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Engine Cooling & Heating

Why buy rubber when you can get 4 ply Silicone water pump hoses with original factory bend for almost the same price with lifetime warranty in Black or Blue.
Water pump fully assembled and with all hardware as shown to right..
  delorean-water-pump-kit-1.jpg (64120 bytes)
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Complete hose kit silicone only with brass copper brass 3 row radiator .
439.90.90 Add to basket

delorean-complete-hose-kit.jpg (38872 bytes)
  radiator-3core.jpg (77987 bytes)
$189.95 rubber kit w/o radiator with std clamps. Add to basket

K118674SIL $139.95 Silicone kit  Hoses only
w/o radiator, clamps and heater core valve.
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 With regular clamps but should use liner clamps info below

Up grade SS liner clamps with above kit $75.00 
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The best and coldest coolant produced with all brass copper
 3 row radiator.
for the DeLorean with built in bleed screw.

radiator-3core.jpg (77987 bytes)

 None better
 #100486 Ours is  $299.95
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3 year limited warranty. 
Extra bleeder included>
radiator-3core-1.jpg (37682 bytes)
 #100486 Ours is  $299.95
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3 year limited warranty. 
The standard in DeLorean radiator.
 All brass and copper 3 row not
2 row aluminum radiator
 which can't be repaired.
Ask your local radiator shop if they can fix or weld aluminum.  
New 11" low current fans for hot climate mounted on the best 3 row copper/brass radiator available in the DeLorean world is only.   radiator-fans-front-2.jpg (36254 bytes)
Tested for 10 years in 110 degree Dallas traffic.
# 100415F  $489.90 That's radiator and fans Add to basket
The most ( complete) Delorean water Pump kit on the market and all come with new pulley's already pressed on
OE reproduction or Aluminum. We also have the longest warranty of 3 years.
delorean-water-pump-kit-1.jpg (64120 bytes)
Kit 1 K102119Kit1
New pump with all new hardware & OE pulley
Add to basket   $199.95

delorean-water-pump-new-wp.jpg (16972 bytes)

  Add to basket $229.95.00
All the parts as above in kit 1 but with aluminum pulley.


New Pump kit 1 & 2 New pulley pressed on.
  3 yr warranty on our pumps and life on all hoses.

  All the new parts below to do the complete change over.
 w ater pumps with new OE pressed on pulley.
or new aluminum pulley.
Back of pump hose kit w / clamps $9.95. Value
Back of pump new bolts kit $5.95 value
6 Intake manifold O Rings $12.00 valve
2 Air horn gaskets new extra thick $1.95 value
2 Air horn O Rings $4.00 value
Thermostat w/seal $16.95 value
  2 Y pipe O Ring seal & bolts $4.00Value
3 Water pump bolts. $3.00 value
4 Intake manifold bolts.
1 O Ring seal for Idle speed motor tube.
All pumps come with a new back gasket

For Silicone rubber and clamps add $20.00 on either kit.


Life Warranty on all hoses.

108675SBK $26.95 LH Driver side WP>>>>
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,, Blue

108676SBK $26.95 RH Pass side WP>>>>>
Add to basket Black
Add to basket
,, Blue

108679SBK $12.95 Coolant tank
  Add to basket Black only

102153SBK ( takes 2 ) $4.95 ea
Add to basket Black
Add to basket
,, Blue

All silicone hoses should use
 liner clamps.
  I only use Breeze Stainless Steel Liner clamps:
 kit of 12 for complete WP.
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ea Add to basket 
  Silicone hoses on pumps.
water-pump-silicone-black.jpg (129124 bytes)

water-pump-silicone-blue.jpg (87138 bytes)

silicone-coolant-tank-black.jpg (20063 bytes)

7mm Allen head cap screws for the water pump back cover.
  7mm-allen-head-screw.jpg (308160 bytes) water-pump-pulley's.jpg (523984 bytes)  
Delorean water return pipe Stainless Steel.
Off the back of the water pump. Yours is most likely rusted .
water-return-pipe-SS.jpg (45855 bytes)
Never rust again.  p/n 102482 $59.95  Add to basket

50% off if bought with new water pump kit.

