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Interior & Accessories

   Delorean seat covers 6 piece leather or vinyl as original.
Not mounted & no holes or sewn in wrinkles. All new,
no NOS. Made in Dallas Texas for the last 10 years.

delorean-seat-covers-gray.jpg (274149 bytes) delorean-seat-covers-black.jpg (283563 bytes)
    delorean-seat-covers-2tone.jpg (73871 bytes) seat-cover-3-tone.jpg (66741 bytes)
seat-covers-alligator.jpg (108694 bytes) seat-cover-alligator-1.jpg (137852 bytes)

 Custom tailored leather as OEM, or all vinyl fitted and sewn:

2 seats / 6 piece sets not mounted.

Black tailored leather K116600BL - $649.95  Add to Basket
Gray tailored leather K116601GL  - $649.95  Add to Basket

Gray / Black leather K116605TT   - $699.95  Add to Basket
(oriented as shown - embroidery extra - call for pricing)

Black fitted vinyl K116600BV     - $499.95 Add to Basket
Gray fitted vinyl K116601G V      - $499.95 Add to Basket
Alligator fitted vinyl K116601AL - $449.95
Add to Basket

6 piece leather or vinyl sets available in custom colors.
Price depends on hide/material, color, and availability. 

Embroidery is available at extra cost. Please call for pricing.

Seat covers only shipping weight is 11 lb's. From my US zip code 75126,
UPS 11 Lb's to Pennsylvania residential address would be about $15.00.

delorean-seat-covers-1.jpg (36672 bytes)   delorean-seats.jpg (57727 bytes) bad-interior-factory--seats.jpg (57758 bytes)
Seat cover to the far right was found on ebay.
The seller originally bought them from DMC.
Wow, I didn't know theirs looked like that. 
The ones we carry are as shown on the left.

Seat covers are also available already installed. 
All you have to do is swap out the rails and your done.

For Example:
Hand sewn custom leather set just like the factory original.
Your cost on both seat covers is $649.95.
My Shop mounting them correctly is $125.00 per seat. 
Your total out of pocket after core return is $899.95 plus freight.
(I hold the core charge for 30 days)
Greyhound Bus is the cheapest way to ship, so call the closest bus
station and get freight cost for 80lb's dock to dock. My Zip is 75126.
 This is a savings of $400 to $500.00 over others, and you don't
have to look for someone to properly mount the covers.
Also comes with new seat backs no charge.
(Naturally, if you send your old seats in there is no core charge.


Custom tailored Delorean carpet.
Carpet stocked in Dark Opal, light gray and  black.
or custom colors. Ask us.

Our carpet  includes all 12 pieces + 2 lower door. 

Competition, Don't you love it. Even with there 20% off
 special  were better, less price and more pieces and can
 replace pieces it if your battery spills.

Compare to 111385 custom, 111386 light and 111387 dark. 
$649.95 all the time and have more pieces.
Complete set of carpet + Door.
delorean-carpets.jpg (37964 bytes)    
delorean-carpet-door.jpg (41530 bytes)
#1 seller $649.95 Dark Opal, Light grey 
 or black with door part
  #111387DO  Dark opal Add to Basket

 #111386LG  Light Gray Add to Basket

#11387BLK  Black Add to Basket

  #111385CUS Add to Basket
or pick your own color or combination.

You can't tell the difference molded and sewn
Plus we sell parts in case there is a problem where others don't.

Carpet shipping weight is 14lb's 8 oz. 
From my US Zip code 75126 to Belgium is $68.00.
 Shipping to Pennsylvania is $18.00.
Picture of all 12 pieces of 
DeLorean interior carpet.

delorean-carpet-picture.jpg (31122 bytes)

Leather Vinyl.
color-chart.jpg (156493 bytes)
Just a few of the colors to give 
you an idea of what can be done.
Call or email to go over with you.

Just a few of carpet colores.
carpet-1.jpg (158616 bytes) carpet-2.jpg (160931 bytes) carpet-4.jpg (117407 bytes) carpet-3.jpg (121190 bytes) carpet-sample.jpg (184666 bytes)
Call or email to discuss colors or carpet. We have many piles and colors.
DeLorean Binnacle
binnical-before.jpg (59017 bytes) After
binnical-gray-back.jpg (18989 bytes)     binnical-black-back.jpg (19463 bytes)    
 101854 Grey vinyl covered $299.95
Add to Basket

110436 Black vinyl covered $299.95
Add to Basket

We can also do any color you want. Just have to send in and specify.
Weight before packing 4lb's 8 oz. 
I have to have your old one first.
We do not install the plastic bezel on the inside of the binnacle. 
If you send your binnacle we will try to remove it in one piece but if it breaks
 we will not be responsible. Please remove before sending in.
call if you need help.
DeLorean door pull straps new leather. 
pull-strap-leather.jpg (57232 bytes)

  Your choice $99.95 e a
108658 black Add to Basket
108659 gray  Add to Basket
DeLorean Binnacle recovered VS New OS NOS
binnacle-difference.jpg (48755 bytes)
Unit on left we just recovered and unit on right is a new OE NOS unit.
Almost no difference. I sold the new OE NOS unit.

