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Clutch & Transmission

Delorean Auto Parts Clutch kits, Delorean clutch master cylinder,
Slave cylinder, Delorean clutch kits, 
automatic transmissions, torque converters and 
DeLorean standard transmissions. New governor.
Valeo, Lucas, Lucas Girling, Vixen

De Lorean Auto Parts Clutch Bleeder
clutch-bleeder.jpg (18982 bytes) clutch-air-bleeder-1.jpg (103544 bytes)
Install and leave it in.  Bleed the clutch when ever needed.
$49.95   100843B
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Beware of the newer Valeo clutch kit: The pressure plate takes 1450.00 PSI pressure to engage and the original took 1123.00PSI to engage.
That is 6500 newtons VS 5000 newtons.
This difference will be a sore leg when clutching.
Hope you don't get stuck in traffic.
Stage 1 ,
    The most complete and best  Delorean clutch kits you will find.

clutch-kit-1.jpg (54781 bytes)

$189.95  price
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Stage 2

Kit #2  
  Add to basket  #k112512CK
Stage 1 kit
 Includes pressure plate, clutch disk, throw out bearing, pilot bearing, alignment tool, new bolts for pressure plate if needed.
  Double lip rear main seal with  new never leak gasket with fork grease retainer.

3 year or 25K mile limited warranty.

Stage 2 kit,
Stage 1 kit to the left but with the new Carbon / Kevlar disk.
50% more gripping power
 than OE and 5 to 10 times more
 lasting power.

Stage 3

Kit #3 Add to basket  #k112512KP

Stage 3 Kit,
Stage 3 clutch kit, All parts as in stage 1 but the new  Kevlar Pad
clutch disk and the more power full pressure plate.
More clutch kits for the performance cars.
  flywheel.jpg (44615 bytes)     Flywheel step information.
Thicker clutch disk as in the Kevlar may require the step on the flywheel to 
 machined off. I also have another way so you don't have to machine off all the step.

It is recommended that all flywheels need to be resurfaced before installing a new clutch disk.
If you have any questions about special clutch disk please call or email.
Stage 3 HP clutch kit.
delorean-clutch-kit-HP.jpg (56973 bytes)
One of a kind special HP dual friction 
Kevlar button clutch disk.
Special more aggressive pressure plate
 for higher HP engines.

Best rear main double lip lip seal
 with best gasket you could ever purchase.
  Everything in picture in kit.
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Here is the difference in
 pressure plate holding power.
Clutch reference
clutch-reference.jpg (48009 bytes)
Clutch disk only Kit parts.

Special T Disk only.
102512ST  $89.95  
delorean-clutch-disk-pressu.jpg (51815 bytes)
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Special T 21 spline all new
Kevlar disk only.

102512KEV $129.95
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 Delorean Clutch Kit parts.
 Delorean stock 21 spline clutch disk.
#102512  $89.95
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 Pressure plate stock.
#102753   $89.95
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Throw out bearing only.
#103245NEW  $45.00
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All of our standard clutch kits carry a 10,000 mile limited warranty. 

Kevlar: As of 2016 our Kevlar is the latest in new Kevlar design and gripping
power with smooth action.

Clutch disk 10 spline.
clutch-disk-10-spline.jpg (47841 bytes)

New  clutch disk 10 spline.
For that rare DeLorean.
Add to basket   $132.95
$100.00 refundable core
Delorean clutch fork
delorean-clutch-fork-reman.jpg (57168 bytes)   clutch-fork-old.jpg (54209 bytes)  
delorean-clutch-fork.jpg (32740 bytes)
Clutch forks. Rusting away and you 
most likely don't know it.
#103134 New forks $249.95 
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$250.00 core charge. 
Must have a good re-build able for back.

Rebuilt forks with SS clip with purchase of our clutch kits.
 $49.95 exchange with
 a good re-build able fork.
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  There is a $250.00 core charge. 
     Must have a good re-build able fork back.

#103134R Rebuilt forks with Stainless
 Steel clip. $149.95
Add to basket
$250.00 core charge. 
Must have a good re-build able for back.


Life warranty on all stainless steel hydraulic
clutch parts. 
  One stainless steel line from Master to slave.
No more connection above transmission.

