuel-overhaul-1.jpg (55335 bytes)
Everything you need from tank to injector.
Master fuel kit.
Call for information.
We are the best and
 best price.
See fuel page:
AC Compressor
delorean-ac-kit.jpg (26388 bytes)

  New  R134a W ith new accumulator, orifice and O Rings. 
3 year warranty
as a kit.
Add to Basket
evaporator-kit-1.jpg (36637 bytes)
 $179.95 for the kit. Add to Basket
Great value on all
of our AC system
  new parts.
All have a 2 year warranty.
ac-hub-assembly.jpg (57049 bytes)
    New high 
pressure hub.
Complete bolt on
  new hub with hose.

Add to Basket
30% discount
 with compressor 
5 year limited

AC-compressor-hoses-splice.jpg (39946 bytes)
 AC compressor hoses
 with splice for easy one person install.
 Both hoses spliced.
  Add to basket
Check out the AC cooling page for all products.

Bumper stop
hood. We are the
 only ones that
 have them.

bumper-stop-kit.jpg (25407 bytes)
All stainless
$19.95 kit
Your choice of DeLorean lug nuts.
delorean-lug-nuts.jpg (80267 bytes)
    lugbolts.jpg (41193 bytes)
Original I don't sell: NOS 
Mine are 
  $3.49  Add to Basket
Solid chrome Gorilla -
Life warranty  $2.50 
Add to Basket
Stainless Gorilla -
Life warranty  $3.45
Add to Basket

The most complete kit you will find with the best warrant6y.
delorean-water-pump-kit-1.jpg (64120 bytes)
         delorean-water-pump-kit-2.jpg (49214 bytes)   
Unlike others: This  New pump kit has with everything you need to replace
new hardware going back. All our pumps have a
life warranty.
Add to basket New pump kit $199.95

Add to basket    Rebuilt pump kit  $169.95
Life limited warranty. 

 Please see more information about pulleys and choice on the engine cooling page.


Stainless Steel fuel lines.
All my fuel lines
Life warranty.

stainless-steel-fuel-set.jpg (55443 bytes)
delorean-stainless-fuel-lin.jpg (106450 bytes)
 Complete Delorean 13 piece Stainless Steel
line  fuel kit.
  Add to Basket
 See fuel page for more info.

Coolant Tank Kit 3
with new SS neck not painted brass.
5 year limited warranty.

coolant-tank-kit-3.jpg (29552 bytes)
All you see less hose.
SS brackets with SS hardware.
We use the correct brand new 
15 lb SS cap.
  Add to Basket

   Delorean CV joint boots drive axles.
delorean-cv-joint-boot.jpg (43359 bytes)  
Exact fit and made in the USA.
Boot, Clamps and grease.
2 required per axel.
#100119 $12.95ea 
   Add to Basket

1 ea required for ea CV boot.

up to 2" bundle 100119TIE-2  0.39ea 
  Add to Basket
up to 3" bundle 100119TIE-3 0.39ea  
  Add to Basket
2" bundle are appx. 8" long.
3" bundle are appx. 11" long>


Boot kit for all.
boot-kit.jpg (40681 bytes)  
Suspension page 
Save over buying from another competitor
  and from buying 
individual here.
 Kit is $95.95 # K109061all
Add to Basket


tuneup-performance-package.jpg (57584 bytes)
Most popular tune 
up kit.
 8mm silicon wires
 with life warranty.
  Add to Basket
With any color wire 
 yellow or Blue.
Just note it in the 
comment at check out.
delorean-major-tuneup-kit.jpg (50661 bytes)
Add to Basket
Up dates and subs 
can be done.
delorean-HP-service-kit.jpg (40464 bytes)
Delorean High
tune up kit with 
K & N filter.
Add to basket

With any color wire 
 yellow or Blue.
Just note it in the 
comment at check out.