New shifter boot # 100688 any color or mixed.
shifter-boot.jpg (71868 bytes)
Black Leather  - $99.95 Add to Basket
Gray Leather   - $99.95 Add to Basket
Mixed Leather - $99.95 Add to Basket

Black Vinyl  - $59.95 Add to Basket
Gray Vinyl   - $59.95 Add to Basket
Mixed Vinyl - $59.95 Add to Basket
New Engine cover latch. No holes or drilling.
louver-bracket.jpg (52646 bytes)
Compression fit and attachment. Move to any place on the center
 louver rib to hold up the engine cover to any height.
No more holes in the lower rib to break out.
Add to Basket
Check your cost using my zip code 75126 and the links below.
Delorean Dash Mat
delorean-dash-mat.jpg (36776 bytes)
Come s in Back or grey $49.95 for either color.
Grey is 110440GMAT  
Add to Basket
Black is 105443BMAT 
Add to Basket

New hand sewn and recovered leather steering wheel like original. 
delorean-steering-wheel.jpg (51860 bytes)

 Delorean hand covered and sewn like original steering wheel. 
$299.95  #106396
  Add to Basket
These are obsolete and there is a $300.00 core charge but unless 
your a regular customer I need the old unit first.

Delorean sound proofing insulation. 
rubber-insulation-set.jpg (35437 bytes)
 Quiet it down with the new rubber insulation.  Behind and to the side of the cargo area.
 8 piece set. Old padding has to be removed    $129.95.  Add to Basket 
  De Lorean Manuals
in kit or can order 

( 1 ) Technical $18.95
Great for the theory 
of  operation. 
142 pg's.
Add to Basket

(  In 2 parts for 
easier read. )
Add to Basket
Delorean Manuals
manuals.jpg (37435 bytes)
Factory original
 Professional copies.
Set $99.95
Add to Basket  

  No other kit like it.


Parts book. 
( 1 ) Parts $29.95
Add to Basket

( 1 ) Laminated wiring
diagram.  $9.95.
Add to Basket

O r free with 
the set. 

Factory Bulletins
Not included in kit.
 Please ask about


Delorean large Side stripes
delorean-side-stripe.jpg (25763 bytes)
 Made from 25mil heavy duty vinyl. Embossed for the near original look.
Exact copy from the original that is no longer available.
Add to Basket

Delorean Survival Kit
. delorean-survival-kit.jpg (50597 bytes)

 Set of SAE & Metric Wrenches
Gloves, Wiring Diagram, DMM, Small amount copper 
washer assortment, Water pump hose adaptor, fuses,
 tie wraps,  fuse extender,  Water pump/Alt belt,
 Water pump hose reducer.
If bought separate would be over $56.00. 
As a kit $44.95   Add to Basket
All these are listed on the site separate.
  DeLorean Hot Air Dam.
delorean-hot-air-dam.jpg (21220 bytes)
Protect the fuel tank from the hot air blowing
 off the radiator fans. 
See more on the cooling fan page.
$59.95    Add to basket
delorean-hot-air-dam-place.jpg (53378 bytes)
New Delorean angle speedometer drives  
Works first time every time.
No excuse for your speedometer not to work.
DeLorean-angle-drive.jpg (51419 bytes) angle-drive-with-nut.jpg (27186 bytes)
Removable flex shaft just pull it out and push another one in. 
Sealed, no greasing required to clog up or over greased.

#106130 Angle drive only $49.95 Add to Basket

#106130M Already mounted on nut. $66.95 Add to Basket

#105027 $16.95 Nut adaptor only  Add to Basket
Speedometer cable lower
speedometer-cable-lower.jpg (20073 bytes)
Make sure you have updated the
 lower cable to try to preserve the
 angle drive from locking up. These
 are shorter than the old ones with 
less kink.
#101412  $49.95  
Add to Basket


Speedometer cable long.
speedometer-cable-1.jpg (26432 bytes)
If you don't mind eliminating the
 service counter box you can use this longer cable to help cut
 down on the stress on the angle drive.
#101412L $69.95  
Add to Basket
Delorean Firtree fastener

firtree-fastner.jpg (38010 bytes)
New, Not NOS 25 year old stuff.
Exact fit, size in black.
1-24 = 0.45ea
  Add to basket
25 package = $9.95/ pk.
  Add to basket
100 package =$29.95 / pk
  Add to basket
Delorean part # SP10715
Delorean Firtree fastener

firtree-fastner-plus.jpg (55197 bytes)
Again, Brand new not NOS. 
If you need 
one a little larger, then the white 
one is it.
23mm Vs Black at 19mm.
1-24= 0..55ea
  Add to basket
25 package =$12.00/ pk
  Add to basket
100 package = $39.95 / pk. 