If your not familiar with sleeved cylinders they are made from 304 stainless steel Not
 soft brass that will wear out. SS will never rust, corrode or wear out.
Brake fluid absorbs water and will corrode aluminum and rust steel.

Shipping weight on this kit is 

Cylinders are built and the seals are warranted  for as long as you
 own the car. Everything is greased and ready to install.
Kit contains,, Stainless Steel line,, Clutch stainless steel slave cylinder,, 
Clutch stainless steel master cylinder.

Kit 1 Better than new clutch hydraulic kit with Life warranty   
with stainless steel sleeved master and slave, 
New one piece line master to slave,
$338.95  Add to basket
, does not include bleeder

Kit 2.
If you want rebuilt master & slave with without stainless steel sleeves
and stock clevis. I don't recommend doing this. Brake fluid is to corrosive.
  1 year warranty master #100462, new slave #100843 new #108637 
$139.95  Add to basket   When available.

Core charge applies to all kits $150.00.
We do not cover over tightening bleed screw and stripping out threads.
Delorean Auto Parts clutch master.
Seals are warranty for as long as you own the car and 
now the master has stainless steel sleeves.

If your not familiar with sleeved cylinders they are made from 304 stainless steel
with will never rust or corrode. Brake fluid absorbs
 water and will corrode aluminum and rust steel.
These are better than new.
Delorean Stainless steel clutch master.
Life warranty
clutch-master-cylinder-ss-s.jpg (26688 bytes) clutch-master-cylinder-rebu.jpg (50403 bytes)

#100462SS Clutch Master with stainless steel  not soft brass sleeve and OE clevis,
never rust or corrode. 
Life warranty $129.90 Add to basket
 Core charge applies.$75.00
Delorean Stainless steel clutch slave cylinders:
Life warranty.
clutch-slave-cylinder-sleev.jpg (25949 bytes)

$99.95 Stainless steel sleeved 
Add to basket

clutch-slave-cyl-5.jpg (27133 bytes)
 $ 69.95   
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|Delorean clutch slave cylinder new. 
1 year warranty, 

Also used on Vixen Motor Home  
Life warranty on seals.

$50.00 core charge. 
Delorean Stainless Steel clutch line.
One line from master to slave, no connection
on top of transmission.
clutch-line-stainlessteel.jpg (29539 bytes)


If you have a soft or sagging
 clutch peddle and the gears of the
 transmission grind a little when
 shifting, then this is most likely the
$99.95 with out master or slave. 
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  Delorean 21 spine clutch alignment tool.
clutch-alignment-tool.jpg (28520 bytes)
$12.95 Add to basket  
A must when replacing the clutch.
if purchased separately.
No Charge with kit.

 Clutch pilot bearing.
Clutch-pilot-bearing-standa.jpg (30733 bytes)
 Standard is black seal.   
  #102569 $5.95    
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Free in kit.

  Delorean new and old style 
throw out bearing.
   clutchthrowout2.jpg (35559 bytes)   clutchthrowoutnew.jpg (23111 bytes)
Old style Delorean throw out bearing
on left and new type with plastic
insert for smoother operation on
Call or Email for pricing on old style.
old style used on 10 spline disk.

Up Grade Pilot Bearing 
clutch-pilot-bearing.jpg (33264 bytes)
  Up grade c lutch pilot bearing. 
#102569  $8.95      Add to basket
Better than the black seal. 
 New and updated. Blue or brown.|
Free with kit. 

 Delorean gear box casting 
  gearbox-casting-magnetic-pl.jpg (47715 bytes)
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No stock right now.


Delorean  steering column bushings. 
bushing-steer.jpg (30158 bytes)
New  upgrade bushings.
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Delorean lip seal kit for 
standard transmission.
lip-seal-standard.jpg (35277 bytes)
Includes 1,,103013 lip seal O ring $1.00ea
and 2,,104216 double Lip seals $12.95ea.
Kit total is $18.95
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We use only new double lip seals
 for double oil seal protection. 

