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DeLorean Alternators

Backed 24 / 7 by Delorean Auto parts ( DAP )
  Burn- in tested, hand made and backed.
This not an off the shelf alternator. 

DeLorean Brute Master Package.
The #1 alternator in the DeLorean World.
One wire hook up and more regulator protection.
1 yr, 100% warranty. 
 D120 $149.95
Add to Basket 

No trade in needed and 100% perfect fit.
No modification needed.

Backed 24/7 for your help and protection. 
Brute Master from Special T for your De Lorean.

All of our alternators come with the 
Free belt and extra bulb and one wire protected plug. 

Beware of the copy cat alternator from others.
 Ask for the original D series DeLorean high performance alternator.

All the D series are designed for maximum out put at 
low idle RPM's.

 Our #1 Seller
DeLorean stock alternator. Bolt on replacement.
This one set the standard that others try to copy.

alternator-D110.jpg (24712 bytes)

  DeLorean D120 + 
  110/120 amps of solid power. Again, Made especially 
for the De Lorean. Bolt on replacement
No modifications. I build in more protection that others don't.
Designed for Low idle power in traffic. 
$149.95 Add to Basket 

I can answer almost any question on alternators you have.
Alternator Warranty.
All of our De Lorean alternators are fully warranted for 1 year against mechanical and electrical failure providing proper care of battery and electrical system is maintained.
One year after the purchase date there is a additional 2 year limited warranty on the mechanical parts.
Blown diodes packs, regulators and melted parts are
normally improper maintenance of the battery and electrical system and will be repaired at our desegregation.
Proper battery and electrical maintenance need to be followed for a good long life.  
Alternators are made to maintain the battery but not to charge it.
 Always maintain  a fully charged battery and make sure the belt is snug.. Normally 1/2" play.
 If you need further information for proper battery and alternator maintenance please email.

Delorean main battery ground connection to chassis. 
Custom made for the De Lorean.

delorean-battery-g-3.jpg (55564 bytes)
From this delorean-battery-g-2.jpg (106616 bytes) delorean-battery-ground-wir.jpg (80121 bytes)
to this>>

New Delorean custom made battery ground wire.
replaces # 106262
You will not find this in any automotive store.

delorean-battery-ground-wir.jpg (80121 bytes)
This is a brand new battery ground wire from the battery to the engine and  
transmission and then back to the frame. With this new set up you will see a 
difference in the spin of the starter, the grounding and rise of the alternator voltage gauge and just a better battery ground for the car.
 I have been wanting to do this for years and not until about a month ago when 
I was experiencing alternator problems did I find it really was the ground cable. 
Now it's done an it works great.
2ga copper cables with copper connectors connectors that are hydraulic
 pressed on and then soldered with heat shrink applied that is inner wall melt.
 Add to Basket $34.95 for 5 speed  106262S

Add to Basket $39.95 for Automatic 106262A

Know you electrical circuit and battery before you install the a new alternator.
 Here are some tips for proper electrical conditions.

Check the battery
conditions first.
battery-test.jpg (75943 bytes)

2nd check 
out battery.
battery-test-2.jpg (82548 bytes)

Know your
alternator-test-2.jpg (125991 bytes)

Check out
alternator-test.jpg (181188 bytes)

Example of the generators 
used in the 60's and back.

generator-old.jpg (64050 bytes)

This the unit that will charge a battery
 in the older day's. Generators will
 charge the battery 
where as alternators are made to
 maintain a battery or 
top off a battery.


alternator-tester-1.jpg (92343 bytes)   alternator-tester.jpg (98878 bytes)     alternator-checkout.jpg (71724 bytes)
Me, John Hervey checking one of our alternators on our computerized tester.
Far right picture was taken after I take them to my shop for final shipping 
preparation. These are D120 
and D140. 

Delorean Belts
Gates Brand New belts. 

Delorean-gates-belts.jpg (31469 bytes)

Free belt with ST alternator 

 102442STA90  $9.95 Add to basket
DAP HD belt for Special T alternator.


102442STS95 Special T Belt HD for stock Motorola
or Ducy alternator.
Add to basket   $10.95

102442STG90 Gates for Special T Alternator
$14.95   Add to basket

  102442GAT95  New Gates belt for Stock / Motorola  
not )  NOS $12.95 Add to basket
105505GAC  New Gates Green stripe.
Stock AC belt HD
Add to basket  

105505STHD Stock AC HD DAP brand 
$12.95 Add to basket

Delorean stock Motorola

moto-alternator.jpg (31018 bytes)
Original DeLorean Motorola
alternator.jpg (43127 bytes)
DeLorean Alternator
  wiring diagram. 
Email or call if needed for current cost. 


Reference alternator feed thru into 
car location.
  alternator-main-feed.jpg (342309 bytes)
If this isn't good and fresh solder it 
can leave you stranded. Solder is a soft metal and it will corrode and soften.

alternatorwire.jpg (54265 bytes)
We talk about grounds all the
 time and not making good 
connection. What about 
these wires on the back of 
the alternator. Dirty and
 corroded. Do you think they are
 making a good connection

alterultimate&oil.jpg (29517 bytes)
DeLorean alternator. 
Mounted. While your here
 note the gap between our oil sending unit and Bosch oil filters we sell. 

alternator-bracket2.jpg (50403 bytes)
 Alternator upper mounting
bracket styles.

    alternator-bracket1.jpg (49874 bytes)

  alternator-belt-tight.jpg (47731 bytes)
 Good place to put in a
bolt to tighten the belt
from the top.

  turbo5.jpg (80891 bytes)
Look what's on this
turbo car.