All the pumps are DeLorean pumps but I'm showing
 2 different pulleys and shafts. 
I have no more 4 bolt pulleys. Just press on.
delorean-water-pump-long.jpg (20892 bytes)      
delorean-water-pump-4bolt.jpg (17992 bytes)  
New   water pump only.  $99.95
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All pumps carry a 3 year warranty .
  Water pump new or rebuilt concourse
 quality with OE pulley.
delorean-water-pump-concour.jpg (32323 bytes)
All my pumps carries a 3 yr warranty. 
Has been assembled for concourse quality with the original cast number 
and new or re-plated parts. Call if any questions.
$179.95    Add to basket K102119CON
 $25.00 core.
Silicone water pump hose kit.
back and side.  
silicone-water-pump-black.jpg (23026 bytes)
 Special liner clamps for silicone hose
are included..
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Life warranty


  Silicone water pump
 hose kit for back of pump..

silicone-water-pump-blue.jpg (23421 bytes)
   Special clamps for silicone hose.
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Life warranty
Were out of blue for now.


Rubber water pump
hose kit.

water-hoses-back-2.jpg (31769 bytes)
 Hose kit with clamps:
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hosekit-back-water-pump.jpg (15477 bytes)
 With out clamps:
 $9.95 #102153
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New Delorean 11" not 10 like others for hot climate cooling fans.  
Front view.
Maximum amount of air flow for
 the least amount of current.

radiator-fans-front-2.jpg (36254 bytes)
 Life warranty on fan motors.
All metal construction.
11 total amps VS original at 25 to 30 amps as OE.

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Shipping weight is 10lb's 10 oz's.

radiator-fan-rubber.jpg (155374 bytes)
Delorean 3 core brass & copper radiator.  
Best you can buy.
These are not 2 row aluminum
 like others.

radiator-3core.jpg (77987 bytes)

radiator-3core-1.jpg (37682 bytes)
 #100486 Ours is  $299.95
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 Limited 3 year warranty. 

These radiators are pre-packed with 
lots of foam and have a shipping weight
 of 22 lb's.

If you buy the Radiator and Fans then we will do the 
assembly and test no charge.

  for the assembly.  Add to Basket
  radiator-fans-combo.jpg (57358 bytes)
32lb's shipping weight
Brand new brass coppere heater cores
heater-core.jpg (49913 bytes)
Brand new heater cores.  No NOS or old stock, Brand new.
#101271   $99.95 ea.
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coolant-tank-all-stainless.jpg (39356 bytes)
All tanks are now all polished stainless with the only 
stainless steel neck on the market.
No more painted brass necks.

Coolant tank silicone hose. 
silicone-coolant-tank-black.jpg (20063 bytes)
As it says, coolant tank silicone hose.
Old # 106031 / new 108679S
$16.95 Add to basket

 2 liner clamps needed.
SP102911S  $2.60 ea
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Delorean Stainless Steel tank
 and neck.
waterbottle.jpg (36140 bytes)
$124.50   Add to Basket
Tank with new SS Brackets   
stainless-steel-bracket.jpg (21993 bytes)
$144.50  Add to Basket  
Shipping weight is 3lb's 10 oz.
Right now all of our tanks are the more expensive polished Stainless Steel.
Coolant Tank Kit 3 w.SS neck
coolant-tank-kit-3.jpg (29552 bytes)
All you see less hose.
SS brackets with SS hardware.
Touch up pad and  hose.
We use New not ( NOS ) correct 15 lb SS
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Coolant Tank Kit 4, w/SS neck.
coolant-tank-kit-4.jpg (28681 bytes)
All you see:
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Coolant tank sight glass tube.
coolant-tank-sight.jpg (35355 bytes)

Now you can see the tank level without
 having to remove the cap. Order with tank 
or send your tank in. This is not something
for you to buy and try to install yourself.

$39.95 extra
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Delorean Stainless Steel 
coolant tank brackets.
stainles-steel-brackets-1.jpg (22058 bytes)
$39.95 / pair when available.
with SS bolts and washers.
$20.00 with the purchase of the tank
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Keep the Radiator fans turning on with a new otterstat.
They come with new rubber boot.  No extra.