Delorean lip seal  placement.
Lip-seal-image.jpg (49096 bytes)

Delorean lip seal kit for 
automatic transmission.
  lip-seal-automatic.jpg (45857 bytes)
 Includes 2,,103013 O rings $1.00ea
and 2,, 104216 lip seals @
103044   $12.95
kit total is $19.95
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We use only new double lip seals  for double oil seal protection.

DeLorean automatic transmission governor seal kit.
o-rings-automatic.jpg (31599 bytes)
O Ring kit.  $2.50   
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   Kit # 104218
Delorean automatic transmission
delorean-automatic-transmis.jpg (40166 bytes)
Pan-Sump  #103516  $16.95
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Filter Gasket #103703
$.89   Add to basket 
Delorean back up light switch
 in the transmission.
  Backup-switch.jpg (39733 bytes)
$19.95   Add to basket
Delorean shifter pivot bolt.
shifter-bolt-image.jpg (83024 bytes)
Shift linkage pivot bolt.  Item #36.
Try to break this one Proof load strength 
goes fromappx.84,00 PSI to 135,000 PSI. 
De Lorean came with a 8.8 grade.
 This is a 12.6 grade
Kit $9.95
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Delorean clutch master 
seal kit.
added 02/19/05
  clutch-master-seal-kit.jpg (36546 bytes)
Warranty for as long as you own 
the car.   $19.95
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Delorean clutch 
clevis rod adjustable.
clutch-clevis-new.jpg (42176 bytes)   
Take the play out of the
 clutch due to a worn clevis
 rod.  Also raise the 
engagement height. 
$39.95      Add to basket  
Delorean clutch master cylinder 
replacement hose and connector.

clutch-hose-line.jpg (23605 bytes)
 Ours hose comes with connector, hose and 
stainless clamp. Replaces 
108459 connector which is no longer
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New hose only ( No connector ) with 
stainless clamps
#106753HO   $4.50 
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clutch-master-locartion.jpg (67121 bytes)
Clutch master located reference to a bad one. 
How to Id.
Delorean clutch slave cylinder
New and rebuilt
If your not familiar with sleeved cylinders they are made from 304 stainless steel with will never rust or corrode. Brake fluid absorbs
 water and will corrode aluminum and rust steel.
These are better than new.

Delorean clutch slave cylinder
rebuild kit. Life warranty

clutch-slave-seal-kit.jpg (14097 bytes)

$19.95 Old style
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$19.95 New style
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Factory service bulletin # ST-07-9/82. If you have had difficulty in achieving full clutch
disengagement generally in first and reverse after normal operating temperature is reached then an adjustable clevis rod is advisable. 

DeLorean automatic

automatic-transmission-comp.jpg (42361 bytes)
 Completely rebuilt with everything 
you see. Ready to install. All new
seals and clutches. Governor has been
updated . 1 year warranty.
$2750.00 .
Free freight on transmissions in continental US.
  Add to basket
Wooden case included to return
 the old unit in.
Deposit required pending tear down
 and rebuilding yours.
Please, no broken, cracked or in any
 way damaged transmission cases.  

New automatic transmission 
torque converter.

delorean-torque-converter.jpg (16002 bytes)
Never had fluid in them.
#103753 $289.95 Add to basket
Exchange for your old one.
$100.00 core charge.

DeLorean Standard transmission.
delorean-standard-transmiss.jpg (42435 bytes)

Completely rebuilt and 
ready to ship. 1 year warr.

 100104  $1550.00  Free freight on
 transmissions in continental
   Add to basket
  Deposit required pending
 tear down and rebuilding yours.

DeLorean automatic transmission kit
automatic-transmission-kit.jpg (56894 bytes)
This is the master overhaul
 hard kit with all the parts to rebuild the
automatic transmission.
I'm using P/N 103500 as a
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The ultimate engine rear main oil leak seal kit
 and drive flange .# 110539
rear-main-seal-kit.jpg (38779 bytes)   drive-flange.jpg (53345 bytes) drive-flange-2.jpg (54245 bytes) drive-flange-plated.jpg (61103 bytes)
Take all the worries out of oil drops on the concrete again from
 the engine rear main seal. The Double lip seal that I put with my clutch kits is 
much better than the single but now with the sleeve it's like all new again.

