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Cooling Fans


New radiator fans Life time warranty.

New swept blade fans mounted either an aluminum or stainless steel shroud.

100415ASA aluminum
$149.95 Add to basket

100415ASL Stainless
$169.95 Add to basket

Mounted free on radiator, + the cost of radiator.


Delorean High Performance 11" not 10" like others r adiator cooling Fans.
 for hot climate applications .
If you want the lowest current draw and maximum cooling, these fans
 are what you want.

Have you asked what the current draw of the
 competitors are. You might be surprised. 
Life  warranty.

Front view. radiator-fans-front-2.jpg (36254 bytes)
Side view
radiator-fans-side-new-1.jpg (23256 bytes)
 rear view.
radiator-fans-rear-1.jpg (42049 bytes)
Delorean Radiator fans.  Bolt on replacement and hook up the wires.
#1. Lighter weight by 3 lb's.
#2. The new and modern High Torque Pan Cake fans of today.
#3. Fans both running draw 11 amps of current compared to 28amps 
of the standard Bosch fans in the car today.
#4. The original fans draw 28amps run current and 60 amps inrush current.
#5. Only 2 3/4" thick when laying flat on the bench compared to the standard 
fan now in the car at 8"
in depth.
radiator-fans-comparison.jpg (44434 bytes)
#6. All metal fan shroud. No plastic to crack or break. 
#7. Price to replace all of the old system is $620.00.
No partial radiator coverage not being used because of fan coverage.

Our price for the complete new  fan system is. 
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 Warranted for life.
Radiator and Fans then we will do the assembly ( no charge.)
  radiator-fans-combo.jpg (57358 bytes)
Fans mounted on new radiator.

$489.90    Add to Basket

DeLorean Hot Air Dam.
delorean-hot-air-dam.jpg (21220 bytes)
This is heavy gauge thick cored ply rubber that is water jet cut 
goes behind the radiator fans to direct the hot air down and keep the hot
 air from blowing back onto the fuel tank.
 Coupled with our new fuel pump free flow filter screen will help reduce fuel pump noise and help keep debris, rain and trash from blowing back into the fuel tank area.
Easy to install or insert and requires no special tools.
$59.95    Add to basket
delorean-hot-air-dam-place.jpg (53378 bytes)
Delorean blower motor.
5 year limited warranty.

For AC and Heater
New,  not rebuilt.
 No modification.
 They turn the correct way.
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 Be sure to check the resistor that
controls the speed along with
the switch.


coolingfancircuit.jpg (84355 bytes)
Click image to enlarge
Spec sheet for DeLorean
cooling fans

Delorean blower motor resistor
blowerresistor.jpg (21936 bytes)
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If your AC/Heater blower motor 
 run and the circuit breaker is ok, 
then this may be the problem. 
Blower motor speed 2, 3 , 
& 4 go thru this resistor.
I would also update the circuit 
from 25 to 30 amp.