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A/C Cooling & Heating


Air Condition Cooling System AC Compressors, Seals, Hoses, Etc.

All hoses carry a 5 year warranty and 3 year on compressor with a new accumulator installed.

Ask us about a complete R134A AC system.

  Complete AC Goodyear hoses, Low side, high side and Evaporator to Condenser hose, with or without HUB assy.
Life warranty
  AC-compressor-hoses-splice.jpg (39946 bytes)     ac-hub-assembly.jpg (57049 bytes)    ac-hose-cond-evap.jpg (21833 bytes)
  Complete AC hoses Split hoses w/out hub just with cond / to evap hose on far right. $199.95 Add to basket  

Split hoses on left and hub assembly in middle $349.90 Add to basket

I also make one piece AC compressor hoses with no splice for frame off restorations
cost $169.95
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Goodyear split hose design on left, easy to install and time tested for over 10 years.
$199.95 Add to basket
Delorean Air conditioning
 compressor Kit 1. 
delorean-ac-kit.jpg (26388 bytes)  
My Brand new Compressor R134a.
*New accumulator vin 3467 up., #110120.
*New orifice, #109122
*All New O Rings.

3 season warranty
100746K1   $169.95

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Compressor only
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Delorean Air Conditioning
  compressor Kit 2

ac-compressor-kit-2.jpg (30988 bytes)
*low pressure cycling switch #100744
*High pressure switch,#106917 
*  Pag 46 oil.
3 season warranty
#100746K2   $229.95
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compressor-oil.jpg (54789 bytes)
Reference compressor oil drain.
Delorean AC Condenser for colder AC
Highest Parallel flow condenser for better cooling in the DeLorean than the old
 OE serpentine flow.
Handles R134A higher pressure better.
ac-condenser.jpg (35488 bytes) ac-accumulator.jpg (21537 bytes) ac-orific-tube.jpg (19480 bytes)
Brand new and in stock. Comes with new 
Condenser core # 106327 
Accumulator. #110120
 Orifice tube.# 109122
# 106327   $169.95
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 Condenser only: $139.95 add to basket

  Updated hub assembly with life warranty..
With a sight glass you can see if your low on freon. 
If you see bubbles thru the glass then your low. 
No more guessing.
  ac-hub-assembly.jpg (57049 bytes)    high-pressure-hub-old.jpg (52540 bytes)     ac-accum-reference.jpg (58926 bytes)
If these ever rust out the hose can't be replaced on my hub assy.

 Complete bolt on new hub with hose, sight glass, HP switch and replaceable
 parts so you don't have to buy a complete new hose.
$199.95 Alone,

20% discount with new hoses #110525HUB
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 $139.95 with other hose kits above.

  Blower motor with new cage.
blower-motor-w-cage.jpg (27954 bytes)

Add to basket $42.95   101273C

Without new cage.
Add to basket $39.95   101273

See blower motor page.


No HP hub on early vin.
AC-ORIGINAL_SETUP.jpg (26822 bytes)
 With this set up you have no high
 pressure valve or pop off valve.
AC VOV Valve
ac-vov-valve.jpg (43239 bytes)
This is the Smart VOV Valve that 
replaces the standard orifice tube.
#1. 5 to 12 degree colder air at hot idle
#2. Reduces compressor load and 
extend life.
#3. Improved performance
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Look inside the Compressor.
ac-compressor-inside.jpg (78325 bytes)

Delorean AC parts diagram
ac-parts.jpg (103667 bytes)

AC evaporator /condenser hose
ac-hose-cond-evap.jpg (21833 bytes)
#110525      $39.95    
  Add to basket
early vin part number was 106919


Early vin low side hose.
  ac-hose-early-vin.jpg (30686 bytes)
Check with me if you need the
early vin hose.
Converting over to the later vin parts.
I can make this hose.


AC evaporator just pulled out of a car.

If you're wondering why your AC isn't getting cold with R134 maybe this is the
problem.Stopped up with trash from the outside vent over 38+ years.


Delorean AC Evaporator core.
evaporator-kit-1.jpg (36637 bytes)      delorean-ac-evaporator-assy.jpg (87449 bytes)
Save about $30.00 on our new kit compared to any other Vendor:
Comes with:
Evaporator # 101272 
Accumulator #110120
Tape Seal #106781
Orifice Tube Std. #109122
High pressure swt. #106917
Pressure relief valve # 106918
low pressure cycling swt #100744.
 #K101272    $179.95 

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Evaporator only $139.95 #101272
Still has foam around it.
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Heater cores brand new copper brass.
heater-core.jpg (49913 bytes)
Brand new heater cores.  No NOS or old stock, Brand new.
#101271   Copper brass $$99.95
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delorean-heater-evaporator-.jpg (52403 bytes)
101271AL Aluminum or copper brass heater core  $99.95   Add to basket

Combo Evaporator with heater core either one for
Add to basket  101271combo


delorean-evaporator-core.jpg (46086 bytes) delorean-ac-evaporator-assy.jpg (87449 bytes) delorean-evaporator-fix2.jpg (32381 bytes)    
Stock set up                           Bent tube 
  You may not know it but the high side metal tube comes out of the fire wall 
has to make a bend to connect to the hose coming from the condenser. 
If you can't bend it just right then the orifice tube is bent and the orifice won't 
come out. Our evaporator eliminates the problem.