Rear main seal kit as above with new clutch purchase. #102024-1 is 
$48.95 Add to basket

Rear main seal kit by it self # 102024-2 is $56.95 Add to basket

rear main seal double Lip lip seal with gasket is $16.95 Add to basket

Rear main Speedi-Sleeve only is $39.95 Add to basket

Rear main seal OE w/gasket $15.50 Add to basket

110539SL, Drive axle sleeve only is $29.95 Add to basket

Drive axle flanges bead blasted, sleeved, plated for rust as shown on right end.  
#110539R,, Add to basket  $49.95 ea.

Must have old ones back and in rebuildable condition. $50.00 core charge ea.

DeLorean automatic transmission governor.
delorean-computer-governor.jpg (47159 bytes)
Don't take a chance in ruining your transmission when the governor is 
going bad and shifting when it wants to. 
 Easy plug and play and less than 1 hour installation.
1 year warranty and comes with easy to read instructions.
All new electronics and not using the old unit.
And best of all you don't have to remove the old unit.
 $349.95  Add to Basket  #104218
  Delorean Automatic Transmission computer governor.
auto-trans-electronics.jpg (71242 bytes)
 If your transmission is shifting when it won't s to instead of when you won't it to, then this may be the problem.
I can update your automatic transmission shifting unit 
and a warranty for life.
Add to basket   #104218N

Delorean Automatic
computer governor.

auto-trans-electronics-1.jpg (87907 bytes)

 Full view of what has to come out.
Delorean Automatic 
 Computer governor>

auto-trans-electronics-2.jpg (79026 bytes)

  Open up with PC
 board view. 

Delorean Automatic
 computer governor.

auto-trans-electronics-3.jpg (73833 bytes)
Power transistor shot.
Delorean Automatic 
computer governor.

auto-trans-electronics-4.jpg (91312 bytes)
 Capacitors replaced.
Enlarge the pictures below and read this before you buy your next clutch. Some reference material .
clutch-disk.jpg (75220 bytes)
delorean-pressure-plate.jpg (37261 bytes)
clutch-disk-press.jpg (57863 bytes)
delorean-clutch-disk-pressu.jpg (51815 bytes)
clutchpressureplt1.jpg (48347 bytes)     clutchdiskworn1.jpg (52535 bytes)
Pressure plate,  pilot bearing and throw out bearing and clutch disk.
Note groves in pressure plate caused by clutch disk brads worn down.
When you start getting a soft clutch pedal and you feel you need to adjust the pedal because the release is to far to the top, then you start slipping on acceleration in gears, then get ready, it's about to go.
 I drove mine about 500 miles before it got to bad.  Another one went out immediately. The clutch disk is designed to wear down to the
brads on pressure plate side first and to start slipping to keep you from going to far before it wears on the flywheel side and groves it.
 If you wait to long to replace the parts, then you might wear groves into the flywheel it will have to be removed and turned.
 More money to spend. The best thing is to replace everything at the first signs.

Delorean clutch disk.
delorean-clutch-disk-3.jpg (75508 bytes)
Now you can see all 
3 of the disk we have
  to  offer and the difference in them.

Reference clutch disk.
valeo-clutch-disk.jpg (136497 bytes)
See flywheel  information below.

Delorean Kevlar 
clutch disk.

kevlar-clutch-disk-2.jpg (38932 bytes)
Kevlar has up to 10 times more ( lasting ) power. 
And twice the gripping power
 over standard friction material
as on Valeo and ST disk.


Now I can see why the Porsche
 transmission can work in the Delorean.

Porsche-trans.jpg (80420 bytes)
Reference only...This picture cam from a poster 
I picked up from a supplier of mine. It's a 1986 
Porsche 959, 6 cylinder 2850cc, 450HP. Wow.

New shifter boot # 100688 any color or mixed.

shifter-boot.jpg (71868 bytes)
Black Leather is $79.95 Add to Basket
Gray Leather is $79.95 Add to Basket
Mixed Leather 79.95
Add to Basket

Black Vinyl would be $59.95
Add to Basket
Gray Vinyl would be $59.95 Add to Basket
Mixed Vinyl be $59.95 Add to Basket