Delorean otterstat
temperature switch
Hot Climate

Hot climate, to keep 
the engine a little  cooler,
 Turns on at 92c=196F
 and off at  87c = 185F
 temp's. +/- 5%. 
$18.95ea,   Add to basket  
Delorean otterstat 
temperature switch
OE Temp switch

Original : Turns on at
 97c=207F and off at
  91c=196F, + /- 5% tol. 
Add to basket
With rubber gasket
Delorean otterstat 
temperature switch.
Colder weather

For winter and colder climate
turns on at 98c=208F and 
off at 92c=196F.+/- 5%
Helps keep the engine and 
heater warmer in winter.
  otterstat-location.jpg (36561 bytes) otterstat-jumper.jpg (38008 bytes)
 Otterstat location and jumper to turn on fans with key on.
De Lorean  Otterstat or Temperature switch is in lower left hand water pipe. 
Don't strap your circuit to make the fans run all the time, just install the right one for your climate. Also ask about the new up grade The Fan Fix.
otterstat-broke.jpg (41726 bytes)
Maybe this is why it doesn't turn on & off. Take a look.  otterstat-broke-2.jpg (23982 bytes)

Intake O Ring Kit + hardware
intake-oring-kit.jpg (23823 bytes)
More parts you will need for replace of
 Intake manifold.
Compared to others at $15.79 |
ours is $12.95.
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  Delorean most common use upper 
engine O rings.
o-ring-assort.jpg (54524 bytes)
Most common top of engine O Rings.
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O ring assortment with nylon 
spacer ring.  $36.95
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Radiator piping kit,  Heater control valve and kit.
Gates Rubber or Silicone.
All hoses Rubber or Silicone has a life warranty.
Radiator piping hose kit.
radiator-piping-hose.jpg (64644 bytes)
 New ( not NOS ) 
All cut to length and
 ready to install. Comes
 with layout for easy install.
 This is heavy duty hose for
 underneath the car.
$39.95 kit.
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Delorean coolant piping
coolant-hose.jpg (16666 bytes)
Do your own Radiator coolant pipe  hose.
 18" sections $11.70 
Add to basket

 Or you can get it already
 cut. See above. 

Silicone piping kit
w/SS liner clamps.
radiator-silicone-pipe-blk.jpg (51169 bytes)

Add to basket

Heater control
 valve kit.
heater-conbtrol-valve-kit.jpg (75799 bytes)
 Assembled and ready to
Add to basket

 Silicone with liner 
$59.95 Add to basket

Typically what they 
look like after 30 years..

heater-control-valve-old.jpg (73209 bytes)

    Silicone piping kit
w/SS liner clamps.
radiator-silicone-pipe-kit.jpg (73779 bytes)
$59.95   Add to basket

Delorean heater
heater-control-valve-new.jpg (40059 bytes)
#100763    $19.95
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heater-system.jpg (136091 bytes)

radiator-pipe-2nd-copy.jpg (41545 bytes)

Silicone Radiator piping hose 1 1/4" bulk.
sold in 3' sticks only. We will cut in 1/2 for easier and cheaper packing.

silicone-radiator-piping-ho.jpg (70958 bytes)
$10.98 / Ft Black Add to basket
That's $32.94 for 3"

$10.98 / Ft Blue
Add to basket
Silicone heater hose by the foot in in bulk.
Order in Black or blue 1 is 1',,  2 is 2' and so on.
No return or credit after cut.
Call if any question.
silicone-heater-hose-3.8.jpg (57151 bytes)
3/8" Black 
Add to basket

3/8" blue  
Add to basket

For better fit use #6 liner clamp

silicone-heater-hose-5.8.jpg (49981 bytes)
5/8" black
Add to basket

5/8" blue
Add to basket

For better fit use #10 Liner Clamp
silicone-heater-hose-3.4.jpg (5100%8 bytes)
3/4" black
Add to basket

3/4" blue
Add to basket

For better fit use #12 Liner Clamp
 I only use Breeze Stainless Steel Liner clamps
These are hard to find and this is an excellent price.
$1.89 ea Add to basket

Gates Safety Stripe heater hose
heater-hose-rubber.jpg (28717 bytes)
Sold by the foot. List how many feet.
  #28408 5/16"  0.43'    Add to basket         50 ' .38/ft.
     #28409 3/8"  0.59'    Add to basket        50'  .51/ft. 
    #28411 5/8"  0.64'    Add to basket        50'  .57/ft.
   #28412  3/4"  0.74'     Add to basket        50'  .66/ft.

