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Brakes, Rotors & Wheels

DeLorean Parts Brake Pads, Rotors, rebuilt calipers,
 re-conditioned calipers, Stainless Steel Brake Lines, Delorean brake master Cylinder, Motive Power Bleeders

Don't be fooled by high prices. I sell unloaded calipers meaning no hardware or pads with a 3 yr warranty for 1/2 what others charge.

delorean-brake-kit1.jpg (69209 bytes)
delorean-parking-brake--1.jpg (56730 bytes)   brake-calipers-girling.jpg (112042 bytes)
Best brake caliper deals in the DeLorean World

#1 Deal , Buy the complete above kit with loaded calipers, OE pads 
 and with out parking brakes. ( Loaded calipers means they are ready to install
with all hardware and new pads.) Add Rotors for $49.95 ea if purchased with calipers>
$499.95  Add to basket
Kit contains, Front and back loaded re-man calipers, New Stainless Steel braded
brake  lines,  New master cylinder. No core required on master or lines.
But yes we need the OE Girling calipers back. No sub or aftermarket. Core charge is $250.00 each front and $350.ea for the back. You have 30 days to return them before core charge is billed. .
3 year warranty

#2 Deal. Same as Deal 1 except with loaded and already assembled parking
 brake's and pads.
$663.70. Add to basket
 Add rotors with kit purchase for $49.95 ea.
Rotors are normally $69.95 ea without new brakes. 
Save $40.00 dollars.  
Core charge applies.
3 year warranty

    #3 Deal All 4 un loaded reconditioned calipers only, 
  Add to basket. Core charge applies.
3 year warranty

New Rotors $49.95 ea when purchased 
with caliper kits 1 or 2 
When buying DeLorean brake calipers we only
 deal in the original Girling OE. 
We do not and can not take knockoff or non OE

These are the original Girling calipers made for the DeLorean that you won't find at AutoZone.

Original DeLorean Girling calipers have been obsolete for years and a complete
 set of front and rear carry a $1000.00 core charge. Call me about core charge.
We only accept original OE calipers. 
You are given 30 days before we bill core charge.
Powder Coated Calipers $65.00 per set more. 
This is what we must have back. Original Girling calipers from the DeLorean:
brake-caliper-front-girling.jpg (70637 bytes)
  brake-caliper-rear-girling.jpg (72735 bytes)
All brake calipers are bead blasted to the bear metal removing all rust and then immersed in
 a chemical  to remove any oil's in the pours of the metal. Then they are plated as original to help prevent rust and corrosion. Then powder coated if desired.
 Core charge is based on replacement cost. Since there is no place to buy replacements the
 front are $250.00 ea and rear are $350.00 ea.
 Any parts missing or extra repair work will be charged back to the customer. 

All  Calipers and pads sold by DeLorean Auto Parts
carry a three year from date of purchase warranty.
We reserve the right to repair or replace at our discretion after that up to 3 years.
New Wilwood DeLorean front brake caliper. 
delorean-caliper-new.jpg (73566 bytes)
All new 4 piston aluminum brake caliper for the front of the DeLorean.
I'm working on the rear.
$399.95 ea side loaded with new mounting plate and hose.
 Yes, I need the old OE Girling calipers back for safe keeping. $350.00 core charge ea. No Sub's or aftermarket.
Nice information about brake fluids.

Model 100 Motive Bleeder $40.00 if you buy
kit 1 or 2
brake-bleeder.jpg (34122 bytes)
$49.95 otherwise.
De lorean brand new rotors. Not nos 30 or YEARS OLD.
Nobody beats our deal.
delorean-front-brake-rotors.jpg (46510 bytes)
  Factory original.  Front Rotor  $69.95 ea.   Add to basket
Rear rotors $69.95ea.
   Add to basket  

$49.95 when purchased with deal 1 or 2 caliper kit.
  See more below:   How to tell if the rotors need replacing. rotor-min-thickness.jpg (44150 bytes)
New disk thickness 12.7mm, Minimum thickness 11.7mm. Max machine per side .5mm.