  Add to basket

  Delorean muffler to engine 
heat shield.
heat-sheild-4.jpg (40274 bytes)
All laser cut.
Stock size aluminum the only one
 making now: 2nd from the top. 
$44.95 Add to Basket

Delorean door struts New " Soft Lift " 
We sell the original brand not an aftermarket. Stabilus
door-lift-pistons-2.jpg (24583 bytes)    Stabilus-catalog.jpg (77709 bytes)
$89.95  6 struts  
Add to Basket
3 year warranty on any mechanical defects.
No oil leaks, no bending brackets.

If you want to adjust your doors 
I have strong door struts with no soft lift for $25.00ea.
New Delorean by Stabilus.
" Soft Lift " door struts.

delorean-door-struts.jpg (30390 bytes)
No more banging when you
 open the door and let it go.

$19.95 ea.   Add to Basket

Or Just a pair of Soft Lift door only.
$39.90 Pr.
    Add to Basket
Door struts in 
  Add to Basket
Door strut single.
Add to Basket
Engine Louver 
$14.95 ea.
Add to Basket
Bonnet  struts or luggage 
$14.95. ea.
Add to Basket
 Stainless Steel  
Oil Pan drain Plug.
oildrainplug.jpg (7340 bytes)
Add to Basket

No  longer have to
fight finding or making a 
tool to fit the hex hole. 
 17 mm external hex head.
Oil Drain Plug Magnetic.
  oil-drain-plug-magnetic-1.jpg (11993 bytes)
This is the one you want
# 103815M
With new seal.
$12.95   Add to Basket

Oil Pan drain plug
  oil-drain-plug-brass.jpg (32537 bytes)
Automatic Trans 
drain plug
Trans drain plugs
 $6.95.    Add to Basket

Delorean key blank.
key-blanks-x29.jpg (42150 bytes)
X29 Key blanks.
Add to Basket

Stainless Steel 6mm
wing-nuts-stainless.jpg (13570 bytes)
Stainless Steel wing bolts
for the air breather.
Add to Basket 


Throttle cable New 
throttle-cable-new.jpg (30408 bytes)
Throttle cable.
This cable sticks all the
 time and the idle won't 
go all the  way down.
Add to Basket
Wing bolts 6mm, 
Now black anodized.
wingnut.jpg (20983 bytes)
 For the air breather. 
$12.95 set.
Add to Basket  

Metric Rivet Nut  tool kit.
rivnut-tool-kit.jpg (34803 bytes)
Add to Basket
Contains mandrels for  sizes in metric 
3,4,5 ,6 & 8.
Please order rivet  nut separate.

  rivet-nuts-std..jpg (52226 bytes)
Rivet nuts  standard.

 #5mm $0.0.49ea,  Add to Basket
  Luggage compartment, Fuel fill cover, 
Under spare fuel pump cover, brake
 master cover + more. 

SP10609 + 10613 +10614
 #6mm $0.85ea,   Add to Basket
Hood hinge bracket + others

 #8 $0.1.78ea  Add to Basket
Around body limited. 
One place is bracket for torsion 
bar adj.

  rivnut-ribed.jpg (49570 bytes)
Rivet nuts 
steel zinc.
Add to Basket
 Ribbed or knurled
for higher
 Will work
the standard 
tool to the left.


All chemicals, paints or anything in a spray can has to be 
shipped by Ground freight. 

Poly250 spray 
on grease.

Polylub-250.jpg (13846 bytes)

Polylube 250.
Add to Basket
This sprays on like
  WD40 to get in the hinges and 
tight places then
 turns into a
 high/low temp
  grease. Also used 
for protective
Great for
 bicycle and motor
 cycle chains.