                       References Inside the AC box .
Evaporator drain tube. Made a little adaptor with 3'4" heater hose and sucked it with vacuum cleaner to possibility remove any blockage. I've have done it twice on my car.  
delorean-evaporator-lower-c.jpg (60031 bytes)   ac-evaporator-drain.jpg (322905 bytes)    ac-evaporator-drain-2.jpg (371664 bytes) evaporator-core-box.jpg (76650 bytes) accumulator-orifice.jpg (34296 bytes)

      ac-vov-valve-position.jpg (62024 bytes)   ac-accum-reference.jpg (58926 bytes)   ac-compressor-hose-splice-1.jpg (33471 bytes)   ac-compressor-hose-splice.jpg (49743 bytes)   AC-ORIGINAL_SETUP.jpg (26822 bytes)

All of our Air Conditioning  parts carry a 2 year limited warranty 
with proper installment and proper parts.
Delorean AC accumulator .
New not NOS. Ask your AC man about
using 25 year old parts. 
ac-accumulator.jpg (21537 bytes)
For  vin 3466 up.
For R12 or R134A
#110120    $18.95
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Delorean Parts AC accumulator.
AC-accumulator-early-vin.jpg (24704 bytes)
  Accumulator for vin up to 3466. 
Now obsolete, converting to new 110120.


If you don't get Blue seal or Brown seal
 Then your not getting the best.

bearings-blue-seal.jpg (41472 bytes)   bearings-red-seal.jpg (56167 bytes)
idler-pully-2.jpg (55697 bytes)
   idler-pully-1.jpg (43636 bytes)
Bearings Blue Seal & Red Both are  EMQ quality. Just different makers.
The long lasting ones for the idler pulley's 
 $4.50 ea. Add to basket
Black seal are the low end that 
wear out faster.
 Idler pulley info.  
Click to enlarge. Reference
AC Idler pulley.
AC-idler-pulley-assy.jpg (18279 bytes)
 Assembled with new pressed in blue
 seal bearings and new plating and
 ready to install. $49.95 exchange.
  Add to basket
 $200.00 core charge refundable after return.

If you want just bearings, 
then see to left.. 
Delorean Low Pressure AC cycling switch.
ac-pressure-cycling-switch.jpg (51363 bytes)
For R134A $16.95  Add to basket

  For R12  $8.95 Add to basket

R12 to R134A
Straight adapter.

AC-adapter-R12-R134aA-strai.jpg (59088 bytes)

1/4 for the Delorean.
1 low side blue &
 1 high side red. 
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Pair $9.95

Delorean AC 
orifice tube

ac-orific-tube.jpg (19480 bytes)
 New #109122
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 AC pressure relief valve. 
AC-pressure-relief-valve.jpg (42767 bytes)

This is the new
 mini that 
Sanden came out
 with. Rated 3.6MPA.
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R12 compressor 

ac-R12-compressor-oil.jpg (14968 bytes)

Quart size
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Ester oil for R134A
AC system. 

ac-ester-oil-charge.jpg (23464 bytes)
In a pressurized can.
Charge with oil without opening the system.
4oz charge.
$4.95 ea
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Delorean R134A compressor oil.
Added 10/30/03
ac-compressor-oil.jpg (24155 bytes)
8 oz ( 250cc)  Sanden  
compressor oil.
 This is the original.
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PAG 150 Premium 
ac-oil-pag-150.jpg (23641 bytes)
Use with R12 or R134A
8 oz Synthetic oil
viscosity 150.
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added 07/15/04
Ester Oil AC systems.
ac-ester-oil.jpg (18988 bytes)
R12 or R134A 8fl.oz $6.95 ea.
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PAG 46 AC oil lubricant.  
ac-oil-pag-46.jpg (17085 bytes)
For R134A 
8 fl. oz $8.95
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Universal AC dye
ac-dye.jpg (28869 bytes)
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Cork Tape
AC-cork-tape.jpg (44051 bytes)
 Cork tape to wrap the ac hoses with. This is what we use on the
 evaporator  as a barrier and it won't absorb water.
We can cut off what ever you like. Comes in a 2" x 30' roll normally.
1/8" thick..60 cents/ ft.   
Add to basket
Free with evaporator purchase.

A Little information C to F Multiply C x 1.8 +32.
PSI to kPa Multiply PSI by  6.89476

Amount of oil to put in SD510 or 508  compressor when empty 
or starting from fresh. 6oz. For the Delorean with the long hoses 
about 8 oz.

Delorean AC 
Compressor back.
AC-back-head.jpg (20161 bytes)
Discontinued by
But email me if needed.

AC-backhead-QM-gasket-kit.jpg (41333 bytes)
 Back head gasket kit.
For 507,508 & 510.
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More Delorean AC  reference
AC-accumulator-connections.jpg (45380 bytes)
idler-pully-2.jpg (55697 bytes) ac-compressor-back.jpg (112889 bytes)   ac-new-conn.jpg (90202 bytes)

  DAP or Gates Brand New belts. 
Delorean-gates-belts.jpg (31469 bytes)
Free DAP belt with alternator or AC compressor purchase.  

DAP belt for Motorola or Ducellier. 
  $10.95 Add to basket   102442ST

Stock Alternator belt. 102442GAT
New Gates not NOS
$12.65   Add to basket  

Stock AC heavy duty #105505GAT
new Gates Green stripe.
$14.95 Add to basket  

DAP AC heavy duty belt.
$11.95   Add to basket #105505SPT