Powder Coated Calipers $65.00 per set more. 
delorean-front-calipers.jpg (46904 bytes)
DeLorean front calipers
Front calipers core charge $250.00 ea. 
Must be the OE Girling, no sub's.
Not billed for 30 days.


calipers-zinc-plated.jpg (61004 bytes)
Front & Rear calipers OE Girling
Passenger right front loaded  
With our OE pads and 
new hardware.
Ready to install.
$79.95   Add to basket  
SS pistons are only $60.00 more
per caliper.
That's 129.95 per caliper.
Not an overcharged like others at $170.00

Drivers left front  loaded  
With our OE pads and 
new hardware.
Ready to install.
    $79.95   Add to basket

  Driver  front unloaded
$69.95   Add to basket

Passenger front unloaded
$69.95   Add to basket 
Now all are plated back to new 
plus better condition.
delorean-rear-calipers.jpg (49540 bytes)
Delorean rear loaded caliper.
rear calipers core charge $350.00 ea. 
Must be the OE Girling, no sub's.
Not billed for 30 days.

calipers-zinc-plated.jpg (61004 bytes)
Passenger right rear loaded
 with new hardware and OE pads.
Ready to install.
$89.95  Add to basket 100044LO

Driver left  rear loaded
 with new hardware and OE pads.
Ready to install.
$89.95  Add to basket 100045LO


Left rear unloaded
$69.95 Add to basket

Right rear unloaded
$69.95 Add to basket
Parking brakes recondition and with new plating like original.
delorean-parking-brake-set.jpg (40149 bytes)
Completely torn down, bead blasted clean,
 then plated and end caps are primed and stainless steel painted to like new condition. 
$99.95 RH
  Add to basket
$99.95 LH
  Add to basket
 $150.00 minimum core charge ea. 
but not billed for 30 days.

Yellow Zinc above will be the new standard.
 Does not include new pads.
$34.95 per set of 4.
Delorean parking brake

brake-shoes-parking.jpg (29765 bytes)

Factory original.
# 109037 Add to basket
Nice information about brake fluids.
Delorean brake bleeder by 
Motive model 100..
brake-bleeder.jpg (34122 bytes)
European Motive Power
 Brake bleeder Model 100
 No need to call the wife or a friend
 to  help bleed the brakes. 
Works on  most European cars,  Including, 
Delorean,  Mercedes, Peugeot,
 Porsche, Renault, SAAB, Volkswagen.
 Add to basket
Motive Power Bleeder
 Pro 250 universal.
power-bleeder-pro.jpg (42957 bytes)
Pro kit comes with all the adapters 
to fit virtually any car or 
light truck on the road.
American or Euro. 
Model 250 $89.95
 Add to basket

power-bleeder-catal.jpg (110447 bytes)
Delorean brake pads & rotor combo kit. 
delorean-front-brake-rotors.jpg (46510 bytes)     brake-pad-kit.jpg (31933 bytes)
Rotors kit with OE pads with shims and new hardware for
 both front & back.
$144.90 for front 100095K kit.   Add to basket 

 $144.90 for rear 100252K kit Add to basket 
Front  Rotors Only $69.95 ea. Add to basket

Rear rotors Only $69.95 ea  Add to basket

DeLorean brake rotors, factory original. New not NOS.
Save $100.00 over others.


 Delorean Crossed Drilled Rotors :
Designed for street and strip and run 250 degrees cooler than conventional rotors.
   delorean-crossed-drilled-ro.jpg (64036 bytes)
 Front set of 2 #100095CD $179.90ea   Add to basket 

      Rear set of 2 #100252CD $179.90ea     Add to basket

$339.95  Add to basket 
Shipping weight 45lb's set of 4.

 All rotors are plated to protect from rust. 
Wheel bearings.   Brand new. 
delorean-wheel-bearings.jpg (39816 bytes)
 Left is front.  # 100404 $13.95   Add to Basket
Right is rear.
  # 100973  $22.95  Add to Basket

Delorean brake  master.
5 year warranty limited warranty.
brake-mast-cyl.jpg (31583 bytes)
These are brand new masters 

Just swap the tank. 
Add to basket

 Shipping weight 4 lb's
No core required on brake master
Brake master tank seal.
brake-master-tank-seal.jpg (24408 bytes)
New ones are already in the master.