The best #1 Alternator in the 
DeLorean World.
delorean-alterrnator-packag.jpg (34016 bytes)
New not rebuilt. No core required.
High amps at Idle. More for traffic 
and town driving. D120
Add to basket

Brake lines  Life Warranty.
brake-lines-set.jpg (36708 bytes)
Our own braded Stainless Steel
braded DOT approved brake lines.
Add to basket

Delorean  relay update kit.
relay-kit.jpg (79137 bytes)
New 40 amp Bosch style relays, the best you  can buy. 
Add to basket
Delorean Relay
kit in purple
delorean-relay-kit-2.jpg (48626 bytes)
New and improved as people some call it with purple case
( Save $70.00.)

delorean-fuse-box-kit.jpg (44094 bytes)
Easy to install.

Delorean fuse box kit. 
New not original bad ones.
Add to Basket

fuse-kit.jpg (72102 bytes)
Top quality Bussman  fuses.
18 fuse replacement +
3 extra.  $5.95 Kit . 
That's .33 Cents ea. 

Add to basket
For more parts in this category, see the engine cooling system page. 
Hot climate area radiator fans.
11" not 10" for more air flow.
Life warranty

radiator-fans-front-2.jpg (36254 bytes)
All metal, radiator fan  replacement. Get rid of
 the electrical problems.
Lifetime warranty.
Add to basket

German quality thread repair kit.
thread-repair.jpg (25730 bytes)
7MM x 1.0 pitch   $69.95  Add to Basket
8MM x 1.25 pitch  $59.95 Add to Basket


Every rubber heater hose in the car or the hoses free for $199.95. Water pump, heater core, radiator hoses and clamps
5 year limited warranty.

Don't over heat due to air in the coolant. 
Delorean Air Bleeder.
air-bleeder.jpg (44143 bytes) air-bleeder-long.jpg (87927 bytes)
 This is a must for hot climate.
Don't over heat. Install the Air bleeder
 and automatically bleed the air out of
the coolant system. If air is in the system
 it will prevent the radiator fans 
from coming on.

  Shorter Add to basket
 $24.95 Longer hose to hide better.
  Add to basket


DeLorean automatic 
transmission kit

automatic-transmission-kit.jpg (56894 bytes)
This is the master overhaul rebuild
 kit  with all the parts to rebuild the 
automatic transmission. 
I'm using P/N 103500 as a reference.
Add to basket


intake-oring-kit.jpg (23823 bytes)
Intake O Ring Kit + hardware
More parts you will need for replace of  Intake manifold.
Compared to others at $15.79  ours is $12.95.
Add to basket

Kit 2 Add the new air tight 
bull horn gaskets.
Add to basket
o-rings-automatic.jpg (31599 bytes)
DeLorean automatic
transmission governor
O Ring kit.
Add to Basket
 Kit # 104218
o-ring-assort.jpg (54524 bytes)
Most common top of 
engine O Rings.
Add to Basket
fuel-cooper-gaskets.jpg (38280 bytes)
  Metric copper washers 
For the fuel system.

Copper sealing washer set. 
Add to Basket
Delorean head light 
switch saver.

head-light-switch-saver.jpg (70475 bytes)

switch saver.
Add to Basket


  o-rings.jpg (63153 bytes)   
Master Chart for copper sealing washers.
 Delorean Gas-charged lift supports or  struts, Door, Bonnet-luggage and engine louver cover. 
Made by the one and only original
Stabilus gas-charged lift supports
No other but the best and no non name units.

New Stabilus DeLorean Soft lift door struts. Still 1200 newtons as original but
designed so you don't bang at the top when you open the doors. 
Others in the kit are Stabilus struts.
3 Year warranty

door-lift-pistons-2.jpg (24583 bytes)
     $89.95 Kit  6 struts  
Add to Basket
All Struts carry a 3 year warranty against mechanical defects.     
Door struts in pairs  $39.90 pair. Add to Basket
Also see accessories page for more.