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DeLorean Blower Motors

Our Blower Motors have a 5 year limited warranty.

Delorean blower motor only.
blower-fan.jpg (23418 bytes)
DeLorean blower motor only.  
$39.95  #101273
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New blower motor with new cage.
blower-motor-w-cage.jpg (27954 bytes)

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Maximum air blowing for Delorean.
blower-motor-cage.jpg (20407 bytes)

Full size for max air by blower motor.
Yes, made for reverse blowing motor.
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  Delorean blower motor resistor
blowerresistor.jpg (21936 bytes)
$12.95   #101275
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If your AC/Heater blower motor doesn't
 run and the circuit breaker is ok, 
then this may be the problem. 
Blower motor speed 2, 3 , 
& 4 go thru this resistor.
I would also update the circuit breaker 
from 25 to 30 amp. 

Delorean blower motor resistor 
blower-motor-resistor-conn.jpg (63384 bytes)

If your resistor connector is melted,
 then here is the replacement.
Resistor is not included. 
See above.
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De Lorean blower motor 
circuit breaker.

 I recommend replacing with
 a 30 amp and use ring terminals. 
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  Blower motor fan switch.
blower-motor-switch-fan.jpg (18935 bytes)
Brand new 5 position. 
Not 30 yr or old NOS 
100755  $19.95
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Reference image.
evaporator-core-box.jpg (76650 bytes)