DeLorean brake master with 
cleaned reservoir.

brake-master-w-tank.jpg (20082 bytes)
Same as the new 
master except has  
used reservoir cleaned
 up and ready to install.
Add to basket

8 only NOS brake master with new tanks
$300.00, No core
  Add to basket

I must have a good tank back. 
Dirty is ok.
$100.00 refundable core on

3rd brake light that lights up the rear.
I can make them any length you want.
3rd-brake-light-2.jpg (82013 bytes)
 They come with instructions.
 Already wired up and ready to install. 30 min or less. No cutting, soldering or measuring wire. They are ready. You do need to attach a connector to plug them in. Simple:
3m double sided tape to hold underneath the louver.

Add to basket $29.95 

  Delorean brake Lines. Stainless
 Steel DOT Approved, 
5 year limited warranty.
brake-lines-set.jpg (36708 bytes)
Exact replacement. Highest 
quality hose of PTFE  inner
 Teflon and  stainless steel 
over braid.
Get rid of the fade. 
$114.95  set of 4 Add to basket

 Comes with with new stainless steel hardware

Delorean brake lines
 new lines not NOS
5 year limited warranty.
delorean-brake-lines-oe.jpg (41644 bytes)
DOT Approved
Comes with new Stainless Steel

Front #100459( 2 Required ) $21.95 ea
  # Add to basket

Rear #100460( 2 required ) $19.95 ea

  Add to basket

  Delorean brake caliper
rebuild kit.

brake-caliper-rebuild-kit.jpg (45650 bytes)
Front & rear caliper  rebuild kit.
This does not include pistons.

Front caliper rebuild kit
$18.95  #109000
Need 2 kits for both front..
Add to basket

Rear caliper rebuild kit.
$18.95 #109006
Need 2 kits for both rear.
  Add to basket

Front brake page.
brake-page.jpg (125479 bytes)
Print this off and chose your item.
Brake page rear.
brake-page-rear.jpg (109646 bytes)
Print this off and chose 
your item.
Delorean brake caliper pistons.
brake-caliper-pistons.jpg (19075 bytes)

High Carbon steel pistons.
   They are magnetic, 
but haven't seen any rust.

They are OE and what you call hard chrome .

Rear piston #109007 
$13.95 Add to basket

Front piston #109001 
Add to basket

 Stainless S Pistons, 
front & Rear
$27.95 ea 
109001FSS Add to basket
109007RSS  Add to basket

Brake caliper 

brake-caliper-hardware.jpg (49546 bytes)
Rear pad pins #109010  
  Add to basket

Front pad pins #109003 
Add to basket

     Clevis, Fits both size
 pins. #109004 & 109011.
  Add to basket
Brake caliper bleed
brake-caliper-bleed-screw.jpg (11068 bytes)
New caliper bleed screw.
Left is rear and right is front.

Rear screw  # 109008
$0.89  Add to basket

Front screw #109002
$0.89  Add to basket

  Delorean Brake power booster
 or servo unit.
delorean-brake-servo.jpg (28003 bytes)   delorean-power-booster.jpg (34378 bytes)
When your brakes are soft
 it's hydraulics, When they
 are hard it's the power servo
 or a vacuum leak.
Professional rebuilt with a
 10 year limited warranty.
$169.95 exchange.
Add to basket
$150.00  core charge.
Your old  unit must not be rusted out 
and in re-buildable condition. Some rust is ok.

Delorean brake light  switch.
  brake-light-switch.jpg (37192 bytes)
 $7.95 100820
Add to basket

  Delorean OE front & rear brake pads.
delorean-brake-pads-front-3.jpg (33085 bytes)
Asbestos free,  front and rear brake  pads. 