Internal water pipe 
internal-water-pipe-kit.jpg (57322 bytes) internalwater-pipe--screws.jpg (47080 bytes)
 Internal water pipe Kit
  Add to basket

Set of 4  7mm,, 8.8 grade. 
New O rings and washers.
 torque 7-11 lb's.

Thermostat 87C
Factory original.
thermostat.jpg (19759 bytes)
Add to basket  
Correct part for the 
Others charge $16.95 
and still want $1.95 for the gasket seal.

Our ring seal Free with
 the purchase of the
Water pump
 back bolts.

water-pump-back-bolts.jpg (28540 bytes)
New 7mm hex head 
 for the  back of the
 water pump.
$5.95 kit.

Add to basket

 torque 7-11lb's



Delorean Radiator Cap.
Brand new not nos

water-bottle-radiator-cap.jpg (22417 bytes)

New Original stainless Steel water bottle 
15 lb cap.
Stant doesn't
 make 15 lb. 
Add to basket
water-pipe-reducers.jpg (27330 bytes)
  Water pump hose adapter.
Add to basket
1 1/4" to 1 1/2"

All of our rubber hoses come with clamps 
and belt protector. 

Delorean water pump
 hose left / driver  side.
water-hose-left.jpg (18325 bytes)
Water hose left top Dr. side.
water pump. #108675
 With clamps and belt 
$17.95 Add to basket

silicone-water-pump-driver.jpg (38161 bytes)

 Silicone see prices at  top.
Passenger side. 
water-hose-right-side.jpg (23210 bytes)  
Water hose right side.
With clamps and hose
 $23.95 #108676
Add to basket

silicone-water-pump-passeng.jpg (37829 bytes)
 Silicone see prices at top.

Water bottle 

water-hose.tank.jpg (20411 bytes)
With clamps.
#108679 $10.95  
Add to basket

silicone-coolant-tank-black.jpg (20063 bytes)
What color. Stainless Steel or Gold.
front-of-eng.jpg (55041 bytes)

 Delorean water pump.

water-pump-2.jpg (38046 bytes)
   water-pump-rear.jpg (74515 bytes)
Don't over heat due to air in the coolant. 
Delorean Air Bleeder.
air-bleeder.jpg (44143 bytes) air-bleeder-long.jpg (87927 bytes)
 This is a must for hot climate.
Don't over heat. Install the Air bleeder
 and automatically bleed the air out of the
 coolant system. If air is in the system it will
 prevent the radiator fans from coming on.

  Shorter Add to basket
 $24.95 Longer hose to hide better.
  Add to basket
  Delorean Gates Brand New belts. 
Delorean-gates-belts.jpg (31469 bytes)

Free ST belt with alternator purchase.

 Special T alternator belt for Motorola or Ducellier. 
  $9.95 Add to basket  102442ST

Stock Alternator belt. 102442GAT
New gates not NOS
$12.65   Add to basket  

AC heavy duty Gates Green stripe. 
Best there is 
$24.95 Add to basket  

Special T AC heavy duty belt.
$11.95   Add to basket #105505SPT

  Delorean Idle
speed thermistor.
Sensor-idle-temp.jpg (34757 bytes)
Black top Idle 
Located under the
 intake manifold in
 the internal water
New Bosch, Delo. # 102480
Add to basket

   Delorean coolant 
temperature switch.
sensor-water-temp-gauge.jpg (32394 bytes)
 Sensor, Water
 temp gauge
Located on the
 right rear pass
 head  on top.
102450 $17.95 
Add to basket

New Delorean Thermal 
Time Switch

sensor-thermal-time-swt.jpg (37922 bytes)
Brown top, Thermo time
switch or TTS.
If the cold  start won't 
fire then this
might be the problem.
 Located top left  water
VDO style L, Bosch style R.
Delo# 102125.

