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Air Conditioning Systems

ac-compressor-inside.jpg (78325 bytes)                                                      ac-compressor-chrome.jpg (41858 bytes)
Delorean AC compressor basic Kit 1. 
delorean-ac-kit.jpg (26388 bytes)
 Delorean AC compressor for R12 or R134a 
with new accumulator, orifice and O Rings.
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Delorean AC compressor complete Kit 2
ac-compressor-kit-2.jpg (30988 bytes)
Same as kit but also includes a new
cycling pressure switch and oil.
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Delorean AC compressor
R134A & R12
  ac-compressor-new.jpg (43064 bytes)
NEW Sanden
 AC compressor only.
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   Delorean AC accumulator .
ac-accumulator.jpg (21537 bytes)
For  vin 3466 up.
New & ( 2 ) Nos
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A look inside.
Delorean AC accumulator.
AC-accumulator-early-vin.jpg (24704 bytes)
Accumulator for vin up to 
3466.  New and NOS
New & ( 1 )NOS
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Delorean AC pressure 
cycling switch. 
Added 10/30/03
ac-pressure-cycling-switch.jpg (51363 bytes)
New and with adjustable
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A Little information

C to F Multiply C x 1.8 +32.

PSI to kPa Multiply PSI by 

Amount of oil to put in 
SD510 Compressor when empty or starting from fresh.
Delorean compressor oil.
Added 10/30/03
ac-compressor-oil.jpg (24155 bytes)
8 oz ( 250cc) Delorean Sanden  compressor oil.
 This is the original.
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AC compressor clutch. Fits 508 & 510 Sanden compressors.
AC-clutch-assy-1.jpg (46352 bytes)
Delorean AC Compressor Clutch only. No longer
 available at other
 Delorean vendors.
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Delorean AC orifice tube .
ac-orific-tube.jpg (19480 bytes)
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Delorean AC Compressor back.
AC-back-head.jpg (20161 bytes)
 GM Style   $32.85
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