 Front $19.95/set Add to basket
Rear $23.95/set  Add to basket   



Your choice of DeLorean
 lug nuts.

delorean-lug-nuts.jpg (80267 bytes)
    lugbolts.jpg (41193 bytes)
Original I don't sell: NOS
Mine are 
Add to Basket
Solid chrome Gorilla  $2.50
Add to Basket
Stainless Gorilla  $3.45
Add to Basket
caliper-springs.jpg (32031 bytes)
This is something we install no charge
 to our reconditioned calipers to help cut
 down on the pad chatter noise.
$4.50 per caliper if bought separate.
  Add to basket

Delorean caliper piston 
vs Jaguar piston.
caliper-pistons-delovsjag.jpg (31785 bytes)
 Reference only

Our wheels are not just painted or prepared by a Power coating company. They are prepared by 
a professional wheel re-builder. We can do any wheels.
What do you want done. Custom modifications. 
New OE wheels sell for over $2,000.00 so yes there is a core charge. I hold billing it for 30 days to give time to swap out and return.
Delorean wheel refinishing.
    delorean-wheel-refinished.jpg (182595 bytes) delorean-wheel-refinished-1.jpg (134949 bytes) delorean-wheels-powder.jpg (215966 bytes)   delorean-wheels-early.jpg (150867 bytes)  
Refinishing your wheels, curb damaged repaired back to new concourse condition.
New power coating balanced and shaved for balance.
    Silver in stock and or the special look on the left.
$546.00 set of 4.   
Add to Basket
 Front #108701,,Rear # 108702
Let me know which way you want to go.
Shipping weight on rear wheels is 27 lb's. Front is about 5lb's less.
Check your cost using my zip code 75126 and the links below.
delorean-wheel-cnc-1.jpg (38864 bytes)
delorean-wheel-cnc-2.jpg (51227 bytes) delorean-wheel-cnc-3.jpg (56710 bytes)
Lighter colored wheels were introduced from vin #1884 up.
Can you tell the difference in early and later.

This is also a closer example of powder coated wheels that we do.

wheel-repair-1.jpg (44601 bytes) wheel-repair-3.jpg (42623 bytes)
Stainless Steel Paint
stainless-steel-paint.jpg (16431 bytes)
This is not just a 
 This is an industrial
 grade 316 particles
 of  metal SS to show 
the true look. 
See the 2nd
 engine page to see
 what it looks likes.
$16.95 for 16oz can
 that weighs 1.5 lb's.
Add to Basket
  Delorean parking brake assy.
rear-caliper-rebuilt.jpg (59466 bytes)
Parking brake bead  
blasted to remove rust,
 dirt cleaned out  from
 the inside, painted and
 put back in operational condition.
another example of our

Grey Etching 

winzer-gray-etching-primer.jpg (20819 bytes)
Self etching primer 
Superior adhesion 
to bare metal, 
Stainless Steel, aluminum 
+ other metals.
15.5 oz tall can.
$18.95 ea
Delorean parking brake.
parking-brake-inside.jpg (92756 bytes)
Take a look at the parking brake inside.

  Delorean drivers side 
left rear caliper.

delorean-left-rear-drivers.jpg (54598 bytes)

 Brake fluid
brake-fluid.jpg (27703 bytes)
Not the only one
 but the one I use.  

rear-caliper-rust.jpg (87336 bytes)
 Rear caliper with major rust.
rear-caliper-rust-1.jpg (101077 bytes)
 Note brake pads are gone 
and calipers have been 
rear-caliper-rust-2.jpg (159315 bytes)
 Inside rear caliper. 
Again note the goo that
 won't bleed out and 
again the rust.
     brake-caliper-4.jpg (75313 bytes)      
 Caliper taken off 
the wheel and 2 halves
  brake-caliper-3.jpg (70472 bytes)
Using a large screw driver
 on the underside of the 
plunger  lip.
 Lift up and it should come
 out with a little pressure. 
If it doesn't then soak around
 the piston with liquid  wrench
 or lighter fluid or WD40
 and try again..
brake-caliper-2.jpg (102919 bytes)
Looking inside after
 20 years. 
Note rust colored goo
 on right.  Inside was ok.
  brake-caliper-1.jpg (77656 bytes)