$149.95  alone Add to basket


 $139.95 with WP kit or fuel system rework.
102125WF Add to basket

torque 18-22lb's

bearings-blue-seal.jpg (25329 bytes)   bearings-red-seal.jpg (56167 bytes)
idler-pully-2.jpg (55697 bytes)
   idler-pully-1.jpg (43636 bytes)
Bearings Blue Seal & Red 
Both are  EMQ quality.
Just different makers.
Best you can buy.
The long lasting ones for the idler pulley's 
Don't use black seal China.
 $4.95 ea
Add to basket

Black seal are the low
 end that wear out

 Idler pulley info.
Click to enlarge.
Water hose adapter
water-pipe-reducers.jpg (27330 bytes)
Add to basket
Glove box item if you
ever loose a water pump
hose, you can  always find a 
 1 1/2" to 1 1/2" that hose
that will work. But! You must
have a reducer to go to 1 1/4"
on the coolant pipe. That is
what this does. No body stocks
it. I had to special order them.
waterpump-w-hoses2.jpg (58026 bytes)
DeLorean water pump.
waterpump-w-hoses.jpg (38236 bytes)
DeLorean water pump.
water-pump-align.jpg (71092 bytes)
Correct alignment.

  Silicone hose liner clamp.
Use the right clamp 
for the right job.

Clamp differences.

clamps-differences.jpg (71933 bytes)

  waterpumpback1.jpg (7713 bytes) thermo-housing.jpg (17841 bytes)
  Thermostat & water pump back. Does not come on 
new pumps.
Email about availability. 
water-pipe-flange.jpg (44095 bytes)
 Set of 4 for both sides. 
7mm screws. 8.8
grade. $2.50 
Add to basket  

German quality thread repair kit.
thread-repair.jpg (25730 bytes)
7MM x 1.0 pitch   $69.95  Add to Basket
All over the engine + exhaust studs.

8MM x 1.25 pitch  $59.95
Add to Basket
 Water pump.

Silicone hose liner clamp.
silicone-hose-clamp.jpg (34307 bytes)
 Quality clamps for industry.
Aircraft, Automotive,
industrial, OEM, Marine.

For 5/8" hose, 1/2" to 29/32"
12.7mm wide $1.50ea. 
Add to basket

For 3/4"hose 9/16" to1 1/16"
12.7mm wide $15.0ea.
Add to basket

Coolant hose clamps.
hose-clamp-5202.jpg (59078 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp 5202   Stainless Steel
1/4" to 5/8" hose
Ten Pack $3.50 
Add to basket

Each $0.45
Add to basket


hose-clamp-5203.jpg (48560 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp #5203
Stainless Steel
5/16" to 7/8" hose
Ten Pack $3.50 
Add to basket

Each $0.45

Add to basket
hose-clamp-5210.jpg (71458 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp #5210
Stainless Steel
3/8" to 5/8" hose
Ten Pack $4.00

Add to basket

Each $0.45 
Add to basket
hose-clamps-5212.jpg (64374 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp #5212
Stainless Steel
3/8" to 3/4" hose
Ten pack $4.00

Add to basket

Each $0.45ea 
Add to basket
hose-clamps-5220.jpg (54591 bytes)
  Ideal Hose clamp #5220
Stainless Steel
3/4" to 1 1/8" hose
Ten pack $4.00
Add to basket

Each 0.45
Add to basket


hose-clamps-5228.jpg (54545 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp #5228
Stainless Steel
11/4" to 1 5/8" hose
Ten Pack $4.00

Add to basket

Each 0.45
Add to basket

hose-clamps-5236.jpg (63112 bytes)
 Ideal hose clamp #5236
Stainless Steel
3/4" to 2" hose
Ten pack $4.00 
Add to basket

Each 0.45ea 
Add to basket
Stainless Steel hose clamps
clamps-stainless.jpg (93588 bytes)
 #4   $0.49   Add to Basket       #6   $0.49   Add to Basket      #8   $0.49    Add to Basket
#10   $0.79    Add to Basket  #12   $0.79   Add to Basket     #20   $0.89   Add to Basket
#28   $0.89   Add to Basket
We can put Stainless Steel clamps on any products we build