Delorean Stainless Steel Cleaner.
Best I have found in 10 years.

stainless-steel-cleaner.jpg (21083 bytes)

Water based, 
No mineral oil
 as in all Stainless Steel
 Resist leaving finger
 prints and collect dust
 and dirt.
Non-abrasive and 
forms a protective
$9.95 16oz spray 
Add to Basket

Pure Silicone Spray
silicone-spray.jpg (32459 bytes)
11.5 oz by weight
$7.95 / can
Add to Basket
PB Blaster
PB-Blaster.jpg (29997 bytes)
$4.50 per can
Add to Basket


Stainless Steel 
stainless-steel-paint.jpg (16431 bytes)
This is not just a 
 This is an industrial
 grade 316 particles
 of  metal SS to show the true look. 
See the 2nd
 engine page to see
 what it looks likes.
$19.95 for 16oz can
 that weighs 1.5 lb's.
Add to Basket

Grey Etching 

winzer-gray-etching-primer.jpg (20819 bytes)
Self etching primer 
Superior adhesion 
to bare metal, 
Stainless Steel, aluminum 
+ other metals.
15.5 oz tall can.
$18.95 ea
Add to Basket
Blending Pad.
blending-pad.jpg (35046 bytes)
Enlarge to read about.
 4 x 6 .
Add to Basket


Flapper wheel.|

flapper-wheel.jpg (34800 bytes)

Left  is a 3" x 1" 60 grit.  
  Add to Basket

Right is a 3" x 2" 60 grit.
Add to Basket

Flapper wheel 
Coarse 50G

flapper-tool-1.jpg (54062 bytes)
Little more coarse, made 
for electric drill. Clean up
 those deeper scratches.
4 1/2" x 1"

$ 8.95 
Add to Basket

  Delorean steering column bushings.
If we can't make them better then we normally don't.

bushing-steer.jpg (30158 bytes)
  Take the rattle out of the steering column.
  New  upgrade Delran bushings not rubber 
like others.  1 per car
        #101994 $17.95      
Add to Basket


New W pipe or Bull horn gaskets.
inlet-manifold-gasket.jpg (86680 bytes)
click on image
No more air leaks due to a
 poor thin gasket that was to  small and thin.
$1.95 per pair.
Add to Basket

Intake manifold
Gray Electrical
grey-tape.jpg (26165 bytes)
Add to Basket
To make the  relay 
box look original again.


New OE air 
breather hose.

breather-tube.jpg (6744 bytes)
  Black connector only.
#101096 $22.95
Add to Basket

Delorean most 
common use upper 
engine O rings.
o-ring-assort.jpg (54524 bytes)
Most common top of 
engine O Rings.
Add to Basket
Compare others at 
$21.95 and less than
 1/2  of the O Rings.


Intake O Ring Kit + hardware
intake-oring-kit.jpg (23823 bytes)
More parts you 
will  need for
 replace of
 Intake manifold.
Compared to 
others at $15.79
ours is $12.95.
Add to basket


Delorean most  common used fuel
 copper washers or sealing rings.

fuel-cooper-gaskets.jpg (38280 bytes)
 Cooper gasket set.  
Add to Basket

All you need  These go on the 
injectors, cold start, Frequency   
valve  warm up
 and fuel distributor.
More on the hardware page.

Auto accessories at very good prices.
Spark plug cleaner.
spark-plug-cleaner.jpg (33271 bytes)

 Great for getting the engine running
 and tuned up before you put in that 
new set of plugs and contaminating them also.
Also good for any other spark plug.
$13.95 Add to Basket

Battery jumper

battery-jumper-cable.jpg (51243 bytes)
Some of the best I have found
out of China.
These are 4 gauge, 16foot.
Try to beat this price.
Add to Basket

  Battery Charger 6 amp
battery-charger-6amp.jpg (30103 bytes)
Just a good basic battery charger for overnight
charging or just to top off.
1 year warranty.
Add to Basket
This is the best I have 
seen for the money.


Battery Tester
Voltage Meter.
batterytester.jpg (24130 bytes)
Add to Basket
Checks battery
 condition and 
voltage output from  alternator.
These are 100Amp.



vommeter1.jpg (15223 bytes)
 Keep in the car and if 
you blow it then throw it 
away and order a new one. Really these are very good meters. 
DMM  $8.95
When available
Add to Basket
Propping pole.
acc-proping pole.jpg (19474 bytes)
Add to Basket

Heavy gauge  steel.
 Adjustable to 70".

Spark plug pliers
long-nose-pliers.jpg (36929 bytes)
Long nose pliers 
at a 30 degree 
bend. Great for
 reaching those
 spark plug wires. 
Add to Basket

Spark plug pliers
spark-plug-puller.jpg (16202 bytes)
Also long nose to reach but 
with fingers on the end.
Add to Basket
  Reference only. 
Crimp tools 
crimp-tools.jpg (32149 bytes)
These are made by Sergeant. They cost about $100.00 ea
but will last forever.

Crimp tool head. 
crimp-tools-head.jpg (89930 bytes)
Heads of the Sergeant.

Delorean flapper tool.
flapper-tool.jpg (23368 bytes)
 Reference only

uest crimpier. 
crimp-tools-3.jpg (60084 bytes)
This tools I found that 
has interchangeable dies.
The cost of this tool and dies is  $100.00.
